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  1. A couple questions about the 2020 SC special select Newport and Newport 2: 1) The NP feels slightly heavier but could just be the more compact head. Do the NP and NP2 actually weight the same? 2) Is the NP2 slightly longer in actuality? I haven’t had a chance to see them lined up next to each other in person. 3) Which has more resale value in case I want to sell down the road? I’m new to the SC world so just asking for details as the website isn’t clear.
  2. Any recommendations for golf courses in Phuket? I don't plan on bringing my clubs but would be helpful to know what type of clubs the course has if you've played them.
  3. Going to Atlantic City in mid-October 2019. Can anyone give feedback on course conditions among the following courses: Ballamor, Twisted Dune, Seaview Bay?
  4. Are these old batches of the Snell MTB Reds? Same factory as then Snell Reds and now they're discontinued. Maybe with a different and worse cover?
  5. Snell Golf balls. 3 piece urethane ball at $32
  6. I'm going to Costa Rica next week and was wondering if there are must-play courses there. Any good deals too?
  7. Cut my 45.5” driver shaft to 44”. game changer. also committed to Snell MTB black - feels great and gives me confidence.
  8. my handicap is way too low. i have been playing very poorly recently with a good round every now and then. it feels good to see my handicap improve but i’m not confident in my game. it is what it is.
  9. A buddy of mine and I just played Regatta Bay. Great track, excellent service, and perfect greens. Each hole is unique and although you don’t play any holes along the bay really, it’s a fun course with solid conditions. No regrets. We chose Regatta Bay over Kelly Plantation and enjoyed it.
  10. Flew Frontier from Trenton to ATL. They were fine on the way but they lost it on the return. They had it the very next day.
  11. I’m considering cutting my driver down to 44” based on WRX threads. anyone know how many grams to add back if i cut down from 45.5”?
  12. Bear’s Best, a bit more north of the city but a fun round.
  13. 2017 M1 Driver, 2017 M1 3-Wood, JPX 900 Hybrid
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