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  1. I suppose I should add that my SS has dropped recently to 110 - 111 (I was 115 - 117 when I picked up the 1kTX). When I did my initial testing at the range on the PRGR black - headspeed was the same across the three head / shaft combos I tested. What I really need is to get some more accurate launch and spin numbers.
  2. 100% agree - and I hope that came through in my post. The sample size is small, the conditions were not ideal, and like most things (according to my girlfriend) - it's probably entirely my fault.
  3. I played my first round with the SIM2 / PD combo yesterday. New head, new shaft, general driver struggles, and a heavy air day at Harding Park. I was tinkering with loft a bit (after the 6th hole I turned it down after low heely drive that spun back ~4" in the fairway) - and generally getting used to things. A couple thoughts: The shaft was not at all boardy for me. Not to be contrarian for the sake of being contrarian here - but it had more feel than the Ventus Black 6x, and *maybe* the 1k 60TX that I've played recently (though with the latter it may just be a slightly different feel - and the flex difference matters). The kick remained linear rather than pronounced. I found the PD very consistent and controllable. I was more comfortable than I've been in recent memory aiming at the right side of the fairway and hitting a high draw. I left 2 out to the right during the round (my fault), and certainly put some horrific hook swings on a few (again, user error) - but in general - the one way miss was as real as it's ever been for me. The one blemish from the round was distance. Granted my speed has dropped as of late, and it's been a few years since I found the center of a driver face - but for whatever reason - the ball was not flying for me yesterday. While it was a foggy, 62 - 64 degree, damp day - and nothing was flying - the few times I actually put a good swing on the ball - it came up quite a bit shorter than I expected. This is likely due to a multitude of factors (new head, new shaft, zero roll out, heavy air, etc etc) - it was the one bit I was less than pleased with (other than my swing). Overall, a very impressive first showing from the PD. From reading some other folks impressions - it seems like perhaps it plays a bit stiff to flex - and that you'd be best served demo'ing the flex you play and perhaps a flex below before making a decision.
  4. I rebuilt my PXG Gen 3 set with BB&F ferrules. Used the Hireko shims (Ryan Barath recommended them in a video he did) and they worked well. Just make sure you get the tip weights out and replace (if desired). They can be really well stuck in there.
  5. As I read it - our results were similar. The thing which I will be taking away from this is that TX makes more of a difference than many people would have you believe. If you get a chance - I'd be interested to hear you compare the PD with the Ventus Black in the same flex (X vs. X or TX vs. TX). Maybe @MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL can (please) speak to the differences between X and TX profiles in the 1k and PD?
  6. Had a quick test yesterday but disclaimer - it was cold, windy, and judging by results - the first time I've ever swung a driver. Setups: Mavrik 3D w/ Ventus Black 6x TSi3 w/ 1k 60TX SIM2 w/ PD 6x The Ventus Black felt the stiffest and most boardy to me - but it was also hook proof (partly because of the 3D's lie angle) The 1k was was just too much for me in the cold with my current driver struggles. It works well on normal days, and I usually enjoy the feel - but days like this are part of the reason I thought I'd try the PD in a 6x - days (or late in rounds) when you just don't have your best stuff. The PD wasn't nearly as stiff and boardy as I expected reading other's comments. In the 6x, it seemed to have more of a constant bend rather than pronounced kick point. It yielded the highest ball speeds - but take that with a grain of salt as they were different heads with slightly different lies and lofts. I'll share more after a session where I'm actually able to put a good swing on the ball - but for now - the SIM2 / PD are replacing the TSi3 / 1k combo in the bag.
  7. I ordered from JD's Clubs and confirmed that it's a pre-order.
  8. I ordered it. Not 100% sure if I'll get it early. If not - not a big deal - more time to do an extended shootout.
  9. Sorry - not going to make the meeting as I don't have a problem. Besides - I have a fitting booked at that time.
  10. I'm extremely displeased with all of you. I JUST bought a SIM2 w/ a PD 60x to compare with my TSi3 w/ 1k 60TX and then saw this thread. Obv I have a UB 6x on the way as well before I even receive the SIM2. Clearly this is all of your faults.
  11. FAAAAAAA......... Well - if it's too stiff - I guess I'll just order another bottle of Advil and start doing Superspeed again. I DID go down to the X from the TX - so I suppose we'll see. I also have a Ventus Black 6x in a Mavrik 3D head which I suppose I can test. I always kinda thought the head was slow - but perhaps it's the Ventus? Never got the pop I expected when I pured one. That said, the combo was one of the best I've ever tried for eliminating the big left miss.
  12. Just ordered a PD 60 X to compare with the 1k 60 TX. Will be a different head though. The 1k is currently in a TSi3 head, and the PD will be in a SIM2. I'm hoping the PD is a touch softer as it can be a bit much for me at the end of rounds. I typically swing ~112 - 117 - but can put some really bad swings on the ball around 106 when I'm tired, lazy, and into early extending.
