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  1. it doesn't have a hosel that projects forward and the loft is hard to notice. It just feels more vertical. I putted with the original kutchar for a while which I felt like I had to forward press way more.
  2. This is a gorgeous putter I bought direct from ARGolf. Most armlocks feel very awkward due to the extreme forward shaft lean, this one feels way more natural. Only played two rounds with it. if you don’t know about ARGolf check them out. The founder is an aeronautics engineer from France. They have a shop in Jupiter. Specs attached. I paid $379. Yours for $300 shipped or will trade for a high end plumber neck.
  3. Great discussion. It is personal preference but I really wish all manufacturers would at least make a matched GW an option. Currently my 50 matches my wedges but that's only because Bridgestone doesn't make gap wedges. My next set will likely be with a matched gap and therefore my choices will be limited.
  4. If it was so easy everyone would arm lock. It's not. I used it a few years ago with the original Betti Kuchar to get over the wiggles on short putts. It helped me tremendously and eventually I switched back to standard because I make more long putts that way. It only really helps the nervy or yippy guy and they punish themselves enough, believe me. Leave them alone please.
  5. I've tried the 5 wood a few times just can't get used to looking at all of that loft on such a big head. Causes some very strange misses. I must subconsciously think I'm going to hook it.
  6. I played J40 CB's and now play TourB X-CB's. Very similar clubs and both fantastic. I wish Bridgestone wasn't so elusive with their irons.
  7. I'm just curious who built it and to what specs? How did they add weight to the head? How did they deal with adding loft? This is stuff WRX used to be all over.
  8. Does anyone know the specs? I would have thought WRX would have gotten all of this info
  9. Anyone have any information on this? The WITB article only listed it as a Scotty squareback but it's clearly an arm lock.
  10. I'm gaming an XHot Pro 3deep now because it beat out all of my more modern 3 woods on trackman. It's the perfect 3 wood off the tee.
  11. Any slipping issues with these spikes?
  12. Be like Colin! Pictures tell the story, I bought it for $360 and played one round with it, just not for me. For Sale $280 shipped TRADED For Trade: slant neck mallet like a Ping Tyne or wide body blade, slight arc thanks!
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