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  1. I was out there last year and Kahuku is exactly what you're looking for. North shore of Oahu, 15 min from Turtle Bay. 9 holes, walking only, right on the ocean (it's along a popular beach that locals cross through the course to get to). Feels like Hawaiian links golf, with some funky greens, short grass everywhere, and the wind always blowing. Was my favorite course I played out there by far.
  2. It was still a blast. We had a group of 8, so we opted for room drinking for budget considerations anyways. But we still ate at restaurants 3 of the nights, they were open just at limited capacity. It was my first time there, but I didn't feel like it hampered our experience, only difference is we probably would have had one late night in the pub if everything were open as normal.
  3. We just got back from being there Nov 12 - 17, and they will deliver meals to your rooms if you want to order from the restaurants. Super easy, all the menus are online.
  4. Given the current conditions, I haven't. I'm excited to get out and see how it compares to the other persimmon woods I have.
  5. Do you have any more information on it? When it was made or anything of the sort?
  6. Yeah LFF came to mind @raggal62 but I couldn't figure out how that verbiage could work here lol
  7. Interesting. Would love to see pics if you have some handy!
  8. I'd love to hear it. I feel like the first F might be full and the last one is probably face...
  9. I came across an ebay listing for a Middleground driver (baseball bat and golf company from KY, could not confirm if they still make woods) that has a full metal face. I haven't seen this on any other persimmon woods before, do any of you have any knowledge about this club or metal faced persimmons in general?
  10. I'll keep the torches away from the shafts then, it's settled. Probably wise to take your advice on the shafts since you're the one who sold them to me!
  11. Saw somebody torching a table and thought about how it might look on a hickory shaft. I know it wouldn't be era appropriate I'm just more curious how it'd look on a finished club.
  12. I'm reshafting a few clubs and am curious, have any of you have ever experimented with torching the outside of a hickory shaft to darken it? It would need to before any asphaltum or spar urethane or any other coats of anything are applied I'm sure, but I wonder if it affects the durability or even the look of the end product enough (would it be darker than a long sit in asphaltum?) to be worth it.
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