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  1. The lack of J36 love in this thread is despicable
  2. lol I was moving too fast in the heat of the moment! Good catch. He DISBURSED his shots into the weeds all day due to his POOR DISPERSION
  3. bryson hit a nerve with everyone dude. He's an ungrateful brat that has no respect for the people who their butts off for him
  4. To put Bryson's impact on Puma/Cobra into perspective I went and looked at their last investor presentation. Of the 34 slides, only 1 was dedicated to golf. It was a single slide of Lexi, Rickie and Bryson. Just their pictures. There wasn't a single mention of golf in any other part of the presentation. So I dug a little further... In the 2020 year end CEO report, a quick Crtl+f resulted in exactly 1 hit on Bryson's name. One. And it was a single sentence to mention he won the US open, one of golf's biggest events. Bryson is a big fish in Cobra GOLF's smal
  5. You bring up a good point. I wonder if Taylormade, Callaway, PXG etc. 1) could deliver and more importantly 2) would want to set aside the resources to do what he needs. It's not like they are tweaking a standardized tour head for DJ, Rory, Morikawa. This is a completely different driver head specifically for him that requires a lot of resources. But like you said, if they think they can make him happy, it might just be worth the trouble.
  6. It's going to read something like "We have a great working relationship with one of the best golfers in the world and both Bryson and Cobra share the same desire to not only push the limits of golfing technology but also push each other to achieve greatness blah blah blah". I'm sure the grammar would be better
  7. I see your points, but it sounds like he's asking them to make his mishits not mishits. It's hard for a company to deliver on a technology that is essentially vapor. As for the financial fortune cobra experienced due to Bryson, that's absolutely true. And Bryson has also benefited financially. It's just that he's being so incredibly unprofessional and disrespectful. I would also add that the success of Cobra's extremely niche one length iron set up should hardly be a reason to keep him around, but I do agree that he's still a pretty big net positive for Cobra. Now, if stuff like th
  8. Exactly, it's not like he was going to find some magic formula that those guys haven't already tried. He so desperately wants to be the Elon Musk of golf and pretend he's inventing something new, but it's all stuff that's been around for a while. No hate on Musk btw. Just an example
  9. 6'2" 235 lb. multi-millionaire major champion bullied by fellow competitors....amazing
  10. mark my words. He will be asked about this again in a direct way and he will say that he didn't mean the equipment and that he was talking about that facet of his game and COMPLETELY deny that he said anything after that about the driver face. He'll get indignant with the reporter and quickly ask for another question or end the press conference. A week or so later, Golf.com will launder his message just like they did the caddy fiasco
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