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  1. Yes, they have the same step pattern. Both have the first step 6" from the bottom of the shaft. The raw weight of the tour s 120 wedge shaft is 119.7 and the tour v 125 wedge shaft is 125.2 on my scale. Both shafts are uncut. Hope this helps. LJ
  2. You did nothing wrong.
  3. The shaft orientation doesn't change with the callaway adapter. If the shaft is pured or the spine is in a certain position it will stay in that position.
  4. Taping up the top line with masking tape or blue painters tape will alleviate some of that, same with the hosel. Above all make sure whoever is adjusting the clubs knows what they're doing.
  5. If I'm not mistaken there's s no way to make it raw other than sending it off to have the plating/finish stripped. It's not like the previous generation where you could soak it in CLR or vinegar to remove the finish. J
  6. I don't know if modern shafts are "designed" to be tipped an inch or not. TM's standard tipping is one inch but it varies from each manufacturer. I play a x flex fubuki j 60 in my driver and the 70 in the 3 wood. The driver is tipped 1 inch and the 3 wood is tipped an inch and a half. Although I have a bit more swing speed than you at 110 mph neither feel like they are tipped to much. The fubuki j is a very smooth feeling shaft to me... almost like a smoother whiteboard. I would think that you could handle it untipped. There is not really a way to soft step a wood shaft. You can adjust the tipping to fine tune the flex. Jim
  7. Thanks for the opportunity! What is your handicap: 5 Current putter: Toulon Austin Are you OK with shipping your putter into BGT for installation (Usually 24hr install time)? Most definitely. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes Thanks again, Jim
  8. Been using a 2ball versa tank at 38" for bout a year now. Has the black insert. Just picked up a 38" 1W tank with the white hot insert instead of the works insert so we'll see which stays in the bag. Jim
  9. I believe the fubuki v replaced the k.
  10. > @wobgon said: > I was told if I send them back shafted, they would weight to the swing weight that I request. Nice... I'm in the same boat. I've got a pristine set of S55s that are too heavy of a swingweight with the shaft I want to play in them at the length I need. If they'll reweigh them for 13$ a head that might be what I'll do.
  11. > @wobgon said: > I pretty much agree with all the responses.....Thanks for the help......These s55's are in such nice shape that I would like to make them work......I talked to ping and as was suggested by Socrates, these heads had been reweighted to make them heavier......I can send them to ping and have them weighted to what I request for 13.00 a club...….Now I need to decide if I want to go that route. How are you sending them back to ping? Already reshafted or just heads only? Curious as to how much they will do. I thought they wouldn't work on a club(s) that had non factory work done to it/them. Jim
  12. As far as I know it is a plated gray finish... it will not rust.
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