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  1. Hey guys, a local is selling this putter and I’m wondering what makes it special and what it’s worth. (USD) Thanks in advance.
  2. Good morning everyone. I have a couple questions about shafts. I recently tried a mizuno st 180 with a tensei white 70x in it and I felt like it wasn’t going to go left on me no matter how hard I swing. I tried a 70g x in a evenflow blue in a rogue and lost half of them too far left. Can someone try explain?
  3. I tried a couple with that odyssey putter with the red ball that had to be lined up. No idea the model. However... it looks terrible. I was wondering if there’s a way to put something on my current putter. Between a Juno and a work 1w that would have the same affect.
  4. I filmed my swing for the first time today and realized I’m super open at the top with my face and compensate so much at the ball that I either don’t square up or twist too much with a pull hook. Any drills you guys know?
  5. So s***. I filmed myself at the range today and I have so much wrist action it’s nuts. I’m so open at the top and have to compensate at the ball. Any drill ideas/is there a topic on here for drills?
  6. None of the fitting places in my area carry anything other than stock shafts and X are so few and far between.
  7. Any drills for a closed face at impact? That might be my issue. I’m not sure but that left miss of the tee is what’s keeping me from single digits and it’s Worth a shot.
  8. i was put into a tensei white 70 gram at a very brief fitting. It got me to a 10 launch angle, 2300 spin and just about 300 carry. I just felt like I hard to force the ball up in the air and didn’t enjoy that. Helpful at all?
  9. As you can see from the replies, it could be several different causes to your problems, both equipment and player related. The shaft you play was not made for that club speed, and if the shaft is the reason for your problems, simply look for LOW launch profiles (forget mid, it neutral and no bias, while low is anti left and high is anti right) PX T1100 is a good option to try, but make sure shaft wgt is right to start with. If the problem is to much face closing, we should look at both face angle, Grip size, and grip profile. A more open face angle from address can help out, so can a gri
  10. With the greatest respect, what you want is a swing that doesn’t go left. I am sure you are aware, the power fade is currently the weapon of choice for many of the longest tour players. Put it another way if your left shot comes from being significantly off with your face / path there is nothing a shaft change can do to save that swing. Perhaps giving it everything, simply pushes your swing into a poor path / face angle. totally understand that, I’d just like to try something a bit heavier and stiff to slow it down a bit.
  11. Ive known the shaft isn’t fit for me since putting it to work this year. I loved it last year and it was great for me just need something stiffer is all.
  12. Had a beautiful straight/5yard fade going last year and now I have the same shot with a 1/5 snap hook going on. To all you knowledgeable people here on shafts I’ll just throw it out there. Budget is and isn’t an issue, if I love something then I’ll pay for it but I’d try cheaper alternatives because if they do the same why not use them. What’re some recommended shafts. I like playing a straight/very tiny fade. Swing speed average probably 118-120 right now. Like a mid/high launching shaft. It’s going in a rogue head 9 degree as I’ve never had spin issues. All suggestions welcome.
  13. If you are comfortably swinging 120 mph you almost surely need a TX shaft. Plenty in BST. on the low side it’s 115, that’s my I’m trying to make good contact but don’t square up right.
  14. In all honesty I’m still playing my stiff from last year. Speeder 565. Started swinging a bit faster. My miss is where I’m aimed and a large overdraw. Not a pull hook. Ideally I would play a consistent fade lol
  15. or even what characteristics might help my problem
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