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  1. Awesome. Mine is 25” to box also. Thanks!
  2. Can I get a measurement for a pro95 to see if mine is tipped? Thanks, Josh
  3. 1. Nike VR pro combo. 6-pw split cavities and 4&5 are pocket cavities. They are cosmetically in not good shape but they play incredibly. Look at the pics. S300 AMT soft stepped of 38.25 5 iron with Iomic grips. Below are the lofts and lies from over a year ago and haven't checked them recently. Was told these were tour issue but don't really know how to identify. Also I removed most of the paint fill. $165 4-23 61 5-26 61.5 6-29 62 7-33 62.5 8-37 63 9-41 63.5 PW-45 64 2. Tour issue Nike Covert VRS driver head. This one belonged to Carl Peterson. It has a few dings in the pain
  4. I bought this new and hit 5 shots and realized it's not going to replace my gamer. Stock shaft, grip and standard L,L,L $old Always listen to trades Specifically looking for: New PING glide stealth 60 ES, Vokey SM7 60 L grind, Mizuno T20 60 May listen for other new, mint 60* wedges or tour issue 3 woods
  5. 1. Artisan 62* wedge head(I still need to have the shaft pulled) Grooves are still good, grind is perfect. Keeping for now 2. Taylormade tour issue heads. All have xxxxxT serials. 3&4 are tour preferred CB 5-pw are RSI TP. Comparison pics with retail wedge and 7 iron(tour is on the left) $375 now $325 Always listen to trades.
  6. 1. And 2. Taylormade milled grind black 56 and 60. The have "Tiger stepped" kbs x flex black nickel shaft +.5" with midsize Lamkin grips. They look more worn I'm the pics than they are. The grooves are still great and these spin like crazy! $60 each or $100 together Please add $10 for fast USPS priority shipping Always listen to trades. Currently looking for a set of irons with kbs tour that play if 38.25 or 38.50 5 iron. If they are the black nickel version with iomic 2.3 even better.
  7. Had a purchase but buyer changed his mind. I issued a refund. Can I now relist or do I have to wait? Thanks, Josh
  8. 1. Aerotech Steelfiber 110 S flex shafts pulled from tour issue Taylormade irons. They were 3-pw and about 1" overlength. They could be hard stepped easily. They have like new Golf Pride tour velvets with a couple extra wraps. Approximate lengths: 3-37.75" 4-37.25" 5-36.75" 6-36.5" 7-36.25" 8-35.75" 9-34.75" PW-34.75" $old 2. and 3. I also have the tour issue 3 and 4 iron from the combo set the shafts were pulled from. Both serials end with xxxxxT. Taylormade tour preferred CB. Both are used very little. $50 for both or $30 each. Always listen to trade offers!
  9. 1. Callaway Apex 20* hybrid with Speeder 865 x flex. Very little wear, 40"-$85 $65 2. Titleist 913h 21* 70 gram diamama blue stiff. The face is very worn, sole-slightly less. The top has superficial marks but they are not deep. They are very difficult to see from address, 40"--$70 $50 3. G400 tips x3-Sold Always listen to trades but not really looking for anything specific.
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