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  1. Anyone have a guide on how these straps work?!? LOL. amazing bag, wish the straps were uncomplicated
  2. The ST IS a blade.... the T's are blade like
  3. Putter around with a Newport yesterday at PGASS. Although MUCH better than the previous insert versions. Still can’t hold a candle to my Circle T in the feel dept.
  4. This is a scotty. Full disclosure, I've had off the shelf scotty's. 2016 NP and a 2018 fastback. Both currently for sale The insert putters can't hold a candle to this work of art. I dont know how, but this putter manages a soft feel with just enough feedback to let you know either you hit a good putt, or a bad one. The insert putters just feel dead to me, scotty needs to go back to solid heads. Just my .02
  5. Two things: 1.) Soft = Slow 2.) Calloway has had QC problems with their balls it was widely circulated via the social media hashtag #finditcutit Titleist produces some of the most consistent balls out there
  6. i Was that guy too! But it’s amazing what having 2 children 22 months apart will do to your golf budget.....poof
  7. if you have a driver made in 2016 or later that you hit well, there’s really no reason to buy a new one unless the Golf Gods change the COR rules. Im still looking for my 17 yards from RBZ ??
  8. Im sure there’s gotta be some Mavrik irons coming down the pike soon
  9. Why would anyone wanna buy expensive equipment without a fitting?
  10. They are definitely going to feel more “clicky” coming out of an iron with a polymer filled cavity. But if you can compare shots that leave the dead middle of the club face, it’s a no contest win to the STs. also, what balls were you using during your fitting? And was your fitting indoors or outdoors? You’d be surprised how much acoustics can affect feel
  11. THIS!!!!! I honestly got the STs cause I wanted to know when I had a bad swing or bad contact. They def ARE NOT as forgiving as the T-P lines, but I found the surprisingly easy to hit for a blade. hurry up spring!!!! Where are you!?!?!?
  12. Oh man, they made the M6 “buttplug” 3D!?!?!
  13. Got a few very nice items for sale here!!! First Up: Brand New PXG carry bag in all white. Bag was sold out, and their new regular carry bag is $425....This bag comes with dual and sing straps, and a rain hood.Asking $325.00 shipped to your door! Next up: Got an older Ping cart bag with an insulated cooler pocket. Using this guy when i was rehabbing my knee after surgery.Asking $150.00 OBO shipped to your door Next on deck: PXG 3i 0311 Gen 1 - only saw one range session. Standard LLL, shafted with PX LZ 6.0 120g Asking: SOLD!!!! Next on Deck Taylormade M3 HL. Been used for a f
  14. One of the biggest reasons for not getting the distances you want is “centered ness of contact” aka the middle of the club face. with that said, soooooo many other things go into distance, IE: kinematic sequence, club path, face angle, swing direction, Angle of Attack. next time your on a sim set of the info boxes to display. Club head speed, Ball Speed, Angle of attack, club path, face angle, launch angle, back spin. if you download Trackman a free iOS app, it will teach you about the fundamentals of ball flight, distance and how they relate to delivering the club into the ball. Really hel
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