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  1. Here’s pictures of the butt. Thanks all for your help!!
  2. I just checked and don’t see a hologram or prod description sticker. Given it’s a used shaft, is this normal? Or should I be concerned?? Thanks
  3. Bump. Any help would be really appreciated!
  4. Hi all, Wanted to get input on the shaft to make sure it’s authentic or not before I proceed with it? thanks in advance!!
  5. Has anyone seen any good deals recently on one of these units? Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Anyone have an idea of when we could expect further discounted pricing on Gen 2 irons?
  7. Are there any additional deals being offered on the wedges at the moment under this program?
  8. That is helpful. I haven't seen either of these irons in person yet. How do the XF compare to the TM P790s?
  9. Had a question for you all. Has anyone tried to PXG 0311 SGI irons? I'm looking for a forgiving iron and wanted to get thoughts here. I'm about an ~18 handicap and am looking for irons that are forgiving and don't look too intimidating at address. Bonus - where would you guys classify the XF irons? Would these be more on the player's iron side? Or still considered forgiving / game improvement?
  10. TaylorMade Community username: gibsonles Current driver model / specs: Callaway GBB Epic Subzero, 9 degrees, with stock Fujikura Pro 62 stiff flex, standard length Current handicap: unofficial 18 RH or LH: RH Thank you so much for this opportunity!
  11. Current Driver & Shaft Details (Manufacturer, Model, Settings, Length, Flex) Callaway GBB Epic Subzero, 9 degrees Neutral settings, 45.5", Fujikara pro green stock shaft, Stiff flex Driver Swing Speed Not sure... (never been fit for a driver) What are your goals to improve your driving? Consistency. Shot dispersion and distance (e.g. one yard I drive it 285 down the fairway, the next hole its a hook into the trees) Have you ever been custom fit before? Once, this past summer for my Taylormade P790 irons Indicate the Club Champion location you'd visit for the fitting San Francisco
  12. Hoping Tiger makes it through this weekend without any pain / issues. Just want to see him back on the tour for more than ~3 tournaments!
  13. Yup, no pictures / videos allowed in the gallery store. If you want, you could take some pics from the outside through one of their many windows. Not very helpful for sending pictures of items, but the gallery looks awesome so great for memories!
  14. From golf maybe but that does not mean he is not more marketable now than ever ... He's a great fit demographically. Garcia will help promote Callaway within the Latino community. Sergio is Spanish (from Spain) and "Latino" is a term used to refer to people from Latin America... I would expect that he could be well marketed in Europe, but not sure I understand his connection to Latin America?
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