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  1. They are engineers first and say themselves, poor marketers and really don't care about that. I for one love that, and that is reason PXG went to PING to steal their club designers when they launched. PING just keeps putting out amazing products that speak for themselves. I try out every driver every year, and always end back up with PING for some reason. G20, G30, G, gaming 400 LST now with PING tour shaft as well. SO good! Playing old anser 3 wood too
  2. * SOLD * Own a set of the most sought after forged blades - Miura - in a rare left handed set. Did you know Miura only did this forging style in left handed? Righties can't get this model style. Finding in y grind makes this unique set even more rare. $ 800. To add to the look - you will notice custom ferrules, patina finish, and custom blue and white paint job. Lot of life left and always had iron covers as you can see - time for these to be played. Standard length - standard lie (soft forging so easily bent) ctaper 120 stiff - new golf pride cord grips
  3. I have a set of Miura blades looking for a good home - trades?
  4. If you are a left handed golfer - this is a set you have been after for a long time! The rare Epon 302 heads are in great shape - one of the most sought after Japanese forgings, known for their feel and forgiveness. Many lefties consider this as the top Japanese iron set ever made. It took me two years to find this set and so glad I found matching wedges. The set up consists: after market all black s300 105 stiff shaftsBB and F co. ferrules (look them up) which were custom ordered for this setBRAND NEW Golf Pride MCC align plus 4 gripsOn top of iron set - you get matching 52 and 56 degree to
  5. Correct - all pros have dot under number. The dot version has it on hosel.
  6. Do these have dot under the number on the sole of irons as well?
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