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  1. If you were hitting the jpx ez irons with 5500 spin and then an iron with2 degrees less loft with only 2500 spin that would definitely be your swing or strike. No 7 iron in production is designed to spin that low. Were the jpx irons teed up as well when you tested?
  2. Hey all. Just one item today. Callaway rogue sub zero 10.5 degree with N evenflow blue 6.0. It is in good conditon other than a scratch on the shaft from me sliding the ferrule down. Will sell for $220 shipped. Cpo offers $200 for trade in so will not go lower than $220 shipped. Trade interests: 3 woods with x flex counterbalanced shafts Hybrids/driving irons with x shafts Wedge sets would be tempting Maybe a putter but less likely No drivers or iron sets.
  3. Hey all. Just one item up for sale today. I've got a Callaway Epic sub zero driver 9 degree. Pictures show condition. Has an evenflow blue 6.0 shaft in it right. Could also sell head only. $170 with shaft $130 head only Would he interested in trades for driving irons with nice shafts, fairway woods, hybrids iron sets.
  4. Yeah seems like from the replies and my own research its mainly my knee work that is sloppy. I will definetely try those two drills. Thanks a lot
  5. Have tried overlap and interlock briefly, but not for long as both ended up hurting my fingers, this was a long time ago, may give it another shot. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply. Will have to try that tomorrow
  7. Hey All Looking for some swing advice. Im currently a 6 cap down from a 12 at the start of the season. Trying to do an offseason swing change here to get rid of early extension and a poor release. After watching some of montes videos i realized i have sloppy knees and poor hip motions. Im am working away from that. let me know what you think with any drills you might know of that could help. https://streamable.com/zf2nw https://streamable.com/ynoqd
  8. Shortest Shaft is 35" Turns out i have 2 more shafts, both are longer than the longest in the picture, longest shaft is 39". I will include those two shafts at the same price
  9. Hey All. Few items up for sale today. Would like to move these so make me offers. Discounts on multiple purchases. Would consider trades for iron sets with 130x shafts TAKE BOTH SETS OF SHAFTS FOR 30 + SHIPPING 1) JPX 900 Tour with Modus 120X 4-PW SOLD LOCALLY These are standard L/L/L 2) MCC +4 Align Grips 8 midsized and 1 standard, 6 midsized are brand new, 2 are pulls and the standard size is a pull as well. SOLD + Shipping 3) XP 95 S300 Shaft Pulls 4-PW. These are 1 year old and have seen one season of play. I may have the 3 iron shaft as well, ill have to check $30 +Shipping 4) DG X-100 Shaft Pulls 3-PW. These were pulled from a set of 690 MB Irons, so they are quite old. $20 +Shipping
  10. Hey all, two items for sale tonight. Prices include Shipping from Canada. If you want both items I will sell for $150 Send me your offers, I need these gone 1) Titleist 690MB 3-PW X100 Sold OBO Bought these intending to refinish them, but something else came up and now i need the funds, just trying to recoup my cost, already taking a small hit. See pictures for condition. I am unsure of loft and lies, lengths are standard 38" 5 iron. 2) Project X Evenflow Black 75X $75 Measured it at 44" Tip to Grip Callaway adaptor
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