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  1. All prices shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! 1. Apex 4 Hybrid: Like new--used for a couple range sessions on an indoor simulator. Fuji Ventus Blue HB (VeloCore) 7s Shaft. Stock 4H length. Midsize Lamkin Crossline grip. Comes with stock head cover. I will split if I can find a buyer interested in head too. HEAD SOLD! $105 for Shaft - SOLD! 2. Dormie Black "Bombs Away" Fairway Cover: Used for a season. $75 SOLD! 3. Robert Mark Golf "Angry Bomber" Fairway Cover: Used for a season. A little loose stitching, which is shown in the photographs below. $55 SOLD! 4. Clover Covers: Rose & Fire driver. Used for a season. Comes with free alignment stick cover and Ogio mallet cover (see photos below). $40 Offers welcome too.
  2. I’m definitely a bit of a Callaway homer, but I’m open to all OEMs. Whatever looks, feels, and performs great. That said, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a Cobra club. No reason why, just haven’t.
  3. JMB3

    Callaway UW

    Thanks! That’s what I plan to try. Have the Red 7s in my 5w now.
  4. JMB3

    Callaway UW

    Anyone have a UW with Ventus shaft built buy Callaway? Are they tipping them at all (without specific request)? I may swap a Ventus 7s, and I was just curious how they are building them.
  5. JMB3

    Callaway UW

    Hmmm, I tend to share that problem. I’m looking to replace the 5w with a 19* UW. I may just to Ventus Blue, which I get along with well, but that would be a pricey experiment haha.
  6. JMB3

    Callaway UW

    Anyone try the UW with a DI or other Tour AD shaft?
  7. Minty! Just a couple rounds on it. Standard length. Comes with stock headcover. $415 shipped CONUS obo
  8. I really like the fairways and hybrids from the G425 line but not the drivers as much. The former look so good without the turbulators and sound nice too. For drivers, I had trouble launching the LST and couldn’t handle the sound of the Max.
  9. I always assumed that too, but TXG has talked about how too soft of a shaft will have the head lagging behind causing a right miss. Kinda made me rethink everything I knew… haha
  10. Color is a good point. I usually play yellow during the summer but go to white in the fall.
  11. I generally play CSX Triple Track balls, but I don’t want to lose a $4 in the leaves, so if I don’t have a stash of found balls, I’ll pick up some ERC so I still get the TT.
  12. I agree completely. Almost seems like a different animal. I struggled with too low of spin with the original Super, but the Epic Super seems to have just the right amount for me. Head feels very stable. Ball wants to go straight. And I have had no issues launching it off the deck.
  13. The UW seems to be lower spin, so I’d probably avoid that one with lower swing speed. XL Halo probably easiest. Super is higher spin, and easier to launch, than I initially expected too.
  14. I may need to do this after missing out on the UW deal. I have the Epic Super 3H with Ventus Blue HB I got from DD, and I love it. Very easy to launch, and the head feels incredibly stable for a hybrid. I’m just not sure if I’d got with a 4H or get the 5H and turn it down a degree. Decisions, decisions.
  15. JMB3

    Callaway UW

    I knew I should have jumped on this gliche haha.
  16. I love the idea of an Epic Super hybrid as a tee option. But I am also looking to replace my 4 hybrid, which is a club I want to hit into and hold greens. Anyone playing the 21*? If so, what kind of launch/height/spin are you seeing?
  17. Waiting on delivery, but I have my first Scotty on the way:
  18. More price drops! Hoping to move the remainder before moving to my new place. Offers welcome!
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