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  1. Bought a golf bash ticket and it has Cobra LTD driver . Isn’t that the driver Bryson went back to a few times this year? Reboot?
  2. If an ER2 is considered “slow” what putter would be considered “fast”. My miss right now is definitely short. Really intrigued by SIK and Cobra DLT
  3. Any pics side by side with stingray 40 and spider x or ex? How do they sit on the ground( neutral, open , closed)
  4. Any more reviews? I’m really interested in the sik face. But unfortunately no one around me has any in stock
  5. I was thinking about club Champion but this year to get 50% off the fitting you have to spend $500 that day. In years past there was no minimum purchase required to get 50% off a fitting during their holiday special. They just opened a store near me which makes it even worse.
  6. Do you guys think it’s the shaft that is making the difference?
  7. I have a small digital scale that I balanced both clubs on, no idea if it’s accurate or not but... 0211 14.5 oz = 411 grams P790 14.72 oz = 417 grams do these weights make sense? It’s about the difference in shaft weight. elevate 96 grams DG 105 102 grams if I add lead tape to 0211, how much will it change the flex characteristics of the shaft?
  8. Lie and swing weight are almost identical now. I had new lighter grips installed tonight. We will see Friday how it goes.
  9. Grips are stock on both sets, I have been looking into a lighter grip lately for the 0211. I’m gonna look into getting all the specs checked. As for length, just setting them on the ground side by side with the grips on the ground the match up pretty closely. Anyone in the Pittsburgh area that could recommend a place to get specs checked would be appreciated. I did talk to club champion a few months back about changing shafts and it would almost be cheaper to order new 0211 through the hero program with different shaft than to go through them.
  10. I have 2 sets of irons, PXG 0211 and Taylormade P790. Both same length and lie. Loft within 1/2*. 2 different shafts, TT elevate 95 in 0211 and DG 105 in P790. Swing weight is D0 on 0211 and D2 on P790. I have not had any of these specs checked to confirm. My strike pattern on the 0211 is more out on the toe and my strike pattern on the P790 is for the most part pretty centered. Is there a simple explanation for this? Where should I start? Thanks for any help. P790 is the top picture
  11. What is your shot shape? And miss? Delofting the 5w should open the club face and make it more fade bias. Just something to think about.
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