  13. Haha - no - not all. I just went the opposite direction with a new TSi3 / Tensei 1k 60TX combo and have put 100% of my focus there. The initial results were good - just lost focus for me. I should probably put the shafts up on BST - but still hope to get around to it again.
  14. I'm debating between these and the 1008s currently. Just bought some MMT 125TX and considering rebuilding a set. Also considering having BOS golf refinish them in copper...
  15. I completely disagree. As someone who was having trouble gaining weight with standard body building routines back in the day - I found that there were plans that worked significantly better than others (like Starting Strength), and successfully got much bigger and stronger for competitive basketball. Weight, rest, and reps were all absolutely key (3x5 was much more effective than 3x12, etc.). Having an app that helps to keep you on schedule and track progress will undoubtedly lead to better results, and from what I've seen from Shasho - he's done his research - he's not just throwing together next month's "5 tips for bulging biceps" article. I'm not rushing to spend $350 more to "upgrade" from Superspeed - but the app alone would be a welcome departure from my Google Sheet progress tracker.
  16. Love it. The thing I'm going back and forth on is how each head will interact with the MMTs in terms of feel. I did another hour of testing 6 iron vs 6 iron today and the 1008s are a much firmer impact, while the 302s are much softer (though the 1008s have Oban CT-115s while the 302s have Modus 120s in them). I'm also debating getting BOS copper treatment on them since - why not. How has the MMT feel in your 57s? How was that different in your friends 302s?
  17. TXG Review is up. Their findings are similar to what's been posted in this thread. Somewhere between a Ventus Black and Blue. Best of both worlds for me - stable low / low with better feel. Kinda reminds me of the TZ5.
  18. Any reason why? Seems like you have some solid experience with the 120TX, and would love to get your thoughts. I've read through J13's thread, and would love to get your take. I prefer the shape of the 1008s as the 302s are a bit rounded. However the 1008s seem to be a bit higher and spin a touch more. Currently playing PX 6.0, but speed has increased quite a bit since being fitted (Driver is ~115 +/-3 mph). What's your experience been like?
  19. "Forever" may be relative They're on order already. I just can't quite decide which heads to put them in (or which BB&F ferrules to use) Part of me wants to get one of the sets done in 2-tone copper, but that gets a bit ridiculous and I've heard mixed things about the Golf Garage guy.
  20. I've been having some shoulder and wrist issues, and am now using that as an excuse to rebuild a set with the 125TX shafts I've wanted to try forever. The question is, which set should I rebuild? The options are: Miura 1008 Black Ox Epon AF-302 Miura 1957 Baby Blades Before everyone chimes in with "Baby Blades LDO" - I'd like to actually play this set for a while, and have been on a mission to lower the cap. While the BBs are a ton of fun, they're probably not the smartest option. I'm leaning towards the 302s, as I like the buttery softness, but the black out look of the 1008s could be pretty slick as well (and at the end of the day - they're basically the exact same iron). What do you think?
  21. Sorry - didn't notice that you'd actually converted. If you use the Flightscope optimizer: 115mph * 1.48 smash = ~170 mph ball speed > 14 deg launch / 2400 spin / 100 ft above sea level = 285 yard carry. Winter conditions may fly less. Where I play - you get ZERO roll. Take into account that Arccos averages are pure averages - meaning they include all drives - even the ones that hit a tree and go 200 (which is one of my biggest gripes with the system). Seems just fine to me.
  22. I was gonna say - that's extremely cheap for SF.
  23. Did you miss Knudson's post or do you have additional questions about how the Ventus Black stacks up against the 1k? I've played both and think Knudson was 100% spot on. The 1k 60TX feels smoother / softer / better and seems to launch a little higher than the VB 6X for me. That said, it's also playing .75" or so longer at the moment, and my experience is with the 1k in a TSi3 versus the VB in a Mavrik TD. Not apples to apples, but the 1k has reduced any desire I had to go back to the Ventus Black. That said, it's been cold and windy, and I've been considering getting a Ventus Blue or Graphite Design - something a little softer for winter (in CA where that means 45 - 50 degrees )
  24. So it's been a hectic couple weeks with work, but finally got out to give it a couple swings. Truth be told, I only swung it 5 or 10 times as I didn't have much time, and had a brand new TSi3 w/ Tensei White 1k TX I wanted to get some swings in with before playing this weekend. I'll give it a more proper go when I have a bit more time, but the C. Kua did not feel nearly as good as the AF. It definitely isn't as flexible on the waggle test, and felt a bit firmer all around. The results were tough to decipher. It was a high, straight flight as you'd expect, but in the limited balls I hit, I wasn't seeing the same distance. The 46.5" (E0 SW) TSi3 however was about the same distance for me as my Mavrik TD Autoflex was (though the ball speeds were a bit lower). I'll do a more proper test soon and post results.
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