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  1. As a Bridgestone iron loyalist, I must admit I enjoy how they are relatively off the radar in most circles. The J40 CBs are still the best looking cavity of all time. The J15CB is right up there. Their wedges perform. I'm currently playing the J15DF, which was a retail flop. They went under the radar because they were no more forgiving than the CBs, yet they had the two piece forged design/hot face. It's an odd space in the market for an iron with players profile that includes distance adding tech. I think they are outstanding clubs.
  2. The J40 DPC was long heel to toe but that's not the case with most. The J40 CBs were perfect.
  3. 35 inch, standard lie/loft. Only used for a few practice puts, like new with headcover. $350 shipped sold
  4. I assumed you can change the weights by looking at the sole. Are they weights on this model just for show?
  5. It's wise to always keep a driver combo that you've had success wirh. The money from trading in an old driver is not worth the regret of wanting to go back to it and it's not there. It's even worth having the club around even to go back and and confirm its not as great as you remember. Better than thinking of the driver you lost only to rebuy and learn this. For me that club is my GBB 2015/16 with a Diamana Ahina 60X. Ive tried to replace it the last two summers and its ended up back in bag both times.
  6. Still playing my 15 GBB paired with an ahina 60x. Best combo (for me) that I've ever tried. I have it set with a heavier weight (up front) and the slider just to the toe side of the sweet spot. It spins plenty but if your having trouble launching still with the cog to add loft, then you may want to try a head with more loft.
  7. I've never seen a fake exotics club.
  8. Can someone please share a code with me? Due to WRX level swing speed my friend cracked his 3 wood and found one on CPO. Thanks.
  9. Two new pairs of Allen Edmonds to go with the walnut saddles from last year. They'll last my lifetime with proper care... Especially considering I don't play often in long pants and that's all these will be used for.
  10. Are there any accesible shoemakers that make high quality leather good year welted golf shoes? Allen Edmonds did this for a bit with their honors collection but they have gone away from this.
  11. > @M44km44k said: > I hit up a few friends with Costco membership as I let my membership expire. Of course they all ended up buying them the same day and I now have 20!! > I just tried them all on after reading this. I also must have gotten lucky. They all fit exactly the same and true for a med/lrg. Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to use them all in this lifetime! 6 rounds in on first glove and no wear whatsoever. I would highly recommend. Well you're off to a good start with 6 rounds! I've played two since making my initial order on the day they were released. Can
  12. > @DavePelz4 said > Gotta ask..how long will those last you? Probably could last 4 years but I plan to pull a fresh glove more often. Feels great to pull a new glove out of the bag.
  13. I really enjoy my Allen Edmonds golf shoes. I have some casual styles but much prefer the old classic good year welted footwear.
  14. For the tube I repurpose the plastic sleeves that superstroke putter grips come in. Works just fine if you have one laying around.
  15. Out of all of the equipment perks that tour guys have, for some reason I've always been envious of the fact they can change gloves each 9 if they want to. Thanks ksig for making this possible for me.
  16. Running low on the Callaway cabretta model. In for 5 packs to see what's up. Thanks op.
  17. GBB paired with the Ahina, still such a fantastic club for me. In 2019, I'm so proud to say this.
  18. This law has saved me thousands over the past two months. I'll ship a few items to out of state friends, a reason to visit I guess
  19. Toilet boil cleaner - 2 minutes. Don't soak the hosel.
  20. 2015.5 great big Bertha. Tried other clubs but keep on going back.
  21. What shafts did you guys buy?
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