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  1. Not sure if this article has been discussed yet. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/david-feherty-us-open-conditions-winged-foot I'd like to see tighter, more penalizing fairways everywhere on tour. I don't care if the winning scoring is -10 or +10; I just enjoy seeing pros struggle a bit.
  2. It's time the pga tour loses their tax exempt status. F'them!
  3. I agree as well. Davis Love is sooo boring to listen to.
  4. I was offended by all of Haney's pickle ball talk.
  5. John K.

    Prez Pick

    I nominate Club Pro Guy.
  6. > @Ferguson said: > BD is a brand. Let me repeat that - BD is a brand. > > Once you know and understand that, you'll know that it's not "love or hate", it's "take it or leave it." > > > Funny stuff right there.
  7. Can't believe Wolff didn't qualify for The Open.... https://www.golfdigest.com/story/british-open-2019-why-matthew-wolff-is-not-in-the-field-at-royal-portrush-and-no-it-doesnt-seem-fair
  8. Mike Davis will not setup the course this year - first time in 13 years. Hank Haney must have gotten to him :) https://www.golf.com/news/2019/06/09/us-open-2019-usga-exec-tour-pros-criticism-course-setup/
  9. > @Loki said: > > @"John K." said: > > Masters.com is accepting applications for tickets. > > Haven't been picked in 10 yrs....... **> And by announcing this you lessen your chances.** > Yeah, like nobody on this forum knew about the Masters ticket process.
  10. Didn't listen to the link. I was shocked to see he qualified for the US Open. Hope he does well.
  11. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/hank-haney-makes-racist-sexist-remarks-on-radio-show-ahead-of-us-womens-open He definitely knows how to stir the pot....
  12. > @OldTomMorris said: > Not my idea of zero personality but maybe that's just me > > Those are good interviews - I cringe at his tournament interviews (much like I do with DJ)
  13. BK is a great player but has zero personality. Seems passive aggressive in interviews...
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