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  1. Donuts and woozy are gone. Persimmon left... I’m flexible on price...
  2. Hi again - Good stuff up for grabs... Those of you that have bought from me before know that I'm not trying to make crazy money off anything I sell. If I don't need it, then I'm willing to let it go for a reasonable cost in hope my items will brighten up someone else's day. While I always feel my prices are reasonable, I understand there are those of you that want to haggle... Low ball offers will be ignored. Here goes! Lamb Donut Divot Tool ($130 shipped) SOLD This divot tool was used in maybe 4-5 rounds total... I bought it because "I just have to have it" It's going to sit in my valuables pouch forever and never get used as I have a Seamus divot tool that I plan to be buried with! Lamb "Woozy" Ball Marker ($100 shipped) SOLD I believe this came out in late 2019... I used it for a handful of rounds and is still in really good shape. Lamb Donut Ball Marker ($100) SOLD I can't remember which release this was... But it was used for 3-5 rounds last year and has sat dormant for quite some time. Lamb Persimmon Ball Marker ($100 shipped) Bought this early last year (I believe) and used for 8-10 rounds... It's in really good shape still. Lamb Masters Donut Ball Marker ($100 shipped) SOLD Bought this one back in 2018 (I believe) for Lamb's Master's drop. Used it on and off for a year and is still in great shape.
  3. Hi guys! I bought this sweet FlightScope Mevo+ recently, used it several times of times, then had some dramatic life changes... long story short, I won’t be needing this any more and think one of you fine gents will enjoy it more! This retails for $1,999, but I’m feeling generous and will let it go for $1,600 (shipping included). The unit is essentially brand new. I used it maybe 5-6 times on the range for 30-45 minutes each time. It comes with the charging cable, stickers for hitting balls inside (if you have a set up like that), the guides to help orient the unit to the proper set up, and a clip for the carrying case. This unit works with the FS Golf app. There’s plenty of really awesome functionality in the app to play games on the range, track your stats, and start to dial in your yardages. Overall, this is an incredible unit for the price, it’s just that I won’t have the time any more to use it.
  4. Hi there! Back with some good stuff for you guys... All prices are *pretty* firm so any crazy, lowball offers won't even receive a response Also, for any item purchased I'll ship by the following business day if payment is received by 9p EST. Ping G410 LST 9* w/ Tour 65X (SOLD) I was once quote by a local, fake newspaper with having said the G410 was the be-all, end-all driver... NO QUESTIONS ASKED... Fast forward to a G425 fitting a few weeks back and several hundred bucks later I go, "G410 who? Oh yeah... THATS OLD NEWS PEOPLE!". This head is 2-3 months old as it was a replacement for the last one that cracked. I swapped the Tour 65X from the G425 LST into this - it still has the stock Arccos grip on it too. I have to stick with my Kurkoge XD 70TX. As I hope you can see from the pics, the crown and face is in immaculate shape - some might even say "new-ish!". Also, in an attempt to be "cool" I changed the red G410 paint to a matte black (I absolutely hate red). Lastly, I don't have the G410 headcover anymore so you'll be getting a swanky new G425 one. I'm willing to part with the the 2nd best driver of all time for $325 shipped $275 shipped. And before you ask... I'm selling this as a head/shaft combo. Srixon ZU85 18* w/ PX 6.5 (2* upright / +1/2") Similar to the driver, Srixon just dropped a new driving iron. Long story short... Its great and I don't have use for this one anymore! The head is in great shape and has plenty of life left. I put a BB&F Co. ferrule on it some time back so you'll likely turn some heads on the tee (if that's what you're about... ha). I still have the stock headcover so that'll be included too. Lastly, I can throw a new grip on it for free if you'd like (all Midsized options: New Decade Black, ZCord, or Tour Velvet). I'll let this bomber go for $140 shipped $125 shipped $115 shipped (FINAL PRICE DROP) 2011 Taylormade Rescue w/ Aldila RIP 85X This ODB has legit been chillin' in my garage for several years now... As each year passed, ol' TM watched as driving iron after driving iron came and went. He still dreams of high, soft shots, piercing bullets into the winds, and overall just being a total awesome. The crown is pretty clean but the headcover has seen better days. The shaft is a stout Aldila RIP 85X and has a Golf Pride New Decade Midsize that's a little slick - I