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  1. PayPal and USPS Priority shipped to lower 48. Will take offers. Callaway Apex CF16 (5i-AW), TT XP 95 R300 shafts, GP NDMC grips, std length/lie - Sold Taylormade 2016 M2 3W (HL), TM Reax 65 Regular shaft, GP NDMC grip, playing length 42", headcover included - Sold Ping G 3-hybrid (19*), Ping Alta 70 Regular shaft, GP NDMC grip, std length, headcover not included - $85 Ping G 4-hybrid (22*), Ping Alta 70 Regular shaft, GP NDMC grip, std length, headcover not included - $85 Odyssey O-Works #7, Winn Medallist Std Pistol Grip, 34", lie at 73*, headcover include
  2. 1. Keep arm/wrist/grip tension light 2. Focus on the front edge of the ball 3. Smooth transition. 4. Swing to the target and see the divot before I look up to watch the flight. I know “keeping your head down” is not trendy these days, but my miss is usually on the thin side, so it’s a feel that helps me.
  3. The average lie issue does make them closer to the irons. But the 3H/3W is still only a 1* lie difference at 2.75” difference in length. I would be very interested to know if a lefty adapter would reverse the flat settings to more upright. That would be ideal.
  4. Did you find a more upright solution? I have spent the last couple hours looking at the major OEM specs and it appears that the conventional wisdom that hybrids are upright hook machines isn’t accurate. They might be hook machines due to other factors such as ball position, shaft weight/flexibility, offset, and bulge/roll, but the current generation hybrid lie angles are flatter to length than irons and woods almost across the board.
  5. Yeah, look at my post above yours comparing the stock progression of the Ping i210 irons to G410 hybrids to G410 Fairways. The hybrids are already WAY flat relative to the irons and woods. And the adjustable hosel can only go EVEN FLATTER. That's a surprising spec sheet, too, since Rory is well under 6 feet tall.
  6. I know, right? But the lie angle doesn't make sense to me. Looking at Ping as an example, in particular, because that's what all of my clubs are. Stock Specs: Club / Length / Lie i210 3-iron / 39" / 60* G410 4-hybrid / 39.75" / 58* - only added 0.75", but went 2 full degrees flatter G410 3-hybrid / 40.25" / 57.5* - added 0.5", went 0.5" flatter G410 2-hybrid / 40.75" / 57* - added 0.5", went 0.5" flatter G410 5-wood / 42.5 / 57* - added 1.75", no lie change G410 3-wood / 43" / 56.5* - added 0.5", went 0.5" If they k
  7. That's going to make the handle higher and exacerbate the issue on a club that's already flat.
  8. I haven't done a vertical line test, but of the couple of 58* 4-hybrids I have tried, all have been off of grass, and I am unmistakably hitting them off the toe consistently. There are repeat grass impressions in a quarter-sized mark, toe-side. I actually do get different result from the strike location. Most are push cuts, but I can have the gear effect take hold and hit a low snap-hook, too. But while the flight changes, the strike location doesn't.
  9. I'm 6'2" and was fit for irons at +0.5", +1.5 up. This puts my 5-iron at 38.5" and 62.5* lie angle. Going by the general progression of +0.5" = -0.5* lie angle, a 39.5" 4-hybrid would fit me at a lie angle of 61.5*. Yet most of the 4-hybrids now come at a lie angle of around 58*. Examples: Ping G410: 58* (can ONLY be adjusted flat, not upright) Callaway Apex 19: 58* (not adjustable) Titleist TS2: 58.5* (can go up to 2* upright) Taylormade SIM Max: 60.5* (not adjustable) Has anyone else had the issue of actually needing hybrids that are more u
  10. Has anyone had any experience putting an XP95 iron shaft in a hybrid? I recently switched from XP95 R300s in my irons to Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 Stiff shafts in my irons. My 3 and 4 hybrids are still shafted with stock 70g R-flex graphite shafts, making the weight/flex gap between my hybrids and irons even larger than it was before. They feel very whippy now. So I thought a light-weight/high-launch iron shaft like the XP95 S300 could work well to bridge the gap in my hybrids as a much less expensive alterative to heavier, premium graphite shafts. I
  11. Well that really narrows it down... lol. We have heard: .355 from the Golfworks chart (also saying that G410 was the first to deviate from the .355 tip) .370 from Maltby.com and pulls-for-sale listings .395 from Billy Bob's All on the same club/shaft. Now I see why I was confused in the first place. Apparently it's not just me.
  12. http://ralphmaltby.com/forum/question/ping-g400-hybrid-tip-size/#:~:text=Ping G400 Hybrid uses a,370″ tip shaft. Here is someone on Maltby's own forum contradicting his chart on Golfworks saying that G400 hybrid is .370, too.
  13. What's your take on this separate listing that also says the G400 Alta 70 is a .370, not .355? Are they getting it wrong in the listing by looking at the G410 Alta specs? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ping-Alta-CB-Stiff-Flex-70-Hybrid-Utility-Iron-Shaft-39-Uninstalled-370/223995107829?hash=item34272619f5:g:c3YAAOSwAM5eqtjC
  14. Thanks! Looks like the G400 Alta shaft would fit in the G series (as stated in Golfworks chart, and incorrect in the eBay listing of said shaft). But looks like the G410 Alta shaft switched to .370 (likely to fit the new adjustable adapter sleeve).
  15. I linked that chart in my original post. But then look at this: https://www.mikesgolfoutlet.com/ping-alta-cb-70g-stiff-hybrid-shaft-355-38-75-658434/ Or this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/PING-ALTA-CB-G400-SERIES-70-STIFF-FLEX-HYBRID-SHAFT-PULL-38-25-370-622539/383733045560?hash=item5958459938:g:z~cAAOSw5Bde3xZ~ The eBay link has the G400 Alta CB 70 hybrid shaft at .370, whereas Golfworks has it at .355, hence the conflicting information.
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