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  1. My course in Southern California just closed today. One day after raising cups 1" above the ground and removing all rakes. Looks like i will be playing some urban golf.
  2. Thoughts on this? Our course will be raising the cup 1" above the ground so no one has to touch the flag or reach into the cup. This will go into affect tomorrow at our course in SoCal. If your ball touches the cup it is considered holed. Not crazy about the rule, but better than shutting down the course. Interested in your thoughts or if your club is doing anything similar, different.
  3. Our course is open everything else is shut down, gym, pool, restaurant. We are trying to keep our distance and stay away from the normal handshakes etc. Definitely a weird time, but a good outlet to get away from the real world for a few hours and enjoy some outdoor time with a small group of friends.
  4. Sunset Hills still open, Calabasas closed except for walking members
  5. Yeah not just talking about the plane...talking about being in the airport and people traveling from all over! I would be making the trip if i myself was feeling alright.
  6. Scotty is mine. Thanks for the being so responsive. Great member here!
  7. 54 holes over three days and then our senior club championship is 36 holes over two days. You can compete in both.
  8. If they take away golf after cancelling my favorite time of the year...depression will truly set in. Stay safe out there and hit em straight.
  9. Think it depends on if you are driving or flying. If you are driving no need to cancel at all, but if you are flying it is all about your comfort of being in a large crowded area. Just be smart and wash your hands and dont touch your face should be good to go! Either way the choice is yours.
  10. G/Fore are the best. They are spikeless but are the best gripping shoe i have worn IMO. Need to clean them sometimes in the round because the grab everything.
  11. I second Paso Robles, some unbelievable wineries and golf courses. Hunter Ranch and Monarch Dunes are definitely worth playing. The food at Hunter Ranch alone is worth the drive. Some unbelievable wineries as well. Treana Austin Hope, J Dusi, Calcareous, Turley, Venteaux, and plenty more. Let me know if you have any questions would be glad to help out.
  12. Been playing the Vice Pro + red neon since Black Friday deal. Have not noticed durability at all on these balls. Normal scuffs scrapes with cart paths or trees, but not affecting the playability of the ball. The only thing i see as i slight change from TP5X is a little less spin on chip shots around the green. I just bought 5 dozen more and whenver i play with someone who hasnt seen me make the switch i always get compliments or ragged on for plaing a red ball. Been a lot easier to find in the thick rough!
  13. Heading to Palm Springs next weekend and looking like two of the guys are going to bail one had to go to ER last night to get stitches in his hand and the other is getting the business from his wife. Playing two of the privates at PGA West and then Oak Quarry Sunday in Riverside. Ages 34-38 Handicaps 4-18...going to be good golf and a lot of drinking. Will know more end of this week, but if you are free and have any interest shoot me a PM.
  14. Looking for some suggestions for an upcoming golf trip. We have 8 people going and are looking for some format ideas for a three round trip. 4 vs 4 or four 2 man teams. With some ideas on scoring. Open to anything that allows players to play their own ball. Thanks for the help.
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