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  1. Literally just ordered this same set-up after a fitting. To me they both performed awesome. Highly recommend.
  2. FWIW - Had an iron fitting yesterday - currently gaming the Mizuno 900 Tours which I love. After around 200 swings and countless combos of 6 iron heads and shafts, opted for the 921 Tours (Gap Wedge thru 6 iron) and the Miz Pro 223's for my 4 and 5 iron. Both clubs are fantastic - and in my opinion the 223's offer a bit more "boost" while being just as forgiving as the 921's. Excited for their arrival.
  3. Excellent ideas - - thanks all for the contribution! Will run these by the group. All the best and stay safe - -
  4. Hey all - For the past 15-20 years a group of 12-16 of us have been going to FLA to play for a week. 36 holes/day at a stay/play location (OCN) in March. Due to the lingering COVID threat - not sure we will travel this year - and ideas of a summer 2021 stay/play in New England (where we all reside) has been brought up. Anyone know of a good place? Preferably 36 holes with quick access (ie no driving) to hotel/motel. Thanks in advance -
  5. Boothbay Harbor Country Club is beautiful. Highly recommend.
  6. If you're currently living in the city you might want to wait till you guys head to the "burbs" and then decide. If you're set on staying for a while - you may find it awfully inconvenient to travel to and from any private club due to traffic, newborns, etc etc. That said - Oakley and Wollaston may be your closest - but expect $15K+ initiation I think.
  7. Omni Mount Washington Resort (NH) is nice and has a course on site. In Maine Bethel is great for all summer activities. IMO Sunday River Golf Club is far superior to Bethel CC but more expensive and definitely harder. Bethel CC fits yours needs if just looking to swing the clubs.
  8. Just curious - when you memorialize a hole in one with a display or plaque and put the yardage and club used - do you use the yardage that's on the scorecard? Are would you use the yardage that it actually was (i.e. using a laser)? Thanks in advance!
  9. Ferries through Shelter on Sat were a total breeze and very enjoyable. Thanks for the recommendation.
  10. OK great that's what I thought. Thanks for the quick replies!
  11. Heading down for the Saturday round and staying in Greenport (next to Orient Point) Friday night. I've heard some pretty horrific predictions about traffic and getting to the course. I'll have a car - so likely will park at the Francis Gabreski Airport and take the shuttle - or park somewhere else and Uber/Lyft to the dropoff area. From Greenport it looks like you can take 2 ferries (North Ferry and South Ferry) across Shelter Island and end up EAST of the course - where traffic and congestion may be lighter. Would anyone with knowledge recommend this as the best route down there? There are buses from Sag Harbor, Bridgehampton, etc that we could snag once across. Or park someone and Uber to drop-off. I have a feeling the traditional route from Greenport may get really jammed up around Riverhead. But maybe I'm wrong. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  12. Yeah I agree - hoping maybe Saturday will be slightly easier than Friday. Anyone know if it would be crazy and/or smart to take the two Shelter Island Ferries (North Ferry then South Ferry from Orient) and end up East of the course? Not sure if there's parking avail but maybe that's an option.
  13. I'm taking the Ferry from New London to Orient - also staying in Orient Friday night. Our tickets are for Saturday's round - anyone know what the driving scenario will be from Orient to the event?
  14. Anyone know of a reputable turf company that specializes in backyard putting greens in MA? I've searched online and have some names that may work - but I trust opinions here the most. Thanks in advance--
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