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  1. briansII

    TMB vs T200

    You can if you have a course close by that has a Titleist “trial set partner”. https://www.titleist.com/fitting/golf-club-fitting/golf-club-trial
  2. > @BMC said: > I haven't read all pages in the thread, so someone may have made this point. I met with a Titleist rep this week at the club I work at. > > The EXP ball was made, as a test, to compete with the cheaper urethane balls on the market. This cheaper urethane is used by **all** other manufacturers, Bridgestone, TM, Srixon, etc. > > Titleist Prov 1, Prov 1x, and AVX are made with a more expensive urethane formula, that's why they cost more, and supposedly perform better. > > The EXP-1 is a market test to see if the cheaper process ball is viable
  3. > @jjfcpa said: > I think Callaway's reputation has been damaged based on the performance of their ball. I used to play it, but just for a short time; however, I have a few dozen balls in my inventory that I won't touch. The big question is, what the heck do I do with them. Giving them to someone is like say "good luck playing this ball". Not a nice thing to do. If you’re up front about the recent findings of Chrome Soft balls(if that’s what you have), I’m sure there will be plenty of people happy to take them off your hands. Like one of the above posters, First Tee would be a go
  4. If anyone’s interested, TXG reviewed the ball. My brief experience with it is similar to what they found. Good ball speed, and slightly less iron spin than a ProV1. The biggest difference was green side spin. BTW, I played another round with it, and scuffed(full wedge shot)the cover bad enough that I took it out of play.
  5. I'm retired. I play between 3 to 7 times a week. Golf is my physical therapy. I have spinal issues, and being out on the course keeps me relatively loose. If I'm too sedentary, I'm visiting the chiropractor multiple times a week. If I golf 5-6 times a week, I may not see the doc for a couple weeks.
  6. You're old! ;-) Just yesterday I was thinking about usenet. I use to post to a couple alt.rec groups, but not golf.
  7. > @jjfcpa said: > > @"j.a." said: > > Recently I’ve been using the Titleist Tour soft, it feels pretty good, goes long and works well around the greens > > Not sure if they are still selling these - I think they've been replaced by the TruFeel. > > TruFeel replaced DT Trusoft. I think Tour Soft is still part of the current lineup.
  8. Today was the first time I played the EXP. When I had time, I played it alongside a TP5x. “Feel” was soft, and comparable to an AVX. I could never get away from a dead feeling, with very little feedback to how well....or poorly, I hit the shot. I also noted a muted sound, which might have added to the “dead” feel l was getting. For reference I’ve recently gamed AVX, ProV1, and TP5x. None of these(and others)give me this same feel/feedback. While I’m on the negatives, IMHO, the ball looks cheap. It looks like Titleist put on too much paint, and or, clear. The finish is glossy, with a less defin
  9. Picked my set up today. I ordered KBS Tour shafts, and MMC grips. Each club has a serial number. The number looks to be laser etched, dark/gunmetal grey color.
  10. > @jjfcpa said: > What would you do if you were me? I would gather up my inventory of RX balls and give them to a golf buddy. And that’s exactly what I did about a year ago. I found balls that performed better for me, and I never looked back.
  11. I still need to try the 19' TP5, but I'm most likely going to game the 19' V1. I also have a good amount of AVXs I'll continue to play. Weekend rounds at my home course, I get a free sleeve(or two)of either ball, so it really makes sense to play them. Both work well for me, and haven't tried anything that I would say is definitively better. I do like the prior gen TP5, but not enough to buy/play them over what I can get for free. Like others, I have a large supply of other balls. I'll gradually put them into rotation to whittle down inventory.
  12. After reading about a Hot Metal "Pro", I tried to find some info. I didn't find much, except for Japan only release of the Pro 719 line. Some of the irons look like the JPX 919. https://www.mizuno.jp/golf/mizunopro/
  13. Yes...as the originator of this thread, please just ball reviews...no other commentary... It's called "herding cats". Good luck with that. I prefer the original Ksig, but I only have a couple rounds with the k3. The k3 feels softer, and I typically prefer that, but by no means does the original feel hard to me. Based on the overall performance of the original, I don't see myself changing to the new ball anytime soon. I just hope the original Ksig will be available in the future.
  14. I noted the K3 is brighter white, and glossy compared to the original K4. For my aging eyesight, I appreciate the brighter ball. Also like the thicker alignment aid on the K3. Having said that, I still prefer how the original ball plays.
  15. I played a round with the 3 pc ball this am. I'm not a high spin player, and I don't back balls up much. With a new SM7 60*, short pitches hopped once or twice and stopped. I opened the club up on a 30 yd chip, landed on a slight down slope, hopped once, and stop way short of where I expected it to. BTW, home course greens have firmed up quite a bit the last 2 weeks. Two 60* bunker shots landed just short of the green(where I intended them too for once), and didn't release down the slope. Again, I was left with a longer putt that I hoped for. The 3 pc feels softer than the 4 pc, but I don't fi
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