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  1. I find this a interesting topic. As for being ready to turn pro or not, it is irrelevant; I don't think anyone on here is able to justify each individuals' reasoning. Some of the comments are comical reading through these posts. The fact that it was said that Spieth and Cantlay did not accomplish enough as amateurs is beyond me? I am not going to list all their accomplishments but anyone that truly follows collegiate golf and amateur golf knows what outstanding careers they had. Whether they succeed or not that is still to be determined. My main point I'd like to make is how can people make statements or comments regarding this with their only reasoning being they are not good enough amateur... they will be like Danny Lee or whoever..... First off, in Danny Lee's defense, he played last year on the big tour with full status. Granted he lost his card but will still have full web.com status next year. He has made $700,000+ on PGA TOUR and $390,000+ on Web.com tour in his career. He turned pro in 2009 only been playing professionally for 3 years and has a European Tour win to his name and I don't even know how much he has made on the European Tour...Plus what his off the course endorsement money is.....for a 22 year old kid he is doing fine.... it is a fact he has definitely made over 7 figures in his career playing golf. Thats not too shabby. I can argue that many people on here have not made 7 figures in the last 3 years. For that matter most people in America dont make that in 3 years. So to say this young 22 is a bust and comparing other prominent kids to him in a negative manor is crazy. Lets be honest Back to saying Spieth and Cantlay are not good enough? What about Bud Cauley... was his amateur career better than Jordan's or Patrick's? Because I can debate that all night with you. It worked out pretty good for Bud. Another comparison is slick Rick Fowler, things worked out for him too turning early, was his amateur career much better than Spieth and Cantlay's..... All these young pups (Bud, Spieth, Cantlay, Fowler, Uihlein) their amateur careers were all relatively pretty darn good and I think they all accomplished more than enough for them to justify turning pro early if that was the avenue they choose to go down. I honestly dont think a vast majority of you all on here are familiar with their amateur golf achievements or even are aware what the major amateur events are. I see comments about US-AM and NCAA's that it. What about the dozen other events year round that are played with arguable just as strong of fields as NCAA or US-AM. Sunnehanna, Northeast, Porter Cup, Southern AM, Jones Cup.... i mean I could go on and on. Jordan and Patrick and all these other kids dominated these events year after year. I remember watching them play them while they were in high school. I don't think they should be criticized for turning early b/c trust me, I think if the opportunities that are presented to them, were presented to us on here we would all probably make the same choice. Patrick will have web.com tour status next year and with the structure of that tour if he can make a cut before the first re-shuffle he will improve to full status and will basically be able to play all year. So to say he does not have a tour is false. Web.com tour is a pretty good little spot to play for a 19/20 year old kid. Lets be real... its pretty legit. Nevertheless, its still a gamble and we will see what happens....i am these guys biggest fans and hope they all tear it up and win everything. They are all young hotshots that are american and are the future of the game. Everyone of them from Bud--Cantlay--Fowler--Uihlein--Hoff.... the list goes on. Like this topic says its about Spieth and him turning pro. I think he is by all means accomplished enough to give it a go if thats what he wants. I understand him turning pro in JAN which gives him the full calendar year to get sponsors invites. If he waited until May to turn that would make no sense bc with the changes to the tour's schedule and fedex cup he would likely not get the full 7 starts he is looking for. So the strategy of turning now makes sense. Surprised he signed with Forefront, i did not see that coming. Jay Danzi is his agent and he is a accomplished man with experience in this industry; worked at IMG and Wasserman previously. I just would of assumed Jordan being a marquis up and comer he would of signed with a major firm like IMG, Wasserman, ISM, Excel. I guess he wanted to keep it local and sign with a Texas company. Danzi is based in Dallas so I guess it makes sense. But i still feel to create a brand around a players and get the correct exposure and maximize his profitability I would of guessed he would of signed with a big time management firm. After all the big firms are who essentially have the most power in getting spots in tournys..... I hope it works out, im routing for them.....I just dont think people should hate on them by saying not good enough or accomplished enough.
