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  1. I got to hit a few balls today (just 4-5) bc at Dicks you have to pay for a fitting to use trackman. And they were cheap maxfli rocks. Definitely can’t tell where on the face you are hitting. Visually or feel wise.
  2. Didn’t take a picture, didn’t realize that there wasn’t much info on the ball.
  3. A local Dicks accidentally put these out on the shelf along with the yellow/ white Z star and Z star xv divide. I tried buying a dozen and they can’t sell them until January 21st. Needless to say they took them off the shelf and put them in the back room
  4. Went to local big box store today to see if they had any Q star tour divide left. I’m enjoying playing them in the cold weather. As I was looking for them on the shelf, I came across Z Star and Z star xv divide in white/ yellow. I grabbed a ball out of each box and was allowed to hit a few shots in the sim. I decided on the Z star, took them to the check out and was told that they can’t sell them til January 21st! Just my luck. They also had a Z star diamond that’s new. Apparently they put them out too soon. So anyone looking for divide “tech” in their premium ball, it’s coming. Diamond was mid/high launch and highest mid iron spin on the back of the box. Can’t remember the rest. Should of taken pics.
  5. Bought a golf bash ticket and it has Cobra LTD driver . Isn’t that the driver Bryson went back to a few times this year? Reboot?
  6. If an ER2 is considered “slow” what putter would be considered “fast”. My miss right now is definitely short. Really intrigued by SIK and Cobra DLT
  7. Any pics side by side with stingray 40 and spider x or ex? How do they sit on the ground( neutral, open , closed)
  8. Any more reviews? I’m really interested in the sik face. But unfortunately no one around me has any in stock
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