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  1. I am very comfortable with the ES, just wanting to make sure I wasn't missing any big upgrade in spin.
  2. I am a Ping Glide ES fan. Have played the OG since it came out. The grooves are gone and I need a new 60. Simple question. Which would spin more, the Taylormade Hi Toe or Stealth Glide ES?
  3. 1. Yes, Celebration, FL--PING 2. Charlotte, NC 3. Driver 4. H*ll Yeah!!
  4. 1. Taylormade TP Mullen Putter 34.25" with upgraded 10 gram weights. Has an Iomic midsize grip that needs replacing because it is loose at the top. I don't want to put anymore money in it, so trade or sell it is. I thought this was the one, slant neck, small mallet that feels great. Just don't make putts with it. $TRADED Black stuff on head is from the headcover. Stock headcover included and is new. Looking for small mallets, long neck face balanced blades or armlock: Cameron Red X or Fastback, Rife Mr Beasley or Switchback etc. Bring all trade offers!! TRADED
  5. That's a good one. Haven't thought about Piretti
  6. I am looking for a wide blade/square putter. I want face balanced or very slight for hang. The Huntington Beach 6, Ping Sigma G, and Odyssey 1w are nice but a bit too soft. I am thinking Rife Squareback, Yes Donna, Cameron Studio Select squareback. Any other recommendations or thoughts on these?? Thanks
  7. 1. Tour Issue Taylormade Jetspeed 3 wood 15* Head Only. I had 2 and went with the other. $OLD 2. Callaway MD3 s grind 54* head. Has RR intials. I bought it for the shaft and never used the head. $40$35 3. Nike Engage dual sole 60* Head Only. Again bought for the shaft and never used it. Tiny nick on leading edge on toe. $OLD 4. Tour Issue Matrix VLCT ST 70 X shaft. Not for resale marked on shaft Really stable, low launch shaft pulled from a tour issue Jetspeed 42.25†$Keeping 5. 1 split dozen balls Titleist Pro v1x 2 sleeves and Snell MTB red, yellow 2 sleeves. I chipped 1 ball from each set in the house but am going with MTB black this season. $OLD Always listen to trades. Interest: Putters, Bushnell V3, Snell MTB black, X flex 60-70 gram shafts that play at least 45"
  8. 1. Callaway 64 PM grind used for about 10 shots. Bought new and just didn't work. It has Liberty etched in the shaft. These are getting hard to find in good condition SOLD 2. Speeder 757 stiff pulled from tour issue Jetspeed 42.25" with midsized Tour Velvet. $50 3. Adams XTD 9* driver with stock 6Q3 x shaft 45" Absolute rocket just need new clubs more than a backup $old 4. YES! Milly II 34.5" with superstroke midslim 2.0, I think this was tour only as they never released this slant neck to retail. It also came from Niblick on Ebay which carries tour issue TM, ADAMS, And YES clubs. Used a few rounds. $50 Always open to trades. Will list the Tour Issue Jetspeed tomorrow when I get my hands on it. Specific trades would be mint Glide ES 56*, Bushnell V3, Small mallets with slight toe hang
  9. 1. Ping Anser 1966 TR with starshot finish and sight line. I added a little lead tape. 34.25" with Golf Pride SNSR 104 red grip SOLD 2. YES Milly 2 slant neck putter 34.5" with Superstroke mid slim 2.0. I was going to have this one refinished and wanted to try the slant neck mallet thing but sticking with my other putter. This putter is very easy to line up but the feel is just too soft for me. $60 3. 2 Ping G25 driver tips. I can't remember how I got these but don't need them. $25 Always listen to trade offers. Looking for: * PM grind or High Toe 64 * Ping glide 2.0 ES 58 * Ping G driver or 3 wood with X shaft * TM tips or driver x flex shafts * Bushnell v3 jolt
  10. Look what I found at the local shop. Starshot Anser 1966 with sightline!!
  11. 1. Adams a12 pro 4-pw with z-z65 shafts soft stepped 1x. They play off a 38.25" 5 iron and D4. The 7 iron had a rock ding but has been smoothed out very well. I will include the extra PW shaft in case you want a GW shaft. Lofts and lies: 4-23 61 5-26 61.5 6-29 62 7-33 62.5 8-37 63 9-41 63.5 PW-45 64 $150$125 2. PING tomcat S TR putter 34.75" I removed most of the paint fill including the face. Pure midsize grip. 1 small ding on face. $45 I always listen to trades. Currently looking for putters. Would like a small mallet with toe hang. Cameron Red X, Fastback etc.
  12. Just 1. Callaway PM grind 60* bought from CPO. I had to try but I like my Glide ES better. It was in the plastic and I hit 10 shots. Standard KBS shaft and NDMC grip. $SOLD Always listen to trades. Interest would be MINT or NEW Ping glide 2.0 ES 60
  13. DJ's shaft is painted like a 661 but is specifically made for him. I think it's an old Rombax actually. This is the same shaft with different graphics. Verified by Will Peoples.
  14. Always listen to trades. Interests would be mint glide ES 56 or 60, Attas T2 6x, Modus 120x shafts 1. 3-PW Adams Idea Pro Gold irons. KBS tour x flex off a 38.5" 5 iron. They look to be a little upright also. The 4 iron is head only as I tried the KBS in a 21* FLI-HI that is included. 3 iron doesn't have a grip. The 4 and 5 have Lamkin grips and the 6-PW have NDMC. $140 2. This is the same shaft Dustin Johnson uses! Very rare Fujikura Fuel 2.0 with R1 graphics. TM tip and played 45.5" in a SLDR $OLD 3. Vega VW-02 Raw 60* hit maybe 30-40 times max. Shimada shaft and iguana grip.$50 4. Shaft Bundle as I only have 1 more box. UST VTS SPX sliver 6x 43.5" and Aldila Phenom NL 60x 43" $70
  15. Edwin Watts ( Bluffton ) 8.3 miles 1 Buckingham Plantation Drive Bluffton SC 29910 USA Phone: (843)837-3399 X flex
  16. 1. Taylormade SLDR + sign and toe screw 10.5 SLDR emblem coming up on the corner $100 $90 $80 2. R1 graphics Fujikura Fuel 2.0 X flex Same as evolution 2.0 tour spec or Dustin Johnson's shaft. Played 45.5" with SLDR tip $200 $175 $150 3. Vega vw-10 60 Got 2 different grinds and picked the other. Only hit 10 shots $50 Always consider trades. Looking for Adams irons CMB, XTD forged or limited. Can't do C-tapers. Preferably off 38.25-38.5" 5 iron
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