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  1. Had an all SIM 2 set up and then the change began, love them. Got a Velocore coming for the driver tomorrow too
  2. G425 Max - 9 Degree - Speeder 665 TS G425 LST - 14.5 - Ventus Velocore Blue S G425 Max - 20.5 (lofted down 1 degree) - Tensei Raw Orange G425 22 (lofted down 1 degree) - UST Recoil G425 26 (lofted down 1 degree) - Diamana S+ TaylorMade P790 2019 - 6 to PW - DG 105 TaylorMade Hi Toe Raw 50,54 and 58 - KBS Hi Rev 2.0 Cobra Agera 34 inch Putter
  3. I've not got the quickest swing so woods and hybrids give me that bit extra.
  4. Here is my current set up, only thing I may change is the HI Toe to the raw faced one down the lines.
  5. Could I be sent the pics please too?
  6. Driver - TaylorMade M5 9 Degree w/Fujikura Speeder 665 TSII Stiff Fairway - Cobra F9 14.5 w/Fujikura Atmos Blue Stiff Hybrids - Callaway Rogue 19 Degree and Callaway Rogue X 23 Degree w/AD DI 85 Stiff Utility Iron - Ping G410 20 Degree w/Alta Stiff Irons - TaylorMade P760 5-PW w/Dyanmic Gold 120 Stiff Wedges - Cleveland RTX4 50/54/58 w/Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Wedge Flex Putter - TaylorMade Spider X 34 Inch Balls - TaylorMade TP5 2019 Bag - TaylorMade FlexTech 2019 Stand Bag Rangefinder - Garmin Z80 The headcovers were all made by Glam Golf as a custom order.
  7. Great idea. Have one of these as well so just tried it out. Works well
  8. Can anyone think of a way too get the triple track system as seen on the ERC Soft on other balls? Would love it on the TP5
  9. I did have the 790s before. There is a drop in distance on certain shots but it's not massive. Much better feel from the 760 though. My main reason for getting rid of the 790 was the uncontrollable distance control.
  10. Its from my childhood. I've always liked the colour yellow and my mum found a Pikachu keyring for me and gave me it. She passed away over 6 years ago so it's for that reason I keep something Pikachu on my bag
  11. For those asking about the head covers - The driver one is from eBay. The woods and hybrid are from a UK company called Glam Golf - you can find them on Facebook The putter is from a website called Scott Readman Concepts.
  12. It launches slightly higher. I have the weights in the same position. Only difference is I have the loft standard at 9 rather than M3 standard at 9.5. Id say it's about 10 yards on an absolute rip.
  13. At first I wasn't sold on the p760 but the more I use them the more I like them. Lovely feel off them when you hit them spot on
  14. Played two rounds with the M5 now and here are my opinions. I firstly put my trusted Speeder 665 TS into the beast. It definitely feels hotter off the face than the M3 I have been using recently. I would also add that it is definitely longer than it too. Not having a massive swing speed (98mph tops) I feel it has definitely added some yardage too my drives. Playing today I hit a 6 iron into a long par 4 where I usually have a good 4 iron/ soft utility iron in. The feel is also totally different. It feels very similar too the Rogue with a softer feel from the face which I prefer. I don't think it will be the longest driver of the year but for me the feel and control trump's it.
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