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  1. These are an AMAZING set of irons! That black ox is out of this world! I had two sets of these years ago and LOVED em!
  2. Would you consider selling the front right hat individually? I work for TM and have never seen that one.
  3. Moving AGAIN, this time just down the road to Houston! Gained some weight when I moved back to Texas from all the eating! Need to clean out some clothing items that I no longer can fit into. My loss is your gain! Not looking for trades, just cold hard cash. If you've purchased from me before, you know my items are solid Here we go..... 1) First up are two pairs of BNWT Adidas 3 Stripe golf pants, size 34x32. Charcoal gray and light gray. Retail is $70 each. Asking $85 for both shipped CONUS. NOW ONLY $70 SHIPPED CONUS OBRO 2) Next are two pairs of Travis Ma
  4. Just wanted to give an update on shipping. I am located in Austin, TX which of you have seen the news, the majority of us are out of power and water and roads are impassable due to the weather conditions. As soon as I am able to get out and ship I will provide tracking. Even my workplace has been closed since Sunday. Thank you all for your patience! Michael
  5. I left Utah to get away from the cold, and that didn't work out so well, lol. In my spare time I've been going through the closet to thin out my club and head over golf items and a few miscellaneous items. Not looking for any trades right now and pricing includes shipping CONUS. Add $5 if shipping East of the Mississippi. And here we go... First up: 1) Mizuno ST190 9.5* Driver head. Bought this here a couple of months back from a fellow Wrx'er and have since upgraded to the new ST. Crown is immaculate and light wear on the sole. Will come with the original head over and I wil
  6. Would you take $30 for the Streaming pullover? Just not sure I can fit into it, I'm normally a large. Great courses! I've played the Black and Red when I worked for PGATSS
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