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  1. Gotta admit, he's caught my attention. I thought he was crazy with the weight gain. Then he started hitting the ball really far. On the first tee yesterday they were saying his plan is to bomb it as far as he can, never mind that rough. Then he took a swing and I could feel the air move from 500 miles away... He may turn out to be pretty good after all.
  2. I was about to post a very similar thought. They had to make a choice - make it play the same as other years, for consistency and comparability, or do it differently this year. As for the artificiality of courses full of billboards, leaderboards, hospitality tents, tv towers etc..... they all interfere with the course playing as the architect intended. That's the price we pay for being able to watch professional golf. It's what draws the money that draws the best in the world. If you want to watch pure golf, just pop round your local course on men's n
  3. Hey - I think it's started! My fellow Canuck MacKenzie Hughes off to a good start at -3 thru 6. Damn! Then he bogies 8....
  4. Agreed, and thank you for doing that work for us. This format isn't perfect, but.... neither are any of the others. Match play (as previously stated) has way too much risk of a good golfer getting knocked out by a fluke and the final being between two (relative) no-names. Like others, I also think golf just isn't suited to a playoffs. However... despite that the Fedex Cup has usually had a pretty entertaining finish and usually produces a deserving winner. Horschel and Haas were outliers, but you get those in other playoffs too.
  5. Yeah, like any other putt all you have to do is hit it on the exact right line at the exact right pace they just drop right in. If DJ had hit his putt in the playoff correctly it would have gone in. But he didn't.
  6. Holy crap! Back-to-back birdies on 15 and 16. Apparently, she belongs there.
  7. I usually walk and carry, but I got my wife a cart for Christmas and tried it out this week. The week before I played at a friend's club and we both took push carts. Based on 2 rounds of experience, I kinda enjoyed using them, but it wasn't a huge difference. You're still walking 10km and using your back and leg muscles on full swings. I'm not inclined to buy a cart for myself, at least not for a few more years. And there are definitely a few times you end up going the long way round, which as Socrates said wouldn't be ideal for your boss. If my job required me to get in shape and/or slim
  8. 3 pounds - that'll make one sweet appetizer. So what's the main course? BDC continuing with the big-boy driving theme today. 373 yds and in the fairway on the 1st. Nice start to any round....
  9. A little further context on what he's accomplished (or not) so far. He's almost the exact same age as Jordan Spieth. They're both 26 and will turn 27 in the next 3 months. Spieth has 11 Tour wins, 2 Aus Opens, (and a Hero FWIW). Fedex Cup. Half a year at World #1. Won the Nelson, Vardon, Palmer and Nicklaus Trophies all at age 21. Spieth hasn't won in almost 3 years, so he'd accomplished a lot more that BDC when he was only 23. I'm glad he got a win, and his ideas are interesting - to say the last. But call me in a couple of years and we'll see about the "sea change" bit.
  10. I wish I could like this a million times. Now there is a role model for you. What a great thing to do. Some days I forget how good people can be.
  11. I never heard him say anything about getting huge, chiseled, buff, cut, vascular, defined.... any of the bodybuilder terms. He wanted to get heavier and stronger and better at golf. Mission accomplished, I'd say. I do find it confusing to know if the speed training or the weight are responsible though. All that weight is generally not good for the joints. Note: Since he's a brainiac, he wouldn't be measuring his progress in "pounds". He be going all metric and using "meters" or whatever they do.
  12. Thirty years with no qualifying and it was still called the US Open? I'd say it's legit to keep the same name for this year's tourney then. I'd also take issue with 15th Club's assertion that "An 'open' championship is one where there is qualifying that is open to all." It's open to golfers with an index of 1.4 or lower. What's that, like 3% of all golfers? No. It's much less than that since a huge majority of casual golfers don't keep a handicap. So let's say that it's NOT OPEN to some 99% of golfers. I'd also agree with Shilgy - the qualifiers (and the ams) are interesting side stories
  13. That would be a huge disappointment for whoever wins. Pretty strong field and (I assume) a super tough setup and... no major? The real issue of course is if Tiger or Phil wins. Tiger for #16 or Phil for career Grand Slam. Deny either one of them a major and there will be some.... discussion, I'm sure.
  14. The US is holding their Open under some new conditions. But at least they are doing it. Perhaps you meant to say "Here's how you don't do it"?
  15. It was fun and a novelty to see them doing it, but.... Yeah, it's not something I need or want to see each week. Same as shorts. I don't kneed to see their knees. No surprise they were able to do it though. Those 4 are pretty fit by any standard. I still carry, even for 36. I hate playing from carts, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Just try to lighten the bag of all the shag balls and other unnecessary kife. I've stopped taking my phone too. Nothing is urgent in retirement. Like Ashley Schaeffer said, I don't find push carts particularly easier anyways. Even when I take a power cart I
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