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  1. Worth the wait. I hope he never goes industrial scale and loses the character
  2. can I get a police sketch like the leprechan in the tree of this sim2?
  3. Trying to offload some extra items to pay for my dog’s surgery. pic below for sympathy 1) Garmin G80 GPS+launch monitor. Perfect for indoor winter practice. You can get launch stats and also play virtual rounds indoors or at the range. Used it for 3 rounds during a trip. It’s essentially brand new. No blemishes, scratches or marks. Comes with a neoprene case I bought and all of the accessories that came with it. Asking $365 shipped CONUS 2) 17.5 degree cobra F9 fairway wood head. Bought this from a guy on WRX and just never got around to shafting it. Beautiful
  4. Someone recently mentioned that if you tip a Ventus red 2 inches, it plays more like a black with some of the characteristics of the red. I"m short on the details, but I distinctly remember hearing it on a podcast and thinking everyone on here would start searching for Ventus Reds.
  5. Just wait until you see what Bryson will put on the menu next year after he wins in November and in April. 4 Orgain Double Chocolate Chunk protein shakes, a couple GoMacro bars, a pound of bacon and an overcooked steak.
  6. I've never understood the half hour increments on this theory. Why would it be 10:30 when it refers to the hour hand. It always made it more confusing unnecessarily, but I could be missing something.
  7. Yes, you can get value sets now, but I think the median cost of all new clubs has certainly grown significantly. In fact, you could say that set you mentioned may be a reaction to the higher average price of new clubs these days.
  8. I have a big golf trip coming up in 2 weeks and I haven't been able to play as much as I would have liked due to a combination of weather and injuries. I'm looking for a basic putting drills to hammer down the fundamentals again and I guess I've never really focused on it that much. I'm currently a 6-7 hcp and I would say I knock my approach shots tight on a regular basis. I was thinking I should focus on making as many 3-4 footers as possible and then working on lag putting. Any advice is much appreciated Also, any drills or advice on short g
  9. Trying to put together a half set backup bag right now actually
  10. Man, I just read through this entire thread and am worse off for it. Bunch of nonsense from a bunch of salty wrx'ers (up until the last two posts that revived the thread). Truly the worst of wrx. Kill and burn the history of this thread
  11. Yeah, they are due to update (the box) soon. Looking forward to some discounts on the current (box) model
  12. I have the 4 iron in the 770 and the 3 iron in the 790. I'd recommend the 790 if your intent is a driving iron. Just a bit longer blade and some additional forgiveness. They blend beautifully together
  13. Does anyone know where I can find the tip size for this club? I'm trying to get a cheap replacement shaft and I don't want to pull the trigger on a shaft that may be the wrong size. I appreciate the help
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