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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Good to hear about Mizuno's times since they are at or near the top of my list. Anyone know anything about Titleist specifically? I plan to try others, but have it narrowed in my head to the T200 and 225. I was on the fence about TM anyway bc I already have a bit of a complicated past with them. Never been a fan of PING irons, but will definitely look at the 425 driver. Not sure if I could go with PXG. I don't want to hear Bob Parsons yelling at me in my head about flying pigs everytime I pull an iron. Srixon could be the wild card.
  2. I have seen different threads about delays on specific irons, but wanted to get some info on companies as a whole. Do there appear to be certain companies (OEMS, shafts and grips) that are handling shortages better than others? It seems that many of the delays I see are related to the manufacturer not being able to get the shafts. I am curious because I have a fitting on Jan 23rd and delays could be a decision point if all else is equal. I am currently without irons bc my clubs were stolen back in November. I am interested specifically in Mizuno, Callaway, TM, Titleist and Srixon. Those are the irons I am strongly considering.
  3. This, bought 2 pairs, and plan on getting more when the price comes down, these are the best shoes I have worn in a long time. I've already got 2 pairs and ordered a third pair today for about $109. I want these, but haven't bought them because of price. Where did you find them for $109?
  4. AVX is perfect for me. I hit a high ball with high spin. The AVX brings both down a little and they hold the green perfectly as a result. I am about 5 yards longer with the AVX than the ProV1.
  5. I got the M4 last Friday, but would have preferred the M3. Not sure that it matters though since I bought the Rogue Pros the prior weekend. If anyone got a M3 that would prefer the M4 I am open to trade. The one I got has a stiff steel KBS shaft.
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