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  1. Just picked this up. Had Embrace Putters do the paint fill. https://www.embraceputters.com
  2. Just traded for a Betti Minovai Limited Run. Previous owner had Bastain Milled put a flow neck on instead of the double bend, which I LOVED and had Putter Spa do some refinish and paint fill work. I got it and had Embrace Putters re-do the paint fill. Pics attached.
  3. Go hit the GAPR and see for the spacing. I have a modified 3 iron I was hitting about 245 and then had 3 wood I was hitting about 280 so i needed something in between off the tee. Got the GAPR Lo 2 and hit it about 265-270 off the tee. Its also a little easier to keep straight for me versus another wood....so now I have put the 3 hybrid back in my bag for the 255 shot, then the GAPR Lo 2 and then 3 wood...So I would look t your gaps and fill from there. I will say the GAPR LO is easier to hit low and straight than any wood I've ever hit.
  4. Anyone know where I can find a Tuning Manual for the GAPR? Everything I find is for the drivers. Or are the adjustments correlated across all products?
  5. Studio Stock 28 Slotback - 35 inch - 1* loft - 69* lie angle - stock jumbo grip. Thanks!
  6. Few head covers for sale. I am open to any combination of the below at a small discount to buy more than one at a time. Just make any offer you think is good... - Bettinardi Studio Stock - $30 Shipped - Bettinardi Inovai Mallet - $30 Shipped - Bettinardi Queen Bee - SOLD - Taylormade M1 Driver - $25 Shipped - Taylormade M1 Hybrid - $25 Shipped - Callaway 815 Wood - $25 Shipped Thanks!
  7. May be a jerk in your eyes, but he is on tv playing golf and you are not. If you looked at my signature you would see the joke in the post. ;) Don't be so quick to jump at the bait. Mad, I don't know what it is about your posts, but more than anybody on this site, your posts attract the guys who have no sense of sarcasm or humor. I read your post, which was clearly soaked in sarcasm, and thought "someone is surely going to think he's serious". Sure enough, there it was. Your grammar must be too good or something. Be less smart when you post, maybe that's the key. Sometimes I just have
  8. The reality is that those kinds of precise differences don't make that much of a difference to amateur golfers...now if you're making a career out of golf you'd need that kind of precision. So unless your having your whole bag fitted and then pured, then going out and trying to shoot 64 for a living I wouldn't worry too much about altering a bit of bounce and offset. Especially since it is a club you hit off the tee most of the time anyway. I am in that amateur category where it isn't affecting my scores....
  9. I play the MP-64's full set with the PX 6.5s and loved my 3 iron but wanted a driving iron. I had the 3 bent to 17.5 degrees, threw a little lead tape on the sole for feel, and put in a px 6.0 shaft. It is amazing. Mainly play it off the tee, but I can hit it off the deck as well. If you don't need the 3 iron distance in your gapping, and don't like the "clunky" look of a lot of driving irons, this is a good solution. I still want to hit a driving iron, and see what kind of distance/flight difference it produces but for now I have a hard time going away from the set up I made...
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