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  1. Count me in! 1. La Crosse, WI 2. 11.1 3. Apex 21 3H/Mavrik Max 5w 4. I love hitting hybrid off the tee when needing to find a fairway, and the Epic Super sounds like a ball-speed monster. I am also hoping it will launch higher off the deck than my current hybrid. 5. Absolutely!!
  2. This is a great question, OP. I absolutely love my Mav Max 5w. So easy to hit high bombs, but I definitely don’t need any help going left either. As the poster above me mentioned, the STZ may be the ticket. I have the STZ as a 3w and it’s surprisingly easy to hit off the deck. I may consider a 5w too. It’s got a deep face and not quite the same launch-aiding leading edge, but it sits very neutral to my eye.
  3. Ha, that was basically me too but with the TT Two-Ball Ten. The ER2b really suited my eye. I loved the look and performance. But I did not love the feel, so it spent a lot of time on the bench too. Great putter though.
  4. I don't think it is "all of a sudden people care," as much as it is "all of a sudden people know." Scotty and Titleist tweet--to their combined 500,000+ followers--arguably the sexiest mallet they have released, tell everyone its available in two weeks, but in reality its already sold-out worldwide, probably even before they pushed "Tweet." I mean, at least give people a chance against some bots, haha. I do think this putter rules, and I hope all 4,000 are eventually gamed at some point.
  5. I have in the past and liked it a lot. I tend to prefer 6* gaps because they generally provide a 15 yard gap for me, and I can manipulate ball position or backswing to hit the in between numbers.
  6. Custom black paint-fill, which was inspired by the clean look of the new Full Toes. Comes with the stock FT shaft too—DG Spinner with black label. $140 shipped CONUS obro.
  7. Haven't received my 54 yet, but took my 60 out on Saturday, and I hit two of my best bunker shots of the year. Happy thus far.
  8. Swag 1/4, Stitch Polo, and Purple TM polo are gone. Added a second pair of TM shorts that I completely forgot I had. Year old, never worn--too small.
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