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  1. 19 minutes ago, lekimann said:

    i cancelled my preorder for the stealth plus and will just wait and try out all the drivers now. I think I am leaning towards the cobra now. seems to perform just as well and is cheaper. 


    No shame in testing!  I preordered a Stealth but after hitting the Plus yesterday, I kinda want that one… decisions, decisions 

  2. 10 minutes ago, SMUGamer said:

    Dude, you really don't read or comprehend well, do ya? I said the "majority" every single time NOT everyone of them. Its in my prior post multiple times so its not up to your faulty interpretation. At least if you were a TM Fan Boy, we could admire your loyalty to some extent. Now, you admit you've NEVER played Taylormade which means you've completely fallen for the sales hype, without questioning anything, AND the pretty red colors! 🤩

    Good luck with that.......👍


    “Majority” is false too, pal.  

  3. 36 minutes ago, SMUGamer said:

    Bingo! Finally, a man that can comprehend ones complaints stated in plain English. Yes, I think the Stealth is one of, if not the, best looking on the market. I also believe it will hold its own against everything out BUT, that is NOT consistent with the marketing hype/claims, which IS at the heart of my complaint. False Claims and misrepresentations by TM about the "new" recycled carbon face technology v. titanium face technology. That is it in a nutshell. 


    As far as Im concerned, the cat is out of the bag as far as the performance benefits of carbon face over Titanium (its a big miss/dud), thus far, at least. We can see that by the data thus far. As a result, even desperate TM Fan Boys are now posting reviews whereby the Stealth only produced one more yard in carry distance over the Ping G425 which is using face technology that is way older than my son. Wow, "real game changer....."

    I wouldn't have posted anything had TM said, "Come by our new Stealth Driver which looks better than anything on the market and will hold its own against anything on the market (performance wise). But, dont expect anything game changing, other than some really cool colorful face options."


    The truth matters...............

     I can honestly say I’ve never been called a “TM Fan Boy” before.  I’ve played nothing but Callaway and Ping drivers.  The Stealth will be my first TaylorMade.  

    You say “the truth matters” and yet you’ve stated over and over again that the YouTube reviews are all negative.  That’s simply false, and all that I have addressed.





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  4. 2 minutes ago, DeCuchi said:

    I’d love to see more reviewers diving into dispersion numbers. Instead of focusing mainly on distance. Hit enough shots to select and compare toe shots, heel shots etc. summarize it in the review.  “x” driver works really well on toe strikes or whatever.  

    I watched Shiels’ review of the Cobra then the Stealth. The tone was completely different though both seemed to be about 4 yards longer than last years in total distance. I believe the carry numbers very close as well.  He seemed very excited by Cobra, but not so much about stealth.

    I agree.  It felt like he did a deeper dive, at least on camera, with the Cobra.

  5. Just now, Red4282 said:

    I dont think he is hater. I think he is just has a predetermined outcome with all his testing. Everything is the same to him, just comes down to looks and sound. He isnt TRULY trying to find gains or differences.

    Yeah, you pretty much know the conclusion before watching the review.  Listening to his response to [that other site], he almost sounded jaded—like it’s hard for him to get excited about new products.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, SMUGamer said:

    If memory serves, Finch got better performance based on the averages with the new Rogue over the Stealth. 

    He did say Rogue had better ball speed retention on mishits, but he got higher ball speeds/carry/total from Stealth.  His initial review showed improvement over the SIM lines, especially on toe strikes.

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  7. 1 minute ago, SMUGamer said:

    Well guys, are Rick Shiels and Peter Finch nothing more than TM haters as well? Because they concluded same or worse for The Stealth. Look, I wanted it all to be true too, but I'm just gonna sit this one out and watch what happens regarding performance AND durability of the Stealth face. Maybe next gen will really be worth the change, with whats learned from this one. 

    We must have watched different Peter Finch reviews.

  8. 13 minutes ago, Red4282 said:

    So i watched unfortunately…. And if the first 30 seconds doesnt tell you everything… he is ruining any credibility with me. You cant be “unbiased” but have an ax to grind. Then to the test. He is launching the stealth at 15 degrees and spinning at 2700. Obvious he should loft it down. That would increase bs. Then he begins spraying his gamer all over the place, duck hooking it and going ohhh look at that ball speed!! 🙄 



    I don’t mind Mark, but he’s certainly biased when it comes to TM—even the intro is mocking the work put into the Stealth.  As soon as I saw the C4 Tweet, I just laughed.  Yeah, hand the C4 and Stealth to two average golfers and see the results…. Not even same stratosphere.

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