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  1. Well, the TSi2 7 wood with 80g Hzrdus Black came in and i've been able to hit it at the range a couple times and got out for one round. It just looks and feels easy to hit due to the length and high loft. So far, I am enjoying the honeymoon phase with the 7W! And a ripple effect from this experiment...the stability of the 80g shaft is making me want to switch to a 90g shaft in my 23* hybrid.
  2. I’ve got all good things to say about the Radspeed fairways. I’ve got it in a 3W and like the look at address better than my SZ 5 wood. The infinity face make the face look more forgiving to my eye than the insert of the SZ.
  3. Most shops won’t carry fairway shafts in the 80g+ category because 55-60g driver, 70g fairway is most common. Will have to go to a fitter or source a heavier shafts on eBay to test.
  4. I ordered a TSi2 21*. I will have to play around with lofting my 3W up and 5w down to see the best gapping and flight. Plenty of time during a Canada winter to get that figured out!
  5. Those are some nice builds! Ventus red is on the list of shafts i'd like to test in a FW. I have similar thoughts on the 7w shaft, so I opted for an 80g RDX black. Stability and spin control. Total experiment but I am excited. Unfortunately outdoor golf season is coming to a close here in Alberta in the next 2-3 weeks. Testing will be limited to indoor sims and a heated driving range over the winter if it doesn't arrive soon. How do you like the 3w lofted up 1.5*?
  6. Waiting for my TSi2 7 wood to arrive. What shaft did you go with?
  7. If you like the heel and toe relief of the M grind but are concerned about your low bounce, the D grind is a higher bounce with the same heel and toe relief which will help out of the sand compared to the M.
  8. I can give you my feedback once I get mine with the 80g shaft. I will do some testing with lofted up 5w and the 7w. could come down to your preference between slightly open or closed face between lofting up/down on each respective head and if you are trying to avoid a left/right miss
  9. Just ordered a TSi2 7w with 80g Hzrdus Smoke RDX Black 80g. First time testing a 7w so will return with some feedback when it arrives.
  10. The heavier shaft is a consideration due to the amount of trimming required to get the shaft to get to 7w length. Head weight is also a consideration when getting into 7w length since the swing weight decreases with the shorter shaft. So depending on your feel and dispersion with your 7w, the shaft and head weight are something to look into if you are looking to make a change or test something out. Went with TSi2 21* fairway with an RDX Black 80g shaft! looking forward to testing this out!
  11. I have wondered about the 7w flight. Driver SS is around 108-110, but I like the idea of the low/low shaft like the RDX Black or Tensei White in the 80g range for the 7w to control launch and spin it a little better. I will look at those two in the 4w if I go that route as well.
  12. At this point it’s really a chance to do some experimenting. Have always been curious about a 4w/7w combo. I enjoy my current set up, I just don’t hit 3w that often (occasional tee shots, almost never into par 5s), so figured why not try out something new. Of course, I would be replacing a fairway. 1. 21* TSi2 would replace my 5W and I would loft the 3W up to 15.5/16 2. I will drop my 3W for the 16.5* TSi2 lofted down to 15.5 and turn the 5W loft to 19.5. Another horse is the race as of today is a 24* Cobra King Tec hybrid w/GD AD DI to replace my TS2 23* Good to know, 26* did seem high. Figured turning it down to 24.5 instead of turning a 22* up would be better. 22* may be the better option though it I go the G425 route
  13. Recently won a fairway metal or hybrid and struggling to choose what to get. Currently have driver, 3W, 5W, 23* hybrid. I am tempted to try a something new in the bag like a TSi2 4W or 7W. Other option is to upgrade the hybrid to a 24* TSi2 or a G425 26* hybrid to gap between 5i and 5W. Is it time to experiment with a new fairway loft? And if I go 7w, so I go 70g shaft like 3W and 5W or bump up to 80g since shaft length is decreasing?
  14. Does anyone have the tip tp graphic measurement on a GD AD-IZ 7s? Thanks.
  15. Excellent point! I am one of the many who get caught up in shaft differences and enjoy learning about that stuff, but regardless of the shaft/profile/flex the one that delivers the club to the ball best is what is important. Time to get some impact stickers.
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