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  1. With the strength of the direct to consumer products, namely Snell, the quality control is really the best selling point for these $50 per dozen balls. The argument the off-center core apologists will use is "the average golfer would never notice". If that's the case, the average golfer has no need to spend $50 a dozen on balls that you can get for $25.
  2. between me and my buddy, we've had them mess up lofts, lies, lengths, wrong shafts. After the first couple issues, we just assumed mistakes happen. But now I feel a little nervous anytime we order anything custom
  3. Changed to 44.5 or a hair over and I will never go back. Hit it straighter and further than before, likely due to more consistent center contact. My personal opinion is that if you aren't going to go past 45.5-46 to get the speed effect of a longer shaft, there's no reason not to go down to 44.5-44.75. At standard issue length, the distance you gain is far outweighed by what you may get with better center contact at a shorter length
  4. In the market and interested in this as well
  5. Interested in the accra. I tried to look up the launch profile but couldn't find it. Any idea?
  6. Just saw the new offering from Callaway for a low spin tour level ball. Details were slim on compression and measured performance, which I know will come once it's released. I wonder if this is going to be closer to the left dash or if it will just fall near a TP5X/ProV1x to capture some of that market since Callaway is stuck in this "soft" marketing loop
  7. Anyone know which of the current or recent 3 wood heads would lend itself best to become a mini driver type club? Mainly to be used off the tee (95% off the tee I'd say). Trying to find something with a neutral to fade bias
  8. Going to potentially order a g425 LST with a ventus black. I've heard taylormade tips the living hell out of shafts. Does ping have a standard or do they just tip as suggested by the shaft company?
  9. For sale: Tensei Pro White 70 TX with ping G410 Tip. the club played between 44.75 and 44.5 with this shaft. Length of shaft from tip to grip is 43 5/8ths. Grip is a standard tour velvet cord that’s basically brand new ping G410 LST 9 degree head. Pictures speak for themselves. Only cosmetic scuffs on the sole from tees. Comes with original headcover SOLD price for head alone SOLD price for shaft alone is $155 $140 shipped all prices CONUS. No trades at this time Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks
  10. Long story short: I have a SIM that I love, but I'm a wrx'er so I'm eyeing a Ping G425 LST at the moment. The LST has a significantly heavier head at 208g. I was told the SIM head was around 200g, but can't nail down a true number. In addition, I don't know if TM adjusted the head weight when I ordered it at -1.25 inches. Assuming they didn't adjust the swing weight, is it possible to give me a rough estimate of swing weight based on the specs listed below? I'm thinking about going from a Ventus black 7x (78g) to a 6x, but a part of me thinks I might need to look at so
  11. Awesome! I'll see if I can find one. I think they should be relatively affordable on the used market at the moment
  12. Interesting in a CB shaft for a Ping 425 LST head I have. Currently have a pro orange that is cut down a good bit. I love it, but always interested in other options
  13. Clicked on your topic bc I've had a similar issue with my 770 5-6 iron. I couldn't be sure if it was a one off horrendous swing while playing into the wind or something with the club. I'm assuming it was me, but your post reminded me of what I experienced, mainly the quick ballooning. Definitely not the ball. Those are both low spinning balls. Even though the prov1x is supposed to have more iron spin than the Prov1, it's not going to make up the difference. You could try some super low spinning balls like the AVX, but that will likely only move the spin numbers by 300-400 RPM at t
  14. Don't judge me, but one day I forgot my socks and wore those shoes with bare feet and I don't know that I can go back. Very comfortable. No rubbing or unwanted friction on the heel
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