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  1. Wintersell off time. This post got buried becauseWRX removed it for a few days after I accidentally double posted. Re-posting with a few price drops to get things moving. No trade interests at this time. Reasonable offers will be considered! $330 Piretti Savona 2 Elite - This thing is some kind of sexy. Think a Scotty X5 but a little smaller. Loved it, but just not for me, but that's because I can't make putts with anything. 33.75 inches. 375 gram headweight. Was built custom by another WRXer, and I bought from them. Face is mint, but there's some paint chipping from the bottom, wh
  2. FINAL PRICE DROPS. A few saucey items up for sale. if you want the rogue head and one of these shafts I'll knock $30 off the total. Shafts: 1. Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Orange V3, 70TX, Callaway Tip. 43.5 Inches, played 45 in Callaway Driver. Midsize Golf Pride Grip in good condition. A few blemishes to the orange band, but nothing I've noticed until putting it up for sale Tipped .5 inches. Note: It says Mitsubishi Rayon, not Chemical. This was one of the early runs on the Orange V3 $OLD 2. Mitsubishi Tensei Pro White, 60TX. Callaway Tip. 44.5 Inches. Has Proto etched into i
  3. Looking for some advice on best approach for what to do with my Pro Orange V3 which is a 70g TX. Due to a break at the tip, I had to take around a half inch off the tip. I believe the shaft played standard specs before that. I know this shaft is unique due to being counterbalanced. So, for the folks familiar, what are my options and what do you recommend? - Leave the current length and add weight to the head? - Lengthen? I'm not sure how this impacts the counterbalanced aspect of the shaft. - Cut down further and use for a 3 wood? Appreciate the advice.
  4. My wife has informed me that if I ever want to celebrate fathers day myself, I better unload some of the extra clubs lying around. So, here it is. All offers are OBO, although low balls will be ignored. Trade interests are pretty specific. Tensei White 70TX or 80TX fairway wood shafts. Mizuno MP-18 SC or MB with Project X 6.0. 1. New, wrapped Rogue Sub Zero at 9 degrees. Even Flow Stock Shaft 6.5X 65G. With headcover and wrench. $425 now $410 now $395 Shafts 2. Adila Black Mamba Xtorsion. 60TX. Plays 44.5 Inches. $OLD. Callaway Tipped. Excellent Shape. Gamed this f
  5. And this is why golf is awesome. Nearing 65 and still bribing enough juice to hit it by plenty of 25 year olds!
  6. you are pulling nice stat. 1.5 smash factor, low spin rate. you must be hitting balls at the right spot on club face. WELL DONE. Imagine you pull up your average SS to 115ish? Thank you! Was pretty happy with how great my numbers were coming out of winter. 115 would be the dream!
  7. Couple of interesting updates. I haven’t been able to do the training much lately, but since I’ve been doing this for about a year, i figure I’m in maintainable mode. I was pleasantly surprised this weekend that in doing the training i set new highs by a few MPH on all colors. I attribute that to a few things. First and most obviously I’ve been working out more than I have in a long time the 3-4 months. Mostly Barry’s boot camp type stuff, but I’ve also sprinkled in some Pilates. The combo of legs and abs on that, as un masculine as i feel in those classes, i swear the benefits are h
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