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  1. I saw the Epic Speed yesterday in person. Looks amazing.
  2. Bumping this thread again, anyone know where to get weights and screws let me know. I need for the dhy and a12 pro gold. Thanks!
  3. I'd say it's true to size but it's not baggy. I'm a traditional XL and it fits me fine.
  4. Tee gift from my member guest and I just don’t need another pullover. Super nice fabric, it has my club logo on the sleeve in white but it’s super understated. Retails for $128. Size XL sale price $99 shipped or trade me two dozen pro-v1 or equivalent TRADED!!!
  5. Has anyone tried this? Would love to hear results and reviews. Thanks!
  6. Graphite hybrid shafts that cost $100 plus when their equivalent graphite iron shafts are $45. I'm looking at you Fujikura. This is a great life hack though. Fuji pro iron shafts make great hybrid shafts.
  7. Great thread, I had been using various fat superstroke grips for years and most recently a 17" 3.0. Last fall I did a putter fitting with True Spec in Pinehurst and it was a total game changer. The fitter showed me how the big heavy grip was causing me to have to push the club back and forth with my elbows. He switched me to SS pistol 1.0 and tucked by elbows in and I've been putting the best I ever have for 9 months. He was adamant that you cannot take the hands out of the stroke and I'm a believer. Now I putt with my hands and don't try to hide them.
  8. I had these soft stepped in a set of irons at A playing length of 37.5” six iron. the PW was not installed in the set so it is much longer and can be cut to your length. If you want to soft step you have 5-AW or straight in you have 4-Pw and they will play -1/4” $OLD
  9. Beautiful set with plenty of life left. Assembled for me by Hotrod with BB&F ferrules. The play 1/4" longer than standard and 2* up but can easily be bent to you specs. SW is progressive D4-D6. They are being sold without grips as most people want to regrip with their grip of choice. I have a set of brand new Royal Grip Classic V's I'll put on them for an additional $20 if you want them. The heads have minor bag chatter and clean grooves. $400 Shipped Only trade would be a Mavrik SZ 10.5
  10. I played them from 94 -2007 with Tour Flighted Rifle 6.5's, so weird looking now.
  11. 2 handicap. Cally Apex Forged with TIS400's Backups are Srixon Z765 with TIAMT S400 Bridgestone Tour B X-CB with Recoil Proto 125
  12. Standard length with clean tips and NDMC midsize grips. 6 iron measures 36 3/4" from butt of grip to tip and are in 1/2" increments. .355 taper tip. SOLD Would consider trade for S400TI or AMT S400TI
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