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  1. Got some irons heads, wedge head and steelfiber pulls. No trades, no low balls offers. All is in pretty good shape, pics tells story. All prices include shipping Thanks!!! Mizuno MP18 SC heads, 3-P. Played to 1 degree up. $300 shipped Mizuno s18 50 degree wedge. 1 up. $40 shippes Aerotech steelfiber 110 stiff shafts, 3-GW. Not sure how to price, let say. $old thanks!!!!
  2. Just one thing up for grabs today. Not looking for trades, but if there is a driver of extreme interest I will take a listen. Price includes shipping!!! Taylormade SIM 9 degree driver with stiff 6.0 green Hazdrous Smoke shaft that plays 45 inches. In great shape, and comes with headcover and wrench. $365 shipped priority.
  3. My MP18 SC might be getting replaced!!! Good looking iron with added benefits of what appears to be a deeper cavity. Plus Mizuno offers a great line or premium shafts at no upcharge. I’m in!!!
  4. Over the years I’ve played golf I have used more putters than I can remember. Love the 8802’s non milled, but four years ago my wife and mom gave me a gift card to go to Bettinardi’s studio and they fit me into a tour department putter and I haven’t looked back. I’ve had to set it out once and after three weeks it was back in the bag. Anser 2 style head with sight dot. Love this thing and need to get back up there and make sure the loft and lie is still good for me. They even stamped my initials and nickname on the bumpers.
  5. I have two sets of irons that are in rough shape, but would be great for a beginner or someone who wants to tinker with. No trades!! Mizuno MP52 5-PW with dynamic gold S300 shafts. These have been played a lot and have sat in the garage for a couple years. Pics show details. $old shipped Oldie but goodie Tommy Armor 845s 3-PW (missing 6 iron) plus a Tommy Armor 855s 3 irons as well. Regular flex shafts. Overall decent shape for their age. $50 shipped. Will sell both sets if Interested. Shipping is USPS
  6. Sorry for the glare on the head and shaft. Head has zero scratches or marks.
  7. I have a 9.5 degree Titleist TS4 head only. Shaft has sold. $175 OBO shipped. No trades please. Thanks!!!!
  8. Not playing enough anymore to hit blades and also considering the steelfibers in my next set as arthritis is kicking in. All prices include shipping priority mail and are somewhat negotiable, no low ball offers please. 3-PW Titleist 718 MB’s standard length, 1 up with rifle project X 6.0 shafts. Set is mint, only used for three rounds and one range sessions. Grips are the your velvet white standard and are new, and covid free. $600 OBO Titleist TMB 718 2 iron standard LLL, project X PXI 6.0 with tour velvet white grip that is new, this club has only seen about 20 balls. It’s minty. $old
  9. Looking to sell some things to help out until I get paid in a couple weeks. All prices include shipping USPS Priority. No trades except maybe the driver. See that for interest. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 9 degree loft, standard length, has the new Accra LZ5 M4 65 shaft. No headcover but I do have the wrench. Only trade interest would be a TS2 or TS4 with an upgraded stiff or extra stiff shaft in 9.5 loft. $old Callaway 54 PM 2.0 standard all with Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issue S400. $old and heading to Canada!!!! Callaway 60 PM 2.0 standard all with Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issue S400 $80 A
  10. Most major OEMs will build to specs and shafts, but there are shaft up charges typically. You can usually ask your local pro and he can refer you to someone.
  11. Back in December I went for a full bag fitting and the fitters at the store in Indianapolis are fantastic guys and know their stuff. My issues came after my clubs were sent in. I sent my driver, irons, and wedges off first and this past week had the money saved up for my three wood to be reshafted. To begin my driver and 3 wood specs are different with the overall swing weight being heavier at E-0, stiff driver shaft, x-stiff 3 wood. When my driver arrived it felt light to me, I took it to look at the swing weight at my course and it was 4 weights off from their fitting recommendation, wh
  12. Just a few items for sale today, no trades at this time. Hope all are doing well!!!! Bettinardi BB2 cooper insert honeycomb face blade. 34 inches with new golf pride pro only grip, and original snap blade headcover. These are hard to find!!!! $old set of KBS C taper tour 120 stiff shafts professionally pulled at Club Champion. New golf pride blue wrap grips, standard. $95 shipped KBS $-taper gap wedge shaft Black PVD new golf pride tour velvet cord. Standard, $old KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 125 stiff sand wedge shaft black pvd standard. $old KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 125 stiff Lob wedge shaft black pvd st
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