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  1. I don’t mind the guys I usually play with talking to my or their balls after the stroke. Gets kinda funny when someone hits a duck hook and says “Cut! Cut!”. What does get under my skin is when the 15hdcp guy says: “You hung back”, or “your wrist was cupped...” etc. I really make em nuts when I mark my ball on the green... with another ball!
  2. +2 on the Kushin. Although 2nd string at this time behind a Spider Mallet, I shot some of my lowest rounds, and won more money with the Kushin than any other putter. But it is a very streaky putter in my hands. My miss with it is a “weird” push right, especially on shorter putts (3-6 ft.)
  3. I and my wife worked 2 Nationwide events (now Web.com). We had a good time. Cost $40 with a shirt, lunch, tickets, drinks, etc. Both years I worked the same par-4 hole that was a downhiller. My job was to measure the distance of the drive and enter it into a uplink device. Some of these guys were bombing it down that hill. I would walk up to each ball in the fairway only, hit a key, and when the players arrived, I would look at the caddy bib to determine which ball belonged to which player and enter that. Interesting job and was fun... until: Early on Saturday, a player jacked one so far offline, that nobody saw it, but I heard it hit a home across the fairway. We looked for his ball in the deep weeds, and no luck. He turned to me and started a tirade about “wtf do you people do around here???... no wonder they charge you word not alloweds to work these Mickey Mouse events...blah, blah.” He AND his caddie started in on my wife, who was probably the closest to where his ball hit the house. I (6’ 5” 220) politely told him (5’ 2” 140) that he might want to be careful how he talks to the volunteer staff. And if he would like to meet at the scoring tent later to discuss, I would oblige. Otherwise, a fun time!
  4. I gave ithe Juan Putt another 15 minutes this AM, and figured out that if I kept the putter head flat on the ground, and angled the shaft across my front, the alignment looked OK. Made a few 6-10 ft putts, but misses were way long, so work on distance control would be needed. Nothing about it feels right, but I’ll give it a few more practice sessions be fore I return it.
  5. I borrowed a JaunPutt putter this evening from a friend, and tried it on my putting green for an hour. Eeek! Watched a few YouTube vids and flat could not get any consistency out of anything I tried. That putter seemed super heavy, and with the shaft vertical, the alignment looked screwy. I’m afraid you can’t teach this old dog new tricks. I don’t have the determination to stick with it for a 6-8 months learning curve. And I don’t know why I thought I would try it at this time as I’m putting conventually pretty darn good lately.
  6. I have the Kushin extended to 36”, and the feel/sound off the face is very similar to my Cameron NP 2.6. As close to a non-insert milled putter as I’ve ever seen. I only use it with a left hand low grip hence the length. Not my first stringer, but am going to use it tomorrow in a charity scramble on some real slow greens.
  7. Our Friday group has an “ace” rule. A couple of weeks ago, the group had 14 guys, and I aced a par 3, and a couple others had a 2/net 1, but the ace wins the skin. I won $60, and the bar tab ran $150. This past weekend I played with a much larger group at a different course, and I missed an ace by a half ball roll. Whew! No skin for the that birdie, but no bar tab past the $20 skin I did win.
  8. Anchored putters are not banned. Yes, they are. Think about it for a minute.
  9. Go away and start another tedious discussion on why you deserve free relief from divot holes. :swoon: Dear Sue, Thanks for that nice comment. I'm not going away, but now that you mentioned it, divots deserve way more attention than long putters. Not everybody has a long putter, but everybody has a divot with their name on it.
  10. I feel you've hit on it pretty well ... seems like the "spirit" deals with the "game" as it relates to competition between two or more golfers. Seems golfs regulating bodies really can't define "the spirit", yet quote it in several rules and decisions: (This decison dealt with putting away from the hole...): A. No. Such procedure is contrary to the spirit of the game. In match play, in equity (Rule 1-4), the player is disqualified for the hole and, since his action assisted his partner’s play, the partner incurs thesame penalty (Rule 30-3f). Yet in other decisions, (within the spirit I suppose), a playing partner can assist his/her partner. Putt first, read a green, suggest a club, etc. If there were such a phrase ...what would "the spirit of 'participation' " read like?
  11. What is your own definition of “the spirit of the game”? This might be fun... Added: I guess I should also add that I’m trying to set up a discussion about the many rules/decisions of golf that refer to “within/conform to/ etc... the spirit of the game”.
  12. Somewhere along the line, somebody important must have defined “the spirit of the game” in order to begin regulating the equipment and/or methods used to golf a ball... based solely on that definition. Here’s the R&As definition: “The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for other players and to abide by the Rules. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of the game of golf.” How on Gods green earth did a ruling body ban anchored putters based on that?
  13. When putting left hand low: SuperStroke Flatso 2.0 When putting regular grip: Golf Pride SNSR
  14. When I tried left hand low for the last half season last year, I used an older Rossie, but didn’t have decent results until I changed the grip to a Flatso 2.0. Worked pretty good, but slippery downhill putts were a disaster for me using LHL and that lively insert faced Rossie. Currently in putter limbo, with 2 mallets and a blade on the practice green before a round. I can’t say that my LHL stroke favors either design, but does seem to favor a bigger grip.
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