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  1. They own at least two channels. One has 2K subs the other has 177K.
  2. If Taco Bell bought out Chipotle, I see things getting worse at Chipotle more likely than things getting better at Taco Bell.
  3. Million dollar acquisition of a fitting company for their YT videos averaging around 50k views? This tarnishes the TXG brand for me.
  4. Rutgersgolf

    PNC 2021

    You were expecting them to carve up a guy who is lucky to be alive and his preteen son during a meaningless golf tourney a week before Christmas?
  5. Larry Cheung (instruction) Athletic Motion Golf (instruction and data)
  6. I have a set of z545 irons with F4 (stiff) recoils and iblades with DG R400 and I was curious if the new Srixons are any better than these current sets I have. But I also have 3 distinctly different putters, a center-shafted odyssey I was fit for 10 years ago, a milled 2-ball, and a Ping sigma 2 tyne. I like the Ping putter the best, but I’m curious if I perform better, number wise, with something else I have. I just didn’t want to be “that guy” bringing in a bunch of clubs to try, but it’s seems like I am.
  7. How many clubs is appropriate/unpretentious to take to TXG or a similar fitting establishment for a decent comparison of a specific club. If I’m getting a driver fitting, what would you think of taking three drivers? Or for a putter fitting, four putters? Two sets of irons? What are your thoughts?
  8. Both are T4 heading into the final round this weekend, but there will be a slight difference in payout.
  9. Rory’s 10 month old baby running around? Nice job to the Steves and the bug in their ears. One of the cringiest moments so far.
  10. Why do you think people on golf forums feel the need to give touring pros swing change advice? My thoughts are; A) They’re too stupid to know how dumb they sound B) They drastically overvalue their opinion C) Ignorance D) Other I’m interested in your thoughts as well.
  11. Thanks for the info! It’s probably going to be tough to complete the set then.
  12. Cobra speedzone driver with a whiteboard and Cobra f9 4 wood with evenflow
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