  2. Interesting post. I guess it all depends on who you are talking about because what Tiger, Phil, Bud, Ryan Moore... etc did is not really comparable to what John Daly might do. Only because Tiger, Phil, Bud, Ryan Moore... etc all had no status and had to earn their status via sponsors invites or "Top 10-ing" into next week. As a non-member of the tour they can only accept 7 invites. In John Daly's case he will forever have some form of status on tour under the category of "Past Champion". As a member he can accept unlimited number of sponsors invites. Being such a appealing fan-favorite tournaments always tend to give John spots, so he gets a pretty big schedule in every season regardless. My only point is it is hard to compare a guy with no status earning status vs. someone who has past champ status and can receive unlimited invites. With that being said I too am interested to know if someone with status at one time and lost their playing privilages has ever regained status via this route. I can not think of anyone on the top of my head. The only thing I can remember is Arjun Atwal in 2010 have conditional status and Monday qualified and won the tournament. This is the closest thing i can think of...
  3. I think this is a start to something great for him. It has always been obvious how much talent and game he has and I think that this win will help give him the confidence to get back out on the big tour and stay out there. I am a fan of his and hope to see him winning a lot more. This will be his 4th full season on the Nationwide tour (2008, 2010, 2011, 2012) along with one year on this "BIG" Tour (2009). I have followed his career fairly closely and there is no doubt he has had his struggles and seemed to come across overly confident but I think with all his time spent playing the Nationwide Tour and Hooters Tour it has humbled him and made him realize how hard it is to get out on the big tour and stay out there. This will only make him appreciate it when he get back on the PGA TOUR, and work hard to stay out there. He is still reasonable young at 27 years old and has a long career ahead of him. I think this time around he will make an impact and we all will start seeing his name a lot more.
  4. Field strength in different erasTigers era to jacks era, whos are stronger and why???? -Tiger's era seems like fields are deeper, almost anyone in the field each week has a chance to win. Does that make what tiger did (his records) more impressive? -Jack's era fields not as deep but he had possible steeper competition at the top. Trevino, Palmer, Watson...etc Jack played in a era with multiple players that won more than 5 majors, while no one is TW time has 5 major wins... I have no option im just curious to what the majority thinks....What are yalls thoughts?
  5. tbomb- "Recap - Fowler and Pete Ulhein are good friends, Pete's dad Wally was the CEO of Acushnet before they sold to FILA (cutting Fowlers ties to Acushnet imo...Fowler will be playing Cobra next year, they have deep pockets and he's the face of PUMA." I can promise you that Fowler's friendship with Peter has absolutely nothing to do with the fact the Fowler is with Titleist. Titleist signed Rickie because the kid is a star and a good ambassador for the company. Acushnet, which owns Titleist, FootJoy, and Pinnacle is STILL under the Acushnet roof. The corporation Acushnet was sold from Fortune Brands to FILA, nothing changed with in the company except for the fact that Fortune Brands does not own it anymore and FILA does. Wally is STILL the CEO of Acushnet which still owns Titleist, FootJoy, and Pinnacle. However, once Fowler's contract is up, i do see him going to COBRA but that is just a personal opinion i have no real confirmation on this topic. I think Rickie will be playing Titleist next season bc he will still be under contract.
  6. Booked the flight before Sunday's round??? Im pretty sure every player in the field had some form of transportation arranged before Sundays round. Plus he flies private so he has a plane waiting for him and he can change destination on the spot if he wants to go somewhere different. I dont think it is a big deal at all that he went to see his girl friend
  7. Seriously? This is kind of a dumb topic. I love this site and everything that is discussed on here is pretty legitimate and I am a big fan. But this voting thing on "Most disappointing super talent" is a bit uncalled for. Charles Howell turned pro in 2000 and has made ($21.7m) in earnings on the US Tour and is a multiple winner on tour along with 56 top 10's. Sergio Garcia turned pro in 1999 and has made ($27.6m) in earnings on the US Tour alone (+Euro Tour). He has 20 wins world wide (7 on US Tour). Adam Scott turned pro in 2000 and has made ($23.1m) in earnings on the US Tour alone (+Euro Tour). He has 19 wins world wide (7 on US Tour). How can you even consider any of them to be a disappointment. Give me a break. They are all so so consistent and solid; its ridiculous that people would even think that they are a disappointing talent.
