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  1. "Forever" may be relative They're on order already. I just can't quite decide which heads to put them in (or which BB&F ferrules to use) Part of me wants to get one of the sets done in 2-tone copper, but that gets a bit ridiculous and I've heard mixed things about the Golf Garage guy.
  2. I've been having some shoulder and wrist issues, and am now using that as an excuse to rebuild a set with the 125TX shafts I've wanted to try forever. The question is, which set should I rebuild? The options are: Miura 1008 Black Ox Epon AF-302 Miura 1957 Baby Blades Before everyone chimes in with "Baby Blades LDO" - I'd like to actually play this set for a while, and have been on a mission to lower the cap. While the BBs are a ton of fun, they're probably not the smartest option. I'm leaning towards the 302s, as I like the buttery softness, but
  3. Sorry - didn't notice that you'd actually converted. If you use the Flightscope optimizer: 115mph * 1.48 smash = ~170 mph ball speed > 14 deg launch / 2400 spin / 100 ft above sea level = 285 yard carry. Winter conditions may fly less. Where I play - you get ZERO roll. Take into account that Arccos averages are pure averages - meaning they include all drives - even the ones that hit a tree and go 200 (which is one of my biggest gripes with the system). Seems just fine to me.
  4. I was gonna say - that's extremely cheap for SF.
  5. Did you miss Knudson's post or do you have additional questions about how the Ventus Black stacks up against the 1k? I've played both and think Knudson was 100% spot on. The 1k 60TX feels smoother / softer / better and seems to launch a little higher than the VB 6X for me. That said, it's also playing .75" or so longer at the moment, and my experience is with the 1k in a TSi3 versus the VB in a Mavrik TD. Not apples to apples, but the 1k has reduced any desire I had to go back to the Ventus Black. That said, it's been cold and windy, and I've been considering getting
  6. So it's been a hectic couple weeks with work, but finally got out to give it a couple swings. Truth be told, I only swung it 5 or 10 times as I didn't have much time, and had a brand new TSi3 w/ Tensei White 1k TX I wanted to get some swings in with before playing this weekend. I'll give it a more proper go when I have a bit more time, but the C. Kua did not feel nearly as good as the AF. It definitely isn't as flexible on the waggle test, and felt a bit firmer all around. The results were tough to decipher. It was a high, straight flight as you'd expect, but in the
  7. As I said before, I'm a bit jealous. Mine is built to 46.5 and I definitely would have gone with 50 if I realized it was a thing. Very interested to hear how it comes out!
  8. Hit my 60TX in my new TSi3 head today (A1 / T2). Very stable combo. Seems to take the BIG left miss out for me as I didn't have a single snap hook through about 100 shots. The shots I did miss left were pulled, but did not hook which was fantastic. Looking forward to taking it out on the course this weekend and seeing how it performs.
  9. The important thing to note with my setup is that I have an extremely high bounce wedge and an extremely low bounce wedge. As winter has softened up all the courses I play, the T gets much less use than it did during the summer. Even in the firm, wet, shallow bunkers I've moved to the high bounce wedge as chunk and running is the only consistent option. The key to the low bounce wedge for me is knowing when to use it and when NOT to use it. To that end, I tend to open my 60 up frequently and play from firm, shallow bunkers. It's pretty great for both those situations
  10. This unit is not a launch monitor. It's a speed gun with some distance approximations. Spin has a ton to do with distance. Launch angle has a lot to do with distance. This does not read spin, nor does it read launch angle, thus it cannot give accurate distance. Do not buy this unit if what you want / expect is a Skytrak or better. Instead, buy this unit if you want to monitor your ball speeds and club head speeds with very good accuracy for the price.
  11. You can make the case that this describes 95% of the topics, not just on this site, but on all discussion forums. It a thread encouraging people to share their opinion - which was compelling enough for you to chime in with yours. Meanwhile, I saw an add for some records I left in my cart at another site, and considered buying them. GolfWRX got paid The internet continued to be "free" This is how the world works. Thank you for playing your part.
  12. Really interesting! I hate that sound which is part of the reason I use iron covers. I also hate dings on toplines. That said, the reason I started using them was that I was buying and selling clubs a ton back in the days before fitting, just kinda searching for what I liked. Using covers helped maintain resale value to some extent, and I got used them (and not hearing the clanking of clubs).
  13. Thanks. I'm assuming it reads 2 - 3 mph faster? It feels like Trackman reads CHS the slowest of any LM. Also, are we talking CHS, ball speed, or both here? Again, thank you!
  14. @SuperSpeed Golf I'd imagine you have access to a Trackman correct? Any chance you could give us some comparison stats between PRGR and Trackman readings? I brought my PRGR into my local Golfmart and measured against GC Quad, and found the ballspeeds were within 3 mph (and usually 1 or 2). I don't have access to a Trackman these days.
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