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  1. If only these were stiff shafts...Been looking for this set...
  2. Looking for Cobra King Forged TEC one length irons. Stiff shafts. thanks for your help.
  3. I am looking for a center shafted putter. I am interested in many different brands
  4. I went to a clinic with monte, and as he is saying, it's a symptom from something earlier in your swing. I had to change my grip, set up, and understanding of what the wrists actually do in the DS. We got to put on sensors and feel correct wrist movement. It was eye opening. The flip is a cause.
  5. I had Rogue Subzero, and tried the mavrik. Amazing difference! best woods I have ever hit. I ended up buying a 3W, but am saving up for 5W. I cannot say enough good things about the Mavrik line. I was impressed.
  6. I joined the AMG+ website. I have improved more in 4 weeks then I ever have with lessons. I have learned so much about the way the golf swing actually works. The program is amazing, and learning about what actually happens and when, I have totally changed my swing and swing intent. I am hitting the best I ever have, and the beauty is, all the data from gears proves it correct. Everything is data driven, not just feels and thoughts. I hope one day I can go see one of them in person.
  7. I have played both. Both are great. FD is incredible and if you can stay over, play the loop as well. Arcadia has amazing views, and is great shape. I have not played Arcadia's new course yet though. Honestly, you can't go wrong with both. Arcadia is harder and the rangers put you on a time clock. If you fall behind, they will force you to skip a hole. It happened to the guys in front of us when I played there. It happens a lot from what I understand, because every day is booked out solid. They told us that they were going to make the group ahead of us skip a hole, and we would have to play
  8. Isn't there also a "throw" (Extentension/flexion) of trail hand? Or is this what is supposed to happen during the "body release"? There would be no speed without releasing the wrists and just turning the body. If I understand it correctly, this is how you stay square to the arc on the downswing. Monte showed me this at the clinic because I was rolling to wide open at the top. Maybe I am misunderstanding this terminology. All I know is Monte was fixing my backswing during the clinic to fix my downswing. I ended up having to do half shots for months just to fix major flaws in my top position. S
  9. I did the clinic, and learned a lot about golf and how to play, and general swing philosophy. You will not be disappointed by the clinic. If I could choose, I would do the lesson. I watched Monte give a lesson after hours at our clinic, the guy improved dramatically during that time. I will try to get a lesson when Monte comes back to our area next year.
  10. That was transition. I do think I needed to switch the band to something with less tension. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Made my own planemate today! This thing really changes my swing! I agree with what a lot of people are saying on this. I feel like the backswing is forced to be in the right position, and it feels like I am "flat" at the top, but looks ok, and the club starts to lay down as I transition down. This really makes you stay down and use the body. This is very hard for me as a life long caster. It is crazy to try to hit a club after using this, because your muscles move a certain way, and the club feels so strange. Adding pictures to see how my fake planemate looks.
  12. I just realized that my stance was closed to the target, pointing way right. Now, it feels open, but is actually square. this has fixed many issues.
  13. I have been struggling with closed stance open shoulders and found this thread. i am curious if anyone could say where their shoulders are pointed when in address, and you look down the line. I feel like my best hits are if I look down my left shoulder it is just left of target. this gets my trail arm to sit lower than my lead arm, and no wipes. I hit nice small fades instead of book draws. I am so confused
  14. you might want to sell that whit hot to Steve Stricker for a back up
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