have other grips laying around and can regrip for you for free [all Midsized options: New Decade Black, ZCord, and Tour Velvet]). Considering the the age and condition of this, $60 shipped $50 shipped is a reasonable price here. 2019 Bettinardi Queen B 6 (35" length / 72* lie / 1.5* loft) (SOLD) You're probably seeing a heaux-ish pattern emerging with me... This putter did me so good this past year... I love her... She's my everything... BUT I was just introduced to her pretty sister and I'm crushin' on her hard right now! (see 2021 Queen B 6 in Rose Gold, m'dudes...). The putter includes a Superstroke Traxion Pistol 1.0GT and since I don't have the 2019 headcover, you'll be getting the new 2021 version. I removed the paintfill some time ago too... The sole has the typical little scratches from play, but the top line and face as free from any dings. Gents... she still reeeAAAaaallll purdy! I'm willing to let you begin dating my old girlfriend for $250 shipped $225 shipped $200 shipped (FINAL PRICE DROP)
  5. Hi there - A bunch of new goodies up for grabs... As always, I'm not trying to let this stuff sit in my garage, collect dust, and miss out on opportunities to brighten someone else's day. I always price this stuff to sell, so please no low-ball offers. Take a look around! Cobra F8+ 9* w/ Aldila Rogue 60x I got this mid-year in 2019 as a replacement for cracking the face of a second LTD Black head... It was a sad day, my friends. This driver saw little to no action as my 410LST is doin' its thang. It's in virtual brand new condition but doesn't have it's original headcover so if you're the lucky new owner of this, then I'll throw some protection on it during transit. I'm willing to let this go for $180 shipped. Headcovers (SWAG/Lamb/Golden Soul) Next up are three headcovers - all in like new condition, barely used. Here goes: SWAG Donut: $100 shipped SOLD Lamb Crafted Milled: $50 shipped Golden Soul "Stampede of Acceptance" driver: $45 shipped Jones Sports Utility Trouper - Greyson Special Edition This bag is LEGIT... Really. I have a few bags in my garage and ultimately went back to my trusty Hoofer. This bag is in like-new condition - still has plenty of life - and would make a great new gamer for one of you lucky peeps. When released this bag sold for $280 and I'm looking to part with it for $160 shipped. SOLD P.S. - I don't know why the pictures turned out the way they did... The material is not corduroy Here's a closer look at it if needed: Greyson X Jones Trouper Stand Bag Srixon ZU45 18* w/ Project X 6.5 I gamed this forever and have the ZU65 now that's working wonders. Specs are +2* upright, +1/2 length, and 18* loft. I'm looking for $60 shipped for this bad boy. SOLD Kurokage 60x shaft pull This shaft was a first time pull from a Ping adapter (out of a G410) and is just chillin' in my garage. I'll let this go for $50 shipped.
  6. Taylormade Spider X Chalk w/ Black SS Pistol GTR 1.0 Specs: 35.5" length, 72* lie, 2* loft Bought this under the belief it would CHANGE MY PUTTING FOREVER ? I need 10-15* toe hang but thought a face balanced putter would do me some favors But to no avail... It's spankin' new, hit maybe 50 putts outside on a crunchy, baked out practice green with it I would've returned this BUT since I had the loft and lie adjusted it's considered a custom putter, therefore not returnable (sigh...) Looking to sell this beaut for $285 (shipping included) - $60 below retail for the same quality Lastly, since I'm a nice guy (asking around, you'll here much of the same), I'm throwing in a bag of The Buck Club "Slow Play" tees ($30 value) as a token of appreciation for giving this putter a new home I expect prompt payment via PayPal once you give me the thumbs up and I'll ship out the following business day... Thanks, gents!
  7. Seamus headcover, SSC Alignment cover, and NLU tees are sold!
  8. Hi again - Got some stuff laying around that deserves a good home. As always, I feel these prices are incredibly reasonable and include shipping, so no low ball offers please. Lastly, I do ask that if you want an item to please send payment ASAP - I will ship the following business day. Jones Sports Utility Rover (Black/Grey) $140 I've had this bag for a few months and literally took it on the course one time. The remaining time it's stood upright in my garage just holding clubs Various Fancy Tees More stuff just chillin' in the ol garage... Looking for a new family. I'd like to sell these as the packaged deal, as breaking them up is going to kill me in shipping costs. You understand, I know you do! The Buck Club (3 bags, $75)Lamb Crafted (2 bags, $50)No Laying Up ($20) SOLD
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