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  1. Hello all! Prices below include shipping to CONUS. Not interested in trades at this time. King Cobra Radspeed XB tour length driver. 10.5 degree. Fujikura Motore X F3 6S. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus4 grip. Ordered direct from Cobra. Excellent condition. Only see two short range sessions. Asking SOLD Odyssey Ten 2ball slant neck. This version is the no lines version as you can see in the pics. 34” and 2 degree flat from standard. Grey stroke lab shaft. Toulon Oversize grip. Stock headcover included. Condition is mint, has only been rolled indoors. Asking SOLD Evnroll ER1TS blade putter. 34” length. Lie is 1 degree flat from standard. Grip is a TM version of the SuperStroke GTR grip. Stock headcover included. Asking SOLD Callaway Mack Daddy CB 50 degree gap wedge. 12 degree bounce. Standard length/loft and 2 degrees flat from standard. Nippon Modus 120 stiff shaft. Great condition. Great gap wedge if you are transition from game improvement irons. Asking $95 Flightscope Mevo unit. Comes with everything pictured. Some metallic dots have been used but still several sheets included. Aftermarket case included as well. Unit works just fine with no issues, I’m on wait list for the new Full Swing Golf PLM so trying to recoup some funds for that. Asking SOLD Precision Pro NX9 Slope rangefinder. Purchased new this season. Used less than 6 rounds. Unit is great but I’ve decided to go the GPS route exclusively. Asking SOLD Custom Seinfeld headcovers. Kramer driver has been sold. George and Uncle Leo in fairways and still available. Made by Rawhide Golf who does incredible leather work. All leather with very nice lining. Only interested in selling as a set at this time and really won’t be too upset if this doesn’t sell. Asking $120 Greyson x Eastside Golf CommUNITY blade putter cover. Asking SOLD pin 6/11
  2. I ordered a full set of Vokeys from WW this year. They all took about a month to ship.
  3. Totally agree with the above points. Just a side discussion, what do you think the effect of a club index versus a traveling index have on this conversation? Say someone who plays 98% of their rounds from the same comfy tees and grinds their way to a legit 1.4 index versus someone who is a normal casual non-club member golfer and plays all over from different tees based on who they're playing with. Obviously, the handicap system takes into account ratings from different tees and different difficulty of courses but can't take the psychological impact of the above scenario. I'd be curious to what you guys would think on that since obviously you are both close to scratch or in @Sterling_247 's case, better than scratch.
  4. Outdoor on GCQUAD would be best because you could get exact dispersion and launch data along with club/strike data but he’s a big proponent of using satellites like google earth to help determine variance. Using google earth to find landmarks for roughly 50 yard wide cone down range like 240 yards for my driver then aim in the middle and start working out your shot pattern. Decade also collects data across users in different peer groups for average ‘shot patterns’. A big key here IMO is bringing a level of intentionality and consistency to your approach as well as a recalibration of expectations to bring them more in line with reality.
  5. I’m still in the early stages of learning Decade principles. It’s essentially simplifying your approach to golf shots as much as possible. Letting stock shots be 99.9% of your shots. Letting your expectations be driven by realistic strokes gained data of your peer group. Target selection based on overlaying your shot pattern to the hole your playing, taking into account trouble.
  6. Played Saturday at Blue Mash in the Masters Saturday Hive get-together. I would say that I play 90% of my golf at WoMan and it is incredible how much easier that makes other courses look. Tied my personal best in relation to par with a +7. Had a sloppy 3-putt double and a mega brain fart on 17 that ended up in a double. Other than that, plodded around the course with very little stress. Was long-siding it most the day and putting speed was pretty dialed. I have recently been listening to the Hack It Out podcast with Mark Crossfield, Scott Fawcett, and Lou Stagner. You might have heard Scott Fawcett get a few shout outs during the Masters broadcast as he's coached Will Zalatoris (along with many others, including Aaron Wise, Doc Redman, and Bryson Dechambeau to name a few) on course management. After listening to him, his data/math-driven approach really spoke to me and I subscribed to his Decade app. It's a tiered approach where he brings you along slowly with the 'Decade' system but just understanding the basic principles gave me such a different perspective. I'm practicing and playing less than ever before with a 7 month old at home, but 2 of my 3 rounds this year have been some of my most stress-free and best rounds I've played in quite a while. I also mixed in a 92 at WoMan in a driving rain for half of it that I'm choosing to write off LOL. Saturday was a blast playing with Sully, Ober, and Adam though!
  7. LOL I feel like 90% of MD courses has switched their 9s at one point. Found that very strange when I moved here. I know the first hole we played at NW was crazy long. It was a bit cold and wet but I thought I piped my drive and ended up having 190 left lol
  8. I have only played Northwest once and I think we played it from the one up tees, which at most muni or daily fee courses puts you at 6300-6500 but NW is 6800+ from those tees and at least the day I played it, played to every single bit of that scorecard yardage. I found it to be a really tough but fair challenge, but maybe not as 'fun'.
  9. So wait, why is the Solstice being held at River Downs? Lol
  10. I wanted to put this question out here too. Anyone walk Bulle Rock with a push cart? if so, how would you compare walkability of Bulle compared to say Worthington Manor?
  11. First 18 of 2021 went MUCH better than the last 18 of 2020. Last round of 2020 was at Worthington and was an out-and-out torture slog without a single par on the card leading to a 108 with @TheCityGame reminding me that "man, you hit it low left like every shot" after every single quack hook lol First round of 2021, also at WoMan, was a pretty good ball striking round, albeit fairly horrific putting on the typical wintery greens, ending in an 84. 2020 round was off the blues and 2021 was off the whites and whites were WAYYYY UP in quite a few spots, probably playing about 500 or so yards shorter than normal. Highlights were: On hole 11 where tees were up by forward tee box - 226 to the flag - hit 3 wood - somehow ended up on the fringe just over the small front bunker. No idea how it ended up there since there's 0 chance it carried 220 in the air and even less of a chance that it would have stopped there if it did. Two-putted for a birdie. On hole 13, hit a very solid driver over the bunkers on the left side - had about 235-240 and pulled 3 wood. Top/toe shanked it and it bumbled down about 60 yards - hit 6 iron from there and almost canned it for eagle - made the birdie putt. Probably my FAVORITE highlight was not my own. @aiyyer had about 105 from the cabbage left of the path on the short par 4 hole 14. Hit the flagstick DEAD solid, had to have been low on the stick since it sounded like a gun shot and ricocheted about 25 yards straight backwards to the apron - you really hate to see it. SO PUMPED for Bulle Rock on Saturday!!
  12. Currently trying to complete my home practice set-up by the weekend - have all the components: - Flightscope Mevo - 4'x5' decent quality mat - Net Just need to put the base down for the foundation under the mat. Gravel, sand, and pavers. I know none of these PLMs are extremely accurate, especially into a Net (although I will have ample space to maximize amount of flight before hitting the net), but I figure (read: hopeful lol) it'll atleast be a consistent from shot to shot to use as a tool to measure change/improvement as I work on my swing. Big goals this year is to neutralize my grip slightly and shallow out AoA. My AoA is just stupid steep and it's really costing me from both a distance and dispersion standpoint.
  13. Gonna be the first time playing or hitting balls outside in 3 months this Sunday - playing WoMan with @aiyyer and some others. Couldn't be more excited for it!
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