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  1. I took a lesson for the first time in forever recently and Swing Catalyst was set up to automatically replay my last swing. No manual intervention necessary. I simply swung, and then the TV in front of me would automatically show me the replay. Does anyone know of a less expensive alternative that does the same thing? Thanks!
  2. GTFOH! I have the exact same set with exact same ferrule! . If those are MMT 125TX - we may have to go do some karate in the garage. I also have a set ob 1957 BBs - which I actually prefer the feel of as they're a little firmer and more solid feeling / snappy - but the 1008s have been my gamers for the better part of the last few years.
  3. My right toe has hurt for 20+ years. I kinda just accepted it as how things are and took some NSAIDs. That said, I use it to push off in the swing pretty hard, so the answer may be a swing change for some. Could also just transfer the pain to a different place and kick that can down the road.
  4. Hit a gazillion Pro V1x shots with the UB today. Unfortunately I forgot my wrench so didn't get to swing the PD for a direct comparison. I was also coming out of a lesson where we made some major driver changes - so speed was down as I was working through the change. All that said, the shaft felt very "transparent" in a good way - meaning it was very neutral, and predictable. Definitely a lot more draw for me today, with very few balls being lost right unexpectedly. I was only swinging 108, with a zero path and 6 - 10 up - but at no point did the 60x it feel overly stiff despite my drop in speed. I also found the center a lot more frequently than I have been recently - however it was a pretty big swing change - so again - kinda apples to oranges here. Sadly - I was so focused on the lesson that not once did I look at spin numbers (though I'm not sure they'd be particularly valuable given that I was swinging up so much. The AoA also leads to some really fast closure rates, which account for some of the big, high losses to the left. The key takeaway was that I should probably go in for a driver tune-up lesson more than once every two years. I'll try to get some spin, launch comparison numbers here soon. For now, it feels like the UB may be staying in the bag as it's definitely stable, without being overly stout / boardy. Still a lot of testing to do.
  5. Unsure yet. Right now it might be the UB, but I didn't do a real head to head yesterday as I only hit the UB. I'll do a proper head to head this Saturday as I'm taking a lesson at a range that has Pro Vs.
  6. Managed to get out and hit a bucket. The UB launched nicely. Definitely higher than the PD that I had in the SIM2 previously. Beyond that, It didn't really leave me with much of an impression. It feels weird to say, but from a feel perspective - the kick wasn't super noticeable for me - it wasn't stout, nor was it whippy. It was just kinda - there. From a performance perspective - it launched pretty high - but didn't seem to spin a ton. I was able to hit the back fence pretty far up consistently - more often that I recall previously - so launch conditions were solid. The one thing I'd note is that it didn't really feel at all like my DIs - HOWEVER - my DIs are all S flex, rather than X - in addition to being in fairway woods rather than drivers. Apples / Oranges imo. Anywho - not sure if that is helpful to anyone at all - but there it is. Take it or leave it - it's worth what you paid for it.
  7. Mine arrived this morning. Hoping to through some meetings and get to the range before the Giants game / TNF!
  8. I'd echo the folks saying that wedges have made an impact. Understanding the courses you play and setting up your wedges with a plan in mind is certainly an advantage. For me - I play soft fairways and wet / shallow sand frequently. For the last year - I've been using a Vokey 55/12 D grind bent weak to 56/13 for most shots, while carrying a Vokey 60/6 T grind for the bunkers and occasional tight lies. I pretty much never play the 60 with a square face. Taking some time to think about your conditions and preferences can certainly help you tune your equipment to be beneficial in the short game.
  9. +1 for Art of Putting. I was pretty awful on the greens for a long time and now putting is the strongest part of my game. It's a must read imo.
  10. I'm assuming you haven't played Harding.
  11. Got another round under my belt yesterday as well as a range session. This time conditions were more favorable (e.g. not the cold, heavy air of Harding Park where you can never really tell how much wind is above the tree line and get zero roll out). Picked up another 20 - 30yards and distances were more in line as expected. At the range I hit a couple of the longest balls I can recall hitting there. Accuracy was impressive as well once I got a better feel for the new head / shaft. The thing I noticed on the range was that my best results came when I tried to turn it over a little more. Perhaps it's the difference in torque between the 1k (60TX - 3.8) and PD (60x - 3.2) - or maybe it's the new head (SIM2 vs TSi3) - or maybe (once again) it's just me - but when I consciously applied a bit more early torque to the handle - it really unlocked some seeds for me.
  12. As a rule of thumb - when the reviewer has 3 relatively recent drivers at the range - and a different driver in his signature than the one being reviewed - as much as it hurts me to say it - it might be the arrow. tl;dr - as my gf believes - everything is probably my fault.
  13. I play Miura 1008s (34deg 7i) w/ MMT 125 TX and hit my 7i 175 (+/-5) if that helps. They play a little soft to flex ime - however I also like a little more kick across the board.
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