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  1. Guy 1 The guy that always pulls into the parking lot just when everyone in the group if suppose to tee off and expects everyone to wait on him.That guy above who is a slow player and/or wants to blast music loudly during the round.That guy above who is always in a hurry to leave after putting out on 18.Guy 2 The guy who shows up at the course during the busiest time of the weekend and expects to get paired with a group immediately.The guy above who realizes he is missing some clubs from his bag (including his driver and putter).The guy above who is in poor shape physically and is going to walk.The guy above during this Covid epidemic has the nerve to ask can I borrow your putter?
  2. I have been gaming a set for three years. Most of my buddies thought I had too much club for my skill level. However with some practice I have shot my best rounds with the Ptx. The biggest improvement I noticed was my shot dispersion really has improved with these irons.
  3. In my case it was practice, practice, practice was all that was needed to develop the right contact with a 60 degree wedge.
  4. This Is Probably the 2021 Ford Bronco SportNo swinging tailaget. Strike one Ford.
  5. It was 55F in MI today so I had a chance to try out the tour response. I couldn't really notice a difference between it and the project a. Need some warmer conditions with firmer fairways and greens to know for sure though.
  6. Ben Hogan Golf - Legendary performance at factory-direct pricing.
  7. Picked up a dozen in white today. The yellow ball is still awful in color. Still looks greenish-yellow just like the Project a
  8. I thought the Project a was made in Liberty, SC.
  9. Where are the Snell balls manufactured?
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