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  1. Even though I totally choked on 18 after hitting a great drive, I almost qualified for the Met Open this year. With two young kids, my practice and playing time are virtually non existent, and I barely got back into competitive golf which you all know is a different animal a couple years ago so this was a big step for me confidence wise going into next season. I was keeping score for my group on golf genius, so I peeked at the leaderboard on 16 tee and saw -1 was in, so I got myself into the cut line and felt in a zone which I hadn’t felt in a while. After my drive on 18 though, I got a little out of my routine and starting thinking of qualifying and not the easy wedge and blew it by putting it into a bunker, and an impossible up and down. Always next year though.
  2. I don’t blame Rory at all. As he and others have stated here, he’s in a tricky spot. For the longest time he even was hesitant to reveal that he was Catholic due to the tricky nature or Northern Ireland’s political climate. Add in the heightened tensions due to the parade season up there, and Brexit, I’m shocked he didn’t pass on this. Shoot, Covid is a better excuse than Zika. Rors will sort himself out.
  3. Who was gaming the ping Anser irons still in photo gallery #8 with the Grove bag?
  4. Looking to sell this shaft. It came on my G410 when I bought it and it wasn’t for me. The shafts grip is virtually brand new since it’s mostly sat in the bag unused except for a few range sessions. Looking for 90 shipped or best offer.
  5. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/brendan-grace-wins-pga-tour-puerto-rico-open-father-covid-19 Although it was in the opposite field event, I thought this was an amazing finish and story.
  6. Sam Burns is already sitting in the range of the winning score. He’s won on the KF Tour but we all know it’s hard to get that first PGA win. Looking back since 2000, -7 to -17 has won this bad boy. A lot of people lurking and the course is playing firm. Gonna be a fun weekend to watch. I’d bet on someone sitting at -5 or -6 right now, just my feeling.
  7. Impressive wear pattern though, surprised no one has mentioned it yet.
  8. Got a 6.0 Hzrdus Black for sale. The shaft was tipped 1 inch, and has been used only for a range session. The adapter was put on without the ferrule, not that that matters much. Pics show the length. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Looking for 90 shipped or best offer. No trades at this time.
  9. DJ is cold as ice to in the last frame. He had to see that person drop? I didn’t see anything but this clip, was the person ok?
  10. I’m shocked there hasn’t been a Xander backstopping thread yet either. I guess it doesn’t matter since he got such a bad break. Imagine if his ball stopped by Jordan’s after hitting it...and the Reed drop, it might have been as close.
  11. Are you useGolffacts on Twitter? JK. This is so true on many levels. Weekly there are numerous instances in any event where shady relief situations are taken. Joel Dahmen was roasted on here for calling Sung Kang a cheater for a drop he felt never crossed the hazard as close as he was able to drop it but a rules official okayed it. If you’ve played at the college level, serious am level, or any pro level you’ve def seen it in your group too, just depends on the rules officials sometimes or how nice the paying partners are. I’ll never forget in college a kid claiming a Mickelson type relief under a bush in Mexico by extending his arms out all the way with a driver which he never was going to use but put his left foot into the cart path by a little of his heel. Myself and the other kid in the group refused his relief, but a coach acting as the rules official okayed it and that was that. Had Reed not grabbed the ball so quickly and just called the official this was a non story. That digging incident in the Bahamas took this story to a level it didn’t need to get to and I am no Reed fan.
  12. I love that people have been commenting to all of the useGolffacts tweets saying ok Justine.
  13. This is a solid bag. A buddy has that driver and it’s made me search ebay a few times after hitting it. Solid feel and sleepy long.
  14. I’m all set, and have zero plans of changing until I play my first bad round in 2021. I’ve been to all the newest stuff, but have ended up here. Joined the Ping Mafia after being given a set of Eye 2s and a Pal 4 as a junior. Ping G30 LST 10.5 with Hzrdus Black 6.0 tipped 1 Ping G30 14.5 with a 707F X Ping i15 20* with a Axivcore Tour Red 85X Ping i20 4-U with S400 Ping Glide 54 and 60TS with S400 Ping Anser 1959 X
  15. Prob the case for most, but I caddie for a guy that Is good friends with Alex Noren and he still claims Swedish residency and pays his taxes there. Said he believes in the system, even though he got crushed that one season he won a couple of times.
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