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  1. Let’s see your family tree of Irons! I just got back into golf a few years ago so there is a decent gap in my family tree.
  2. Have all the specs checked. Lie angle could be off, swing weight like others said that could be off from the grip if they didn’t add weight to the heads. I had a similar issue where I ordered midsized grips and it changed swing weight 3 points. They sent me the standard grips and all is good now. I knew Something was off after my first round with the new clubs and contacted the rep right away, I wouldn’t wait
  3. Can anyone tell me the difference between RXS and XS? My driver swing speed is right around the 105 mph that separates the two.
  4. Is the Er5 only 1/2 shaft offset? In the pictures it looks like full shaft. And the specs say 25* toe down?
  5. I’ve been rotating putters back and forth from PXG bat attack H and spider tour double bend. I prefer the look at address of the PXG because of the way the shaft goes into the head, but I prefer the roll off of the Spider tour. I was thinking the best of both worlds would be the spider x with the heel shaft. Any advice? My only worry about the X is that both of my current putters are 1/2 shaft offset and the X is 3/4.
  6. Has anyone moved the loft sleeve into the upright setting? If so how much of a difference did it make? I’m actually enjoying the slight fade Stock shot and right miss as opposed to the low left duck hook miss I had with original Epic.
  7. Are they releasing new woods and hybrids or just irons?
  8. IMO they are great around the greens, but I struggle with distance control on shots from 60+ yards. Just today I had 2 shots that were almost identical in distance and conditions. I felt like I put very similar swings on both and one was 10 yds short and the other was 10 yds long. I’m gonna start hitting those shots with my regular 54* wedge but haven’t had time to practice it yet. But can’t take it out of my bag bc of around greens. It also feels harder than my milled grind wedges
  9. I’ve recently gone back to 5w from 19* hybrid. They are similar in distance but get there differently. 5w goes higher. (That’s the reason I went back to 5w) Hybrid is more accurate, 5w better out of rough. All depends on what you are looking for
  10. I just dropped 19* hybrid for a 5 wood. I’m enjoying the higher ball flight
  11. Picked up the 5 wood today, hopefully I’ll be able to hit it tomorrow before I play on Saturday
  12. I saw James Robinson’s video on YouTube where he took a 5w and lofted it down to 3hl/4w lofts. Obviously wasn’t as far but much straighter. I’d like to hear some of your experiences doing the same. I’m getting a 5 wood Thursday that can be lofted down to 16.5 and open the club face 1.5* which should help with my left miss. I’m also curious what club in your bag it replaced? 3w or 19* hybrid are my choices to be replaced. And I’d probably switch the loft around depending on what course I’m playing and switch what club I leave out. Thanks for your time
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