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  1. Turns out it was me as I hit 133 today. Thank you
  2. Stronger grip. Tyler Ferrel's "Motorcycle" movement. With the motorcycle, I'd recommend having someone hold the head of a driver and doing slow motion swings to get the feel of continuing to motorcycle through impact (not just at the top).
  3. No offense taken whatsoever. The 131 reading comes with the light and / or medium stick. The reason I find it odd, is that I get so many readings at exactly that speed. I don't get 129, 130, or 132 - it's 131. Radar definitely has some quirks - which is why I was hoping you might confirm (maybe you did already but it wasn't 100% definitive). Can @SuperSpeed Golf (or anyone) confirm that they've gotten a reading higher than 131, on a PRGR Black device, with the light superspeed stick.
  4. This putter is pretty amazing. Looks a lot smaller over the ball than I expected, and feels really solid out of the center of the face. I haven't taken it on course yet as my T22 Fastback has been really good to me as of late. Even if it never makes it out of the house - I'm definitely glad I was able to get one at retail. Really fun to roll.
  5. I'm now 4 sessions in and have a few questions: 1) Is anyone using the PRGR Black radar? If so, have you found that it tops out at 131 with the speed sticks? I wrote superspeed and they say the unit can read up to 180 mph. That said, I find it strange that I consistently max out at 131, but have not had one swing above that number. 2) Does anyone know how reliable the readings are when the unit shows both club and ball speed when there is no ball present? What causes this, and which reading do we believe is actually measured (or do we need to throw both of them out?
  6. I've been interested in this shaft for a while. How'd you like? What did it play like? What's replacing it?
  7. So we got pics yet or should I check back again tomorrow? Also - who's instagram did TXG go to instantly to see the pics? For future reference.
  8. I'd be interested to see the Autoflex tested against a 48" Ventus R Flex (or A Flex). Also - Matt's swing sells. Many of their viewers just want to watch him swing stuff. If their mid-cap fittings got clicks - they'd have a lot more mid cap fittings. Simple as that.
  9. Sounds like you had a great time hunting balls with your dad. Very cool man!
  10. Very interesting. The key piece you note which may escape the some folks is "I guess it's more in line with a GC Quad on swing speed and obviously depends on when and where the measurement takes place... BTW there is some good stuff on that subject on the Trackman Academy." This is super important for folks that worry about delta between platform rather than consistency across single platform readings. The question in my mind is "what platform are various shaft manufacturers using when they provide loose swing speed recommendations for a given flex? I'm excited for TX
  11. It was an LAGP Olyss. You were right with the second bit - what they do is criminal.
  12. Unfortunately I don't have the Trackman data. That said, I honestly felt that price was part of the reason for the recommendation as the rep pulled all of the most expensive shafts they had on the wall. After the session they quoted something ridiculous like $780 because of how they build at tour level with PUREing, and .... uh ... gripping and sleeving? It was a bit laughable given they didn't even provide midsized grips to test with. They also didn't have silver stickers on the balls, so spin numbers from the trackman were questionable. At the end of the day - I
  13. I've done several fittings - most recently a few weeks back at Club Champion. Unfortunately I'm never super happy with the results as I always have trouble swinging indoors. I also question the motives of most fitters as, if they aren't getting commission, they don't really care, and if they are getting commission based on sale price - they try to fit you into the most expensive things possible 99% of the time. The fitter had me try the TR, Ventus Black 6x, Accra RPG, LA Golf Olyss, and a few other low lows. I also hit my ventus blue 6s which I was playing at the time which h
  14. I like the TZ5, but again, I just think the M5 flex is a bit much for my swing speed. Accra recommends 120+ swing speed for the M5. It seems like it plays to a true TX more than an X. I'd also like something just a little lighter as it's a 70 gram shaft. Looks like the TR is 68 while the Ventus is 65.
  15. Thought I'd revive this thread as I'm looking to buy a Speeder TR or Ventus black in the next few days. I currently have an Accra TZ5 M5 and it's just a bit too much for me to load consistently. I tend to swing 110 - 112 on course, and can get it up to 115 when I go after one, but can also get tired and lazy and drop down to 108. I actually get quite a bit of total distance with the TZ5 as I get a ton of roll out even on soft fairways. I tend to hit up on the ball (+2 - +5), and my miss is high toe. The smother hook / snap hook / pull hook are all in my arsenal as we
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