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  1. Pulled the trigger on my dream putter. This baby is a true work of art. Also, the tan leather cover above smells glorious.
  2. My first swag putter. It has a great feel and weight to it.
  3. Your swing appears very similar to mine. It appears to me that your weight at address and throughout the swing is too much on your toes, causing you to be too on top of the ball, which makes it hard to come into impact shallow. I'm currently trying to fix the same thing and I have to feel like im sitting in a chair with my weight on my heels.
  4. @eddiebigeddie This is high gloss/polished chromatic bronze/gold on stainless.
  5. I have a 917f2 13.5 deg and its the best 3 wood I've ever had. I love it. However, after hitting the Tsi2 driver, I'm going to have to try the 3 wood.
  6. Thank you GolfWRX and Titleist for this awesome opportunity! I have entered many of these testing review giveaways and didn't think I'd ever get chosen as a tester. Persistence paid off! I was so pumped when I received the message from knudson81. I gave my specs to Eric Soderstrom on 11/23 so hopefully I will have the TSi2 in my hands soon. Until then, here is a taste of what's to come. A bit of background: I am 37 and have a 4 month old daughter, so I'm not getting to play as much as I'd like. Fortunately, I am one of those players who is always working on his swing, so it's constantly changing anyways. My father is a class A pro and was actually on staff with Titleist for many years. I have been playing golf since I could walk. As a kid I played in the summer with friends but that's about it, no AJGA or anything. I played tennis on scholarship in college and rarely played any golf. I really fell in love with the game around age 30 and haven't looked back. A couple years ago I was at a +1 handicap, then I got married, hurt my shoulder and couldn't play for a few months. I haven't shot under par in 20 months and my current handicap is a 1.5. I have lost a lot of consistency with my driver, probably due to not playing/practicing as much and constant swing changes. I always feel like I'm close to finding "it", but have yet to do so. I was fit for my 917D3 by Titleist a few years ago at one of their Titleist Thursdays, which are awesome by the way. My swing has changed some since then, but the 917D3 setup performs well when I hit it good. Unfortunately, I don't hit it flush very often. Anyways, on to the fitting. Unfortunately, there were no Titleist fittings in my area anytime soon and the fitter closest to me was booked for awhile. I went to PGA superstore and got one of their free driver fittings. I compared the TSi2 & 3 to my current Titleist 917D3(See Driver Specs in my signature). The PGA fitter only put me in 2 different shafts for the TSi2 and 1 shaft for the TSi3, so it wasn't the most in depth fitting. The TSi2 was the clear winner for the PGA fitter when looking at the numbers. I will be testing the TSi2 9.0 with a HZRDUS RDX Smoke 6.0 60g shaft. The TSi3 was producing too much spin with the same shaft and the fitter didn't see the need to try any other shafts, or maybe his shaft options were limited. Either way, I was liking the TSi2 more anyway, as it was so much more forgiving (Not surprisingly) than the TSi3 and my 917D3. In the past, I didn't care for the more forgiving option, such as the 917D2, as I didn't like the way the head looked at address and I didn't really need the forgiveness. The aesthetics at address were so much better to my eye than in the past and gave me more confidence. The TSi2 felt great and I didn't want to stop hitting it. I switched back and forth between it and my 917D3 to try and get the most accurate comparison. The two drivers weren't too far apart looking at the numbers. My current setup consistently produced lower spin numbers, but at times were too low. The spin numbers were more consistent and in a good range with the TSi2. My dispersion was tighter with the TSi2 and the feel off the face was so much better. The increased forgiveness was obvious to me. Distance was similar, but I think the TSi2 was more consistent. My farthest drive with the TSi2 was 5-10 yards longer than my farthest drive with my current setup. Hopefully these improvements translate to the course when the driver comes in. More to come once the driver arrives and the real testing begins. Im back! So, I contacted Eric last week and on Thursday he let me know that my order had gotten caught up in the system somehow and that I would receive the driver within 1-2 weeks, but they were trying to get it to me ASAP. To my surprise, the driver shows up the very next day! It made my Friday, despite having a miserable trip to the dentist. First Impressions: I was quickly reminded what a beautiful club this is. I thought my 917D3 was a great looking club, and it is, but in my opinion the TSi line looks even better aesthetically. I really like the small TSi logo as the alignment aid. I've always believed less is more when it comes to style. The TSi2 head shape is so much more pleasing to look at than the previous models, in my opinion. Even the bottom of the club looks sleek. I think Titleist hit this one out of the park aesthetically. I'll also add, the HZRDUS RDX Smoke shaft looks great with the head. Now to the fun part... Luckily, I already had a tee time scheduled for Sunday to play in a skins game I play in whenever the wife will let me. Unfortunately, I hadn't swung a club in 3 weeks and it showed in my game. I played some of the worst golf I've played in awhile. My swing felt like an unfolded lawn chair and I spent the whole round messing with my swing, just trying to find something comfortable. My dad was playing in my group as well and I got him to give me a quick 1 minute lesson somewhere on the back 9. I was desperate for a swing thought that would work. He highly recommended that I wait for the range to try these swing changes, but I just couldn't help myself. I also don't have much time for practice, so I have to practice while I play. It certainly isn't ideal. So, back to the TSi2. Despite swinging terribly all day, it didn't hurt me at all on my drives. Despite feeling like I made bad swings on 6 of the 9 drives I hit, the results were very good. Those 6 bad swings produced drives that were just as good, if not better, than good swings with my 917D3. The feel off the face was great no matter how bad of a swing I thought I made. As you can see in the pic above, the ball just seemed to find the center of the face, or close to it. This is the complete opposite of what I experience with my 917D3, where I rarely hit it flush. I should add that the weather I played in Sunday was much cooler than normal, so the ball wasn't flying as far as normal. That wasn't the case with the driver, and perhaps that was why I was leaving all of my iron shots short all day. Now about those 3 drives that weren't bad swings... These 3 drives came after my quick lesson and despite not feeling comfortable at all, I hit 3 absolute bombs. These 3 drives went at least 20- 30 yards further than my best drives with my 917D3. On one hole, I was in a new area code.. I was in an area that I hadn't sniffed before, even in the summer time. This driver just feels so good and has already boosted my confidence on the tee. As far as the sound goes, I didn't really notice it. That doesn't mean it was muted, but rather, it was just pleasing to my ears to the point I didn't really pay attention to it. I can't wait to swing this club again. I highly recommend the TSi2 driver, as it is the best driver I've ever hit. I don't switch drivers that often, in fact, I think I've played 3 drivers over the past 16 years. The TSi2 has officially kicked my 917D3 out of the bag. Again, thanks so much GolfWRX and Titleist for this incredible opportunity. This opportunity and specific driver came at such a great time for me, as I was really struggling in that part of my game. I can't wait to get this baby back on the course. I was so excited to write this review and might have missed some talking points, so please feel free to ask me any questions. Thanks, GolfWithdrawals
  7. 1. What is your nearest Titleist fitting location, search HERE - Danny Elkins Enterprises 2. City and State? - Woodstock, GA 5. Handicap? - 1.1 4. Current Driver Setup? - Titleist 917D3 9.5 wl Aldila Rogue Black 70x 5. Where you fit for your current driver?- Yes by Titleist 6. What TSi head do you want to test? - TSi 3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos?- Yes Thanks
  8. The addiction continues. Had to get LaMont’s new MA/55. Enjoy
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