  8. Graeme Mcdowell is not with Chubby... http://golfism.net/meet-the-golfers.html
  9. First off his name is "RICKIE" not RICKY. Secondly, I read where aussiehack said and I quote that "Jason Day is a major waiting to happen". There is not such thing. Yes J.Day has played phenomenal in the last two majors but you cant just prematurely put a title on ANYBODY saying they will for sure win a major. There are so many talented players in the game right now. Each week, major or non-major "ALMOST" anyone in the field has a chance to win, thats how deep and strong these fields are becoming. Which is definitely a good thing!!! As for Rickie he is a tremendous talent and is getting closer and closer, it is almost inevitable that he will win eventually. As for the comparison between Fowler and Day. I don't see how you can compare the two at this point and time. Day turned pro in 2006 where Fowler turned in 2009. He has 3 years of professional golf experience on Fowler. There is no substitute for experience, it is almost as crucial as talent. Jason Day has won one event on the PGA Tour and he did not win it until 2010, 4 years after he turned pro. Rickie is only half way through his 2nd season, give the kid a break. Im not knocking/disrespecting Day's talent or ability he is a great great player!!!! My point is, I dont think you can compare the two players at this point in time due to the fact that Day has played on tour more than double as long as Fowler. These two hot shots are part of the future of the game and its good to see them in contention. I see a lot of wins for both Rickie and Jason, and hope some of those wins are majors.
  10. Yeah Titleist and Oakley are cool but personally his two best deals have got to be with Audemars Piguet and Sunseeker. AP is hands down, bar-none the finest time pieces on this planet and Sunseeker is a luxury sports-yatch which I would compare as the Rolls Royce of boats. Granted his deals with those companies probably dont pay him, they probably just give him watches and a boat or at least a lease on a boat but nevertheless to not have to pay for those things is sweet. He might get some cash from them too but its not going to be anything like the cash he gets from his other deals. But the kids got it good, i must say!!! Chubby has done a great job marketing him.
  11. money matches...Anyone have any good golf gambling stories or money match stories. I have not played in any big games but i have heard a couple good stories about life-time mid-am's that play quite the money games. Anyone know about any of the big 6-man scramble calcuttas in Mississippi, Texas and Oklahoma. I hear those are the states where the big money games are. Im just looking for some good stories or people thought and opinions on this topic. ????? Thanks
  12. mfreeman- Have you ever played the 17th @ TPC? Not an easy hole. Also like the previous poster said: These guys have been carrying a bag for 16 holes and then show up to arguable one of the most intimidating holes in all of golf. And in front of a large gallery and cold turkey must hit a iron shot with no warm up. Come on? Are you seriously judging someone's playing ability off of one shot? Also to say the least these guys have probably been caddying for probably several weeks up to that point and have not played in sometime. With that being said I did not say "ALL" caddies were great player but for the most part on average the vast majority of caddies played a high level of competitive golf at one point or another in their careers. Just as the other poster said a lot of these guys played mini tours. I think mini tours are exactly where these guys make most of their connection with all the pros. Two guys play college golf together and then travel together on a mini tour somewhere and developed a close friendship. Then one of the guys makes it on tour and the other does not so he gives his buddy a job caddying for him. That is a pretty typical story on how it happens. But to disagree with me on this topic b/c you see guys hit it in the water on 17 at TPC is ridiculous. There are several guys that caddy that are great great players. Lance Ten Broeck (Jesper Parnevik's caddy) Has won on the PGA Tour. He played on tour for over 15 years. He won the 1984 Magnolia State Classic which now is the Viking Classic in Mississippi. A funny story about him in 2009 he was the first and still the only guy to play and caddy in the same PGA Tour event. As a past champion on tour he will forever have "some form" of status and it happened that he was carrying for Parnevik at the Valero Texas Open and he found out the day before the event he got in as an alternate. He ended up caddying for Parnevik in the morning wave and then played in the afternoon. He actual shot 71-70 and beat his boss Parnevik who shot 70-74 in the tournament. They both missed the cut. Lance did not even have his own clubs he was playing with another players backup set. http://www.pgatour.com/players/00/21/85/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lance_Ten_Broeck Damon Green (Zach Johnson's caddy) has played in multiple PGA Tour events, had full status on the Nationwide Tour for two years and recently won first stage of senior tour school but failed to get through at finals. http://www.pgatour.com/players/00/72/41/ Brett Waldman (Camilo Villegas's caddy) He played D1 college golf and played mini tours before caddying on tour for Camilo Villegas, Tom Pernice, Jr. and Ben Crane. Last year friends kept telling him to go to Q-school to give golf another shot. Turns out he ended up making it through pre-qualifying, first stage, 2nd stage and earned full Nationwide Tour status at final stage of Q-school. He now plays on the Nationwide Tour full time. http://www.pgatour.com/players/02/54/82/ http://www.golfweek.com/news/2010/dec/01/waldman-shelves-caddie-bib-chase-dream/ Kip Henley (Brian Gay's caddy) He is actually playing this week in the PGA Tour event in Memphis. He has played numerous PGA Tour and Nationwide Tour events and also won the Big Break. http://www.pgatour.com/players/00/65/26/ These are just a few guys I know on the top of my head that caddy on tour. That also are great players. Im sure if I actually took some time to really think about it I could come up with a lot more. Most caddies on tour are great players.
