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  1. I think the most common answer to this question is something with the "Whiteboard" profile, which is a soft butt, stiff tip shaft. A lot of shafts will fit that profile, but balance points can vary. CK Pro White seems to always get Dynamic Gold comparisons. CK Pro Orange has a soft butt, stiff tip as well, but is counterbalanced with a high balance point, which is not Dynamic Gold like. Diamana D+ Limited is another whiteboard profile that Tiger currently plays. So try searching the forums for whiteboard profile shafts.
  2. I wouldn't call Club Champion thorough. Perhaps it's location specific. The best thing that Club Champion has going for it is the selection. But if you want to go in depth about swing weight and shaft profiles, etc., then I'd go somewhere else. If you already know what you like and are looking to try certain products that fit that mold, then Club Champion would be just fine.
  3. Similar to regular Dynamic Gold, is the tip of X100 DG120 slightly softer than S300 DG120?
  4. I tried them on today and they were wider than the latest Pro SL version. The Stratos in wide was comparable and probably slightly wider than a Pro SL in extra wide.
  5. If you have an iPhone, very easy to record yourself in Slo-mo from down the line and face on to see where the club is at different parts of the swing. Recommend actually hitting something when you do it, instead of air swings.
  6. Steep in transition coupled with early extension can result in high hands at impact and toe down. It’s the only way to have an inside-to-out swing path when you’re steep and EE. If you didn’t raise the handle, you’d be severely out-to-in. Do you have lots of shaft lean at impact? Or is the shaft relatively vertical at impact.
  7. Are you steep in transition?
  8. https://kbsgolfshafts.com/shop/tgi-tour-graphite-iron/ Supposed to have same EI profile as KBS Tour (per website).
  9. One of the main reasons I’ve been using Callaway woods the past couple of years, because they don’t have that issue.
  10. Hard to say, but if you already have X100s in there, then probably not worth it IMO. Chances are you wouldn’t tell any difference in feel or performance. I’d probably only consider it when building or buying a new set.
  11. They’re the same shafts, but will be more consistently the precise weight/flex that’s desired.
  12. Sorry, one additional question. If I was pick up a cheap Red 75 to try, do you think I should go with the 6.5? Wondering if that would be more comparable to the Black 6.0.
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