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  1. I think it's crazy that we haven't seen a single leaked picture. I guess I could have missed them if we have
  2. Need to offload a like new MySim2 9 degree Head. Played it 2 rounds and hit some on the range. No nicks or dings. Wait time on these is currently listed as May 2023. Asking $350 shipped OBO in da conus. No trades at this time
  3. Bump again. I need to find this grip
  4. I just read this thread and then looked on their site. I still don't know what's different about this ball than their other balls. Is it just a lesser priced ball with a different form of urethane cover?
  5. lol wow! Have you noticed a change in your ball flight due to the lie angle compared to your old set, assuming those were flatter
  6. That's an interesting wear pattern on the bottom of the face. Is your lie angle too upright or is there some environmental thing that causes that? humbly curious
  7. I think you'll be happy with the subtle upgrades from the i200's
  8. I've watched quite a few reviews in addition to Ian's and none of them are overly excited about them. I'm sure they fit someone and that someone likely has the cash to blow. I'll wait until the i210 replacement eventually comes out
  9. I’d love to sell this quick Callaway Maverick Sub Zero 4 wood. Standard length. Tensei Pro Blue 70tx with the boron tip and all that. Brand new golf pride Z grip (non chorded). standard length from Callaway pictures show the smallest mark on he top line that you cannot see at address, but I felt the need to mention it $170 OBO shipped conus no trades
  10. The dude who runs golfballguts is confident this is the same ProV from 2013. I guess the line on the side is something that's filed with the USGA confirming body and it's not something that can be reused willy nilly. I don't see any issue with them introducing a ball that fits a hole in their lineup and I don't think he was saying that either. Just thought it was interesting. It's like they have vintages of balls
  11. Not only that, but for that money the grind and sole options are insanely limited. I was hoping they’d have some wide sole and/or high bounce options
  12. #growthegame I guess that benefits companies making really good products at reasonable prices (cleveland, Srixon, Wilson) and will open people up to the JDM and/or custom club market. I personally hope it all backfires spectacularly, but that only happens if people don't buy
  13. As others have already said, the price point is really disappointing. $1,925.00 for 7 clubs (before tax) with pretty limited stock shaft and grip options. I have a set of s55's and i210's that I will never get rid of because they are so great. I wanted to try these out since they should be comparable to the S55's. No way I can stomach that price point. Even if I had a wad of cash thrown in my lap, I feel like I'd abstain based on principle alone. Just saw the wedges will retail for $217.50. Wild times. Really disappointed
  14. they are fantastic. Best looking short irons imo. Wish the 3-6 had similar offset but they are still great
  15. I bet they still made their clubs in America then
  16. $250 a club is just insulting enough to prevent me from purchasing a set that I definitely would have purchased if it was priced "normally", which is already too high. Even at $1,399 (for 8 clubs) I would have been tempted. Pretty disappointing
  17. The lack of J36 love in this thread is despicable
  18. lol I was moving too fast in the heat of the moment! Good catch. He DISBURSED his shots into the weeds all day due to his POOR DISPERSION
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