  13. I don't necessarily think that being a course caddy at a course of a tour event is the the best way to get on a bag. Most tour players don't really care for course caddies, they want a tour caddy. Im sure it has happened that way maybe in the past where a course caddy carried for a tour player, but i think that is rare. What happens on tour (NW & PGA) is each week there are always several caddies that just travel from event to event and wait around in case a players fires a caddy or their regular guy cant make it. So there are always pro caddies that don't have a job and they just go from week to week waiting around outside locker rooms, driving ranges or parking lots of tour events to try to get a bag. I should of mentioned this in my last post because i guess this answers your question better on how to become a tour caddy. I actually have a friend that i met while caddying on tour that did not know anyone and did this and got a job. He went week to week until he got a bag all last season. He must have gone for 3 or 4 months without getting a bag. Well long story short he ended up getting a bag at the end of last year and he kept his job into this season and he actually just won (as a caddy) a couple weeks ago. Pretty cool. Most caddies are paid on a $1000, 5%-7%-10%. So 10% of a win is good cash.
  14. I have caddied in several tour events (PGA Tour & Nationwide Tour) for multiple different players and like the previous post said its all about who you know. Caddying is not my job and I have no aspiration of being a tour caddy. I am just fortunate to have several friends that play on tour and I have looped for them when they could not find anyone or were in between caddies or were playing in a event on a last minute kind of thing. I must say it is definitely fun but can be a lot of work too. I grew up playing highly competitive junior golf and played D1 college golf. I think to be able to caddy on the big tour or even the Nationwide tour the person needs to have played serious golf at one point or another. There are certain situations in tournaments where a caddy needs to have the right experience to be able to do what needs to be done. Its not as easy as one might think; show up, keep up & shut up. Maybe that works for a caddy at a private course or resort course, but on tour a caddy needs to know what's going on. I dont think the average golf would be able to caddy on tour unless they were educated on what needs to be done. Im not saying it wont be hard to learn but if a average 10 handicapper showed up on the 1st tee on Thursday at a tour event he would be completely lost out there.
  15. Mark Steinberg leaves IMGAnyone got any info on why M.Steinberg left IMG? Will Tiger & Annika follow him...?
  16. Clay Long designed that putter correct? Im in for the contest too. very cool prize!!!!
  17. Those Monaco shafts are amazing. True temper did a great job with them. I love them!!!!
  18. I know some of yall have mentioned many of these point already; the main deference between the 3 sets is: Lofts and the fact the the 990 are cast and the 695 and new-CB's are forged. They actually all three have different lofts. The standard 6-iron for: 990 = 32*, 695 = 30*, and CB = 31*. I must say i am a fan of all three of these sets of clubs. They are all great. I would have to say it is all personal preference. If it were me and I would recommend the 695.
