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  1. I liked the article by Ryan Barath, I wish he would have named more staff players for MacGregor, Walter Hagan & Ram though. The one issue I have is how Spaulding got left off the list, many greats played their clubs through the years!
  2. I have been watching a lot of classic golf and classic golf tournaments on YouTube during the quarantine and I’ve become very curious as to the persimmon woods, irons and putters the Pros used from the late 1930’s thru the 1980’s. Especially the top players in the different eras.
  3. I have several Wilson Staff Strata-Bloc woods that have no shaft band. Can anyone give me some information on the number of steps, how far is the first step, etc. that can help me determine the flex of these clubs? Thanks in advance.
  4. I believe Arnold Palmer played 58' Wilson Fluid Feel irons with the arrow on the hosel from 58 through 63 or 64. Can anyone tell me what he played before and after through the seventies? Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know the model(s) of Wilson Staff clubs Arnie played? When did he leave Wilson? After Nicklaus stopped using Tommy Armour SS1 irons what did he switch to?
  6. Does anyone know the MacGregor irons Jack Nicklaus used as an amateur and early on in his professional career before the VIPs by Nicklaus were designed?
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