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  1. I'm not seeing a response. Who do you contact to set up the zoom fitting?
  2. What about them looked so good? Did the shape change at all from the st200?
  3. You are right. And that shirt killed in the '90s! Linksoul is cool too. But man, I Iove that Ashworth logo.
  4. AshworthGolfUS Anyone know anything about this? I was a HUGE Ashworth guy back in the day. Wonder if they will come back with some more contemporary looks?
  5. A fair number of pros have come out and said that there's no reason for players, of any skill level, to play blade irons. I'm wondering what his thoughts are on this considering that his bag is bladed irons.
  6. Isn't it a little odd to not have any word on a new release by now? I'm dying to see a new Ping offering.
  7. Surprised that there's no info on Ping putters yet. I'm seeing lots of chatter about the new Odyssey line, but nothing on Ping. Really looking forward to seeing what they've got.
  8. Has anyone heard of any new Ping putter offerings coming up? I was happy with the firm feel of the Heppler series, but didn't love the heads. Wondering whats coming up this year.
  9. How To Enter In a post below, answering the following questions 1. What is your nearest Titleist fitting location: Stonebridge Ranch Country Club (my home club!) 2. City and State? Mckinney, TX 5. Handicap? 0.7 4. Current Driver Setup? Titleist 915 D3 with Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 70X 5. Were you fit for your current driver? No, purchased the head stock with stock shaft, and purchased shaft on recommendation from friend. 6. What TSi head do you want to test? TSi3 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos
  10. Where are you pre-ordering? Are certain shops going to carry this thing?
  11. Good topic. I could talk all day. I hate hate hate shirts these days. Polyester is like wearing a trash bag. Traps heat and feels terrible like plastic. And this is coming from a guy who lives in Texas. I miss the old days with thin cotton Ashworth and Polo Golf.
  12. - City, State? Prosper, TX - Current Ball? Titleist ProV1 - Handicap? 2 - Vice ball model you want to test ? Pro Plus
  13. Count me in for a set. I’ll order sight unseen like many others on here. I would too. I feel like every golfer who was a junior in the early 90’s has a soft spot for Ping. I’ve just never played them myself because I want more of a player’s club. The iblade was a really big step in the player’s direction in my opinion. Keep that momentum going and I think you actually capture a pretty decent chunk of golf population. Remember, there are a lot of golfers out there who are not big into online forums and such.
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