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  1. I started with a book lays it out pretty well for you with a lot of clear diagrams of what to do
  2. I bought the book and read it it's a very good read and lays it out pretty well for you.
  3. Yes I've been really intrigued by the Seemoore Potter and that's kind of why I want to get rid of my Ford press because with those it's useless because of the way their alignment system is
  4. It's true I speak into my phone as I don't type if they have fat fingers lol. So either it was spell check or it understood me wrong and I just didn't catch it
  5. Yes I had paint chipping on mine too really pissed me off. I always have the head cover on it and still chipped
  6. I just fixed it lol. I can't believe that spell check put butts instead of putts
  7. This is Year two with my ping I210's. I did get them custom fitted with KBS stiff and I love them. Very soft, very, very forgiving for the type of iron they are. The flight is piercing and the distance is very consistent. I can't say anything bad about them.
  8. I just think with the forward press is causing me to push my putts a little bit. I was thinking of going to like a Seemore to help me with a alignment and squaring the putter face but with that in a Forward press kind of defeats the purpose, no?
  9. How do I stop doing forward Press with my putter!!!! I cant help it but I need it to stop
  10. Thank you. I just did that and it looks much better
  11. I just bought a g425 lst 3 wood and when I teed it up today it looked so closed. Don't remember looking like that in the store. I did switch shafts but still don't remember it looking so closed. If I adjust the loft will that help squaring more
  12. Just asking for anybody who's used under armor golf shoes if you can give me your opinion on them. I'm looking for a new pair of shoes and right now I do like the Nike vapor tour too however I would like to try under armor but no golf Galaxy around me carries them. Just looking at your opinions how comfortable they are and durable etc thank you in advance
  13. That's exactly what happens to me. I tried to over swing to chase distance and either I lift in the backswing which changes my ground contact or I fall back because I fall out of balance
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