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  1. I am righty. I was wondering about the compensation too
  2. When I set my adapter at lower the ball starts left. It doesn’t seem to impact the curve as much. Definitely starts lower so it’s impacting loft but my start line moves left with lower and right with higher. Why does this happen?
  3. Dots around the mb I believe are the Langer heads. In a perfect world they would have “c” stamps.
  4. 5 plugs. It’s my understanding that the PVD finish and 5 plugs were never released retail. Thanks
  5. Adams tour issue 3-pw black heads. .355 taper tips Used very little Hard to find in this condition $430 shipped
  6. I’ve seen questions about what wedges were similar but haven’t seen anything about iron soles. What modern iron would have similar soles to a DS grind? Thanks, Josh
  7. Awesome. Mine is 25” to box also. Thanks!
  8. Can I get a measurement for a pro95 to see if mine is tipped? Thanks, Josh
  9. 1. Nike VR pro combo. 6-pw split cavities and 4&5 are pocket cavities. They are cosmetically in not good shape but they play incredibly. Look at the pics. S300 AMT soft stepped of 38.25 5 iron with Iomic grips. Below are the lofts and lies from over a year ago and haven't checked them recently. Was told these were tour issue but don't really know how to identify. Also I removed most of the paint fill. $165 4-23 61 5-26 61.5 6-29 62 7-33 62.5 8-37 63 9-41 63.5 PW-45 64 2. Tour issue Nike Covert VRS driver head. This one belonged to Carl Peterson. It has a few dings in the pain
  10. I bought this new and hit 5 shots and realized it's not going to replace my gamer. Stock shaft, grip and standard L,L,L $old Always listen to trades Specifically looking for: New PING glide stealth 60 ES, Vokey SM7 60 L grind, Mizuno T20 60 May listen for other new, mint 60* wedges or tour issue 3 woods
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