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  1. Thanks for the information everyone. Probably due to the sliding weights in clubs now, I was always under the impression that heel or toe weighting can help change the flight of the ball. Good to learn something in addition to what I was looking for.
  2. I have tried to find an answer all over the internet and have not seemed to be able to find anything, including here. I recently added a good amount of lead tape to the toe of my hybrid to help keep the face open a hair longer to help prevent the left miss. While that has seemed to work in aiding with that, it seems that the acoustics and "feel" has changed in the club. I carry the club between 215-220 on good strikes, and that has remained the same. On good strikes however, it sounds like a mishit, and the feel as a result is completely different. Has anyone had a similar experience with lead tape or am I just crazy?
  3. Do you have an image or video that I could view to get a visual? sure, here ya go, maybe you can take a few things away from what Mike is saying about it....[media=] [/media] Thanks Kenny.
  4. Do you have an image or video that I could view to get a visual?
  5. I have a question for anyone out there who may have gone through something similar. I am a 3 handicap right now and ever since February of this year I have been in a major funk with my irons. I am still putting together solid scores, mostly mid to high 70s with a few low 70s mixed in there, but some as high as low 80s as well. My home course is very short so I can score well with a lot of wedges into most greens. Back to the point, I went through hosel rockets in February and still haven't gotten it back. While I am not having a problem with the shanks anymore, it just seems like I am having a hard time finding the center of the face. Last year at this time I felt like I was on auto pilot once I knew my yardage. I have tried going to the range, but at times I feel that it just gets worse there. Any ideas?
  6. After getting into a driver with about all I have, my 70 something playing partner told me: "Son, if I ever swung that hard I'd have to pull my testicles out of my sock"
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