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  1. I'm having trouble recently getting cord grips aligned properly using air, with the butt end line slightly off (couple mm) from the bottom end line. Looking at the texture pattern, the grips twist slightly while putting them on about 2-3" down from the butt end and it's always around the same spot. I'm helping the grip on about as straight on as I can, some of these grips just always want to seem to twist into that position. Bringing them off a bit then pushing back on doesn't really help either. Never had this problem with all rubber grips or even hybrid grips like the Z5. I'm going to try a little spray of mineral spirits into each end of the trouble grips before reinstalling just to loosen things up a bit.
  2. Before cutting it I tried heating the hosel and just twisting/pulling it off with it in the vise. Couldn't get it to budge. I got the bright idea in my head to do this and here we are. Just going to have the rest reamed out when I can.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I should have left it alone after all. Wound up doing a number on the plastic ferrule connected to the hosel (or is it just stuck on the shaft which is stuck in the hosel? It's a Callaway XR 16 Pro fairway). Hopefully it's as easy as installing a new wood ferrule to replace.
  4. I did something a little stupid during lockdown - cut a stock wood shaft out basically down to the hosel rather than wait to have it pulled. Now I have a head with the tip of a shaft stuck in it. I figured I could drill most of the remains out and clean the rest out with sandpaper but I'm having second thoughts especially not knowing how far to drill. Cut my losses now and get it done by a shop or can I do it myself? I have a vice, handheld drill, heat gun...
  5. very classic looking grips with the single line texture and red fill. I'd give them a shot if they were available on the Canadian site.
  6. Wish they had an option for specialty wedges in the 46-48 degree area. Wishon doesn't seem to make any either. Any other component makers make wedge heads at this loft? I know Haywood Golf has a 48* and will sell you just a head for $90 (CAD) a pop.
  7. https://www.lamkingrips.com/shop/crossline-genesis-full-cord-2021/ They listened and are bringing this in their own branding. Are they out anywhere in the US yet? Even though Golf Town has their 40% off grip sale on right now I'm holding out until these come out. Can't wait to try them.
  8. Thanks, I agree it's not much narrower. Definitely a lot wider than I'm used to or probably want for a 52, but I've been really impressed with the TSW grind just from chipping around on the carpet with the 56. Also, they're probably inspired by Olazabal after all. Here's a wedge designed by him for Txema (his company? no longer exists in any case).
  9. Who is the 2 time major winner referenced to as the inspiration behind the TSW grind? And does the 52/50 have much narrower a sole than the 56? I remember seeing the 56 being said to have the widest sole in the TSW family.
  10. This Nike logo is driving me crazy. I keep wiping out paint from the cavity making it look fuzzy/bumpy... Going to give it a few days to a week to fully cure this time. Lettering and numbers are so much easier.
  11. Thanks, I'll try that. Does anyone prefer wiping excess paint off lettering immediately after as opposed to waiting for it to fully dry? I've had good and bad results doing both.
  12. What's the best way to paintfill a single big shape (eg Nike swoosh)? I'm finding the paint to pool off to the edges leaving a depression in the very middle. Two coats of paint or one coat, more paint?
  13. Anybody have pictures of the TSW 52°, the sole in particular? I think someone here said the 56 had the thickest sole of them all; does the 52° get much narrower?
  14. Myself included; I'm still gaming a 3W with an old V2. Still interested to see the difference between a properly aligned V2 and not as well as the differences between the tour and regular version.
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