  19. sbguard9- I did not mean to come across brash to you on here in my last post. After I posted it and re-read it, it sounded harsh, i apologize... sometimes typing something out comes across different when you read it. As for finding people to back you like other posters on here have said; it is very difficult. It is almost like a lottery kinda of thing, you need to get lucky and find someone that is willing to do it. From my experience most guys go to their home clubs/courses where they grew up playing and members usually get together and pull together the money to support a player for a season or two. Another way i have known people of doing it is from playing college golf they made good connections with "Boosters" (people that donated to their university) while they were in college and went to ask them for the cash once they graduate. That usually works if you played well in college. Because most booster love their alma mater and if there is a all-american trying to turn pro coach will usually go to bat for the player and ask some of the boosters to support him. Another way a friend of mine raised money, which did not cover a full season but about half the season was to have a fund raiser scramble tournament. His home course donated a day for him to gather people and have a fundraiser tournament where all the proceeds went to him to support his golf career. It coved about half the year. To finish the story the kid actually tore it up that year and won on the hooters tour and had some other solid finishes and was able to support himself through the rest of that year. It's kinda a cool story. Its like people said on here, its hit or miss, you just have to know the right people that are willing to make a deal and support a young guy. Like another person said though you don't want to deal with that stress of owing people money because you will never play well with that pressure. I have heard of one rare rare story that is unbelievable. This one kid who played pretty big time D1 golf but was nothing great, was not an all-american or anything, he just was a decent player that played good D1 golf and when he graduated wanted to turn pro and met a guy that said he will help sponsor him. Little did he know he hit the jackpot. The guy said he will cover all his travel costs plus entry fee and he even got him a membership at a unbelievable private club (remain nameless) in his home town to play and practice at. And the kid could keep all his earnings and would not have to pay the guy back a single penny. The guy was just extremely wealthy and wanted to help a kid out. Talk about luck of the draw. That is the only time i have ever heard of something like that..
  20. Listen im not going to get in a argument on my computer.....take it for what its worth, I have a pretty good understanding of how it all works. My brother played on the big tour (now he is back on NWT) and he went through all the mini tours. Im fully aware of how much "HE" spent being that i was there first hand. Plus i have several close friends playing currently. I dont know who you know or what point you are trying to make but i can tell you that a large percentage of all mini tour players are loosing money...thats a fact, sure there are always the very few that make money but that is not the "NORM". If your big plan is to play the Canadian Tour and make a nice living, good luck with that, let me know how it turns out. Also for the record just cause you can look on a website and see a player made $53K you cant just assume he is making money, take taxes out of it and your $50K is almost down to $30K. Plus about 85%-90% of the players have people investing or backing them. That does not mean the "BACKER" just hands them the cash and say go play. The player is in a agreement with the backer and usually has to pay it back with interest so that is another cost you must add into what the player has to take out. So take a guy that made $100K on the Hooters Tour, after taxes its around $71K then your spending roughly $40-$50K on expenses and entry fees. (which might be paid for by a "backer" or "sponsor" but usually you have to pay it back with some juice) So in reality your $100k year on the money list really means your making (profit) about $25k-$35k depending on your arrangements. Cost to play Hooter Tour: (These numbers are just rough estimates to give an example) -Tour Membership: $2,000 -Entry Fee per event: $1,200 (most players play around 16 events a season) (That come out to: $19,200 on entry fees alone) -The travel expenses will cost you around $750-$1000 a tournament (That is air/gas, hotel, meals...plus you have to add misc cost each week) -Plus you have to add Q-school cost which every mini player deos because what is the point of playing pro golf with out trying to go to q-school. Which comes out to be about $4,000 or more...for all stages plus expenses. ***For 16 events plus q-school: Membership = 2,000 Entry Fee = 19,200 travel cost = 16,000 Q-school = 4,000 total: $41,200 (and that does not even include monday qualifiers cost and entry fee, which is something that all mini tour players do as well)
  21. unless you are on the big tour or NWT, more than likely you will loose money for the year. The reason you play them is for experience and improvement. To answer your question on: why don't you just play NWT and PGA Tour quallys is because....after you do that for 3 or 4 weeks in a row and shoot 68 every time and miss by two it gets old and you dont improve. Playing a one round qually is not the same as playing a 4 round tourny. The point of all these mini tour or developmental tours is to get better hints the name "development". Plus, going around Monday qualifying every week will cost you a pretty penny too. Around $400 a stab, depending on if you have to pre-Q or not and plus travel expenses (flight/gas money, hotel, food, practice rounds). I would say 50K is a standard cost to play full time mini tour golf. Its not about making the big bucks at that level its about getting better and eventually playing on the big tour, where it is about making the big bucks. Even a lot of Nationwide tour players are loosing a lot each season. Its a tough job to make money at unless you are one the big tour. As for the CAN Tour, i have heard good and bad about it. Personally i feel the Hooters tour or Tar Heel Tour (E-Tour) are the two best development tours. You defiantly have the best quality of players out of the little tours at those two. Over time i would say hooters is the best just look at their track record and who all played on their tour, but i must say that in the last 3 years the E-tour has really developed. They are right up there with the Hooters tour as of now, but im not sure if they can maintain these purses and sponsors they have now.
