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  1. ![](https://imgur.com/hCFH94k.png "") I had no idea the M5 fairway was so expensive
  2. > @timothyjames333 said: > Has anyone had success replacing the Hzrdus stock shaft with a shorter, heavier shaft? I was thinking that could make it easier to hit off the deck. I love the idea of a wider sole, I've been going back and forth between the UDI and a 17* hybrid; 2 iron on tight courses where I'll use it off the tee and hybrid on wide courses that I use the big dog off most of the tees cuz it's far better for shots into the green (long par 3's and par 5 approaches). A best of both worlds club would be, quite obviously, ideal. I hated the stock shaft, which was the 6.5. Re
  3. > @TheMoneyShot said: > TW with the GAPR? I cannot believe he would select that over the P790. The second pic also shows a TP UDI
  4. > @5dogs said: > Looks like old lunar commands? More like Lunar Control 4
  5. yes, my bad. he didn't use the P790 UDI...always the OG Udi Still missing it left.
  6. yessir -- tough to beat... No, he’s back to the original UDI, right?
  7. One of them was the original UDI. Seemed like he settled on the original UDI after snap-hooking the GAPR, but couldn't tell for sure.
  8. Bravcon

    New TM UDI

    False. I'm at D3 with just a little bit of lead tape. Playing DG 120, standard length. Not false, i ordered two brand new from TM, PX LZ 6.5 steel and Hzrdus black. Both stock, both C9 SW. Also, others have experienced the exact same issue You said "impossible". So, false. There may be several situations where people have gotten really light swing weights, but it's not certain. I had the stock hzrdus black in mine before I switched out the shaft and it wasn't C9 like yours. It was around D1. Reshafting with the DG 120 made it D2. I then added some lead tape to get to D3. I have my o
  9. Bravcon

    New TM UDI

    False. I'm at D3 with just a little bit of lead tape. Playing DG 120, standard length.
  10. This club should fit well in anyone's bag who likes long irons and doesn't love their 5 wood, or is looking for a bit more control. Bad shots with the UDI just aren't nearly as bad as they are with a 5 wood. Getting the right shaft is what brings the UDI to life. I hated the stock shaft and replaced it with a DG 120. Couldn't be happier.
  11. The Ardmore 3 on TM website has 40 degrees of toe hang. I'm betting Tiger's Scotty was right around there. So he might actually be thinking about using it. If Tiger believes that his problem is that he is not consistently hitting the sweet spot on the Scotty, then the mallet could be the answer. I'm seeing that the Ardmore 3 has 12 degrees of toe hang. Would be far less than the Scotty.
  12. A company did exactly that. The product failed miserably. Ben Hogan irons? Think they do that.
  13. Could be the ball you don't have enough backspin across the board on your irons 5i spin is definitely super low and probably 6i too. But with these jacked lofts, I'm really treating them as one club up (P790 6i as traditional 5i) and looking at it that way, spin numbers for 7i-GW don't look too out of place to me. I used V1x which is my gamer. As I understand, P790s are supposed to be lower spin and higher launch? Coming from 714AP2/CB combo I needed to lower my launch, spin was decent, and p790s was solution my fitter went to with me. 718 AP2s were 2000rpm and 3 degrees higher laun
  14. It took a while, but finally got my DG 120 X100 installed. Feels amazing, huge improvement over the HZRDUS 85 (for me). I couldn't tell much of a difference from the regular DG X100's I have in my irons.
  15. Aren’t Project X shafts more butt stiff? Dynamic Gold is more butt soft. Maybe you’re very sensitive to that change in the shaft profile. Why’d you go away from Dynamic Gold, hitting the ball too low? I think a DG x100 is pretty close to PX 6.5 in terms of overall stiffness, just with different profiles.
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