  22. Lion is Korean and if u want to go into this deeper the year before Ben An won the "AM", Danny Lee won who comes from Korean decent and the year before that John Chin lost in the finals of the Pub-Links who is also Korean.
  23. ASU IS NOT A D2 GOLF PROGRAM!!!!! Yes all their other sports are D2 but there golf team is D1!!!!! Yes there Budget is not as big as OkState, but no one's budget is comparable to OkState's funding. Also just for the record they dont fly private everywhere. They flew commercial more times than they did private in the spring. As for ASU they have some nice perks too. For one they get to play Augusta National and two they are supported by Taylormade/Adidas and have all their equipment needs taken care of... No "small D2 school" have such things. Everyone is acting like they are "Paine College" or "Billings Montana State University" those are small D2 schools. Augusta State is very much a big time "GOLF PROGRAM". They might not fly private but they do alright.... There are about maybe 10 schools that legitimately can say they fly private they rest of D1 golf flies commercial. Just go look at the schedule they play....its pretty freaking solid, they play a schedule just as good as any big time program. For example look at their host tourny. Its amazing, a tone of big time school come to it and all the players get practice round passes to the Masters. Your telling me a small D2 program puts on something like that come on...Stop calling them D2 or asking if D2 team has ever won a D1 National Champ. THEY ARE NOT D2!
  24. you are thiking of patrick reed......it is a ncaa rule if you transfer with in your conference you must sit out.....i believe Phil is redshirting this year that he has to sit out to save a year of eligibility.....he will still hav two more year to play after this season
  25. Handicap does not matter at all, do not even bring it up. The only thing college coaches care about are "results." Tournament results to be more specific. The college process is a long process and it is not easy. The first thing you need to do to get started is make a tournament resume. Type up all your best tournaments: date, tournament name, your score, what place you finished, how many players played in the event. Do that for each event. I know over seas they sometimes have tournaments that are handicap base, do not put any of them, college coaches don't care if you win something by handicap they just care about gross. American college golf is all no handicap. Everyone plays to a "0". Once you have done your tournament resume the next thing you should do is type up a upcoming tournament schedule. Have a list of all your upcoming tournaments and put on it: the date, tournament name, and a website to check results. After you have your resume and upcoming schedule it is then time to start emailing coaches. Do you have any idea where you might possible want to go to school???? Go to www.golfstat.com or www.golfweek.com/college and check out the rankings there. Both sites have two different kinds of rankings. Go through them and pick out about 50 schools depending on location and ranking and just even if you are curious about a school, it really does not matter, just get a lot of school. The more the better. Write them all down and go to their athletic site. For example if you see on the rankings University of Florida and you are interested in that school. Go to google and type in "University of Florida Athletics" and go to their website. (www.gatorzone.com) then click on men's golf and there should be something that says roster or coaches and you need to find the coaches email address. Every college site will have the coaches email address, you just need to mess around on it and find it. Get either the head coach or assistant coach's email, it does not matter either or. Then just send them a email and introduce your self, tell them where your from and that you are interested in playing golf at their school. also attach to the email as a word document your resume and upcoming schedule. You can make one email and send it to all 50 schools, just to make it easier. Then you just wait and see who writes you back. once they write you back keep constant contact with them, always write them back, even if they say they are not interested, just send something back saying I understand, thank you for your time and maybe you could ask them for a recommendation on where else to look. All college coaches talk to each other and if you are polite they sometime will mention they know of a possible recruit and will tell another school a bout you. It does not hurt to have them like you even if they are not interested in you. That is pretty much what you got to do. Also there are companies and people that can help with college golf process. You hire these agencies or people and they will take care of everything for you. Try http://rednumbersgolf.com/ even if you dont want to hire them and pay them, im sure you can email them and get a little advise from